Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Foods That Promote Hair Growth – As a man, you want to grow your beards right? You have decided to be a part of the beard gang. Awesome!  It really is a good decision you have made.  The problem comes in when you are having issues with growing out your beard. “How do I grow out my beard faster?”  You ask yourself.. Well,  there are certain foods that you can eat that can help you with growing out your beard.  You will necessarily not see results overnight but over the course of weeks,  you are guaranteed to notice significant improvement.  Having a full beard is every bearded man’s dream.  A full beard gives you this so confident and handsome look which you can use to win people’s hearts.  Because let’s face it, when you have a full beard,  you look more handsome and hotter and sexier. A problem might arise when you have waited for months and have heard still hasn’t come out well.  It is still in its stubble phase.

So, what do you do? Well,  foods can help you solve this problem! Healthy foods of course.  That is what this article will be enlightening you about. How you can use food to your advantage to boost your body’s rate of growing out a beard.

1. Eggs as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Eggs are very protein-rich food that is widely known for its high nutritional benefits. Apart from being a rich source of protein,  it is also a very rich source of Biotin.  Biotin has been prescribed for people with hair loss because it enhances the production of the hair protein called Keratin. Most of the hair is composed of proteins. It makes sense that since eggs are such a rich source of protein and Biotin, then you should consume more. So,  if you are battling with slow beard growth and want to be able to grow more beard,  eggs are a sure go-to. Eat more eggs and watch for improvement over the couple weeks.

2. Eat Sweet Potatoes as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Sweet potatoes as delicious as they are, are very useful for hair and beard growth.  Sweet potatoes contain high levels of beta-carotene which is very essential for the production of vitamin A. Beta-Carotene has been shown to be converted by the body into Vitamin A which is strongly tied to good hair health.  Eat some sweet potatoes today and be on your way to a fuller and a longer beard.  Sweet potatoes are luckily for you,  easy to prepare. Just Peel,  wash and boil and then add a little salt to taste.

3. Eat Spinach and other green leafy vegetables

What Spinach and those vegetables do is that they contain iron.  And lack of iron in the body is linked to falling out of hair.  This means that if your body is well supplied with iron, your hair will be very happy with you. Spinach and the other dark green leafed vegetables are packed with all the iron your body needs and Iron is needed for the adequate supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the hair.  So, when you feed yourself with enough vegetables like Spinach, you are vitalizing and nourishing your hair for growth.

4. Load yourself with Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is another essential vitamin that is present in Citrus fruits that your hair needs.  Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons all help to nourish your beard with Vitamin C which aids in the production of Collagen which is a necessary ingredient for the transportation of nutrients to the hair strands.

5. Carrots as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Carrots are another healthy source of Vitamin A.  In fact, Carrots are especially rich in vitamin A which like we stated earlier, helps in growth of the hair cells and also assists the body in producing natural hair sebum which is essential for healthy and rapid growth of hair. You can benefit from carrots by drinking carrot juice and by also eating the carrots raw.

6. Fish as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Fish has a healthy composition of Vitamin B, Omega 3 and protein which all help to strengthen the hair strands and follicles and promotes
healthy hair. Fish has been known to contain nutrients that are essential for bodybuilding and beauty. And it turns out that eating more fish will benefit you not only in looks but in your beard as well.

7. Tomatoes as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Tomatoes are another rich source of Biotin which your facial hair needs. Eating tomatoes every day contributes to about 25% of the amount of Biotin that your body and hair needs. Tomatoes can be added to Salad, you can also add them to your meals.

8. Berries as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Like strawberries and blueberries are also hair growth enhancing and contain a healthy dose of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is very healthy for your
beard and essential for the production of Keratin which is perfect for your beard.

9. Nuts as part of Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Nuts are also an essential source of vitamins and minerals that can help in strengthening your beard and making it grow.  Eat nuts like Peanuts and grow your beard faster.  They are also very healthy to snack on so instead of eating junks and other chemically altered food, just snack on nuts.

10. Whole Grain Cereals

Examples of whole grain cereals for you are Corn and Oats.  These whole grain foods will do your facial hair a lot of benefits and it is also a healthy source of Vitamin D which is also very useful for your facial hair.  Corn luckily for you is available in its ready form, that is if you don’t want the corn in its original form. You can boil your corn, roast it or grate it. And oats are also readily available for you in packaged form.  All you need to do is shop for Packaged oats or Cornflakes in your nearest supermarket.

So, be sure to look through the above foods listed and add them to your kitchen. You shouldn’t just add them to your kitchen but you should cook and eat them for the benefit of your beard and hair. Snack on nuts,  and on citrus fruits.  Stay away from junk food.

Remember you are what you eat. Eating a combination of the above foods regularly for two weeks or more will leave you marveling at how much good, healthy foods can do for your beard!

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