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My beardgang nation – Like every other great story, mybeardgang was borne out of the sheer will to overcome. Sounds kind of strange but here’s the full rundown of the story, I founded this blog to share stories, advice and beard information for every other man on the streets, beardless and the little strings of facial hair that managed to pop out of his chin were been wiped out by a razor.

That was my undoing that led to the great discovery of how cool beards are; back then, shaving was no big deal but there was always a catch for me – bumps.

Yes, the sacred after shave phenomenon that kills the joy of having a smooth skin and gets you a lot of disgusted look from people everywhere you go, bumps were associated with being dirty and unclean, imagine how embarrassing it is to go around your daily activities with a heavy heart about what people are saying behind your back.

Being plagued with bumps will see any man that cares about his appearance running from pillar to post in search of a possible solution, for me, my breakthrough was nowhere in sight until I decided to man up and grow my beards to whatever length I deemed fit without having to have the need for a shave in a long time, that way, I overcame the burden of having to shave at intervals and the little devils, bumps.

The decision to grow a beard was a bold one as being a bearded man in a country like mine will get a lot of tongues wagging about one’s irresponsibility, which was the myopic view about bearded men. You could have guessed it wasn’t an easy journey for me as there were some sort of discrimination against at first but later on, the people around me became cool with the fact that this decision should be respected, some even came around to love the idea of growing a beard and so, I in a way influenced other people to grow a beard.

That was it; my decision to grow a beard influencing others to do same brought about a new insight about the misinformation about beards which was as a result of the online community and individuals in the blogosphere not paying enough attention to that particular detail, mybeardgang aims to bridge the gap by providing a knowledge base about beards, beard care and bringing people from across the globe into the light and joy of being a bearded man.

The blog is dedicated to increasing awareness, appreciation and understanding of the beard.  My beardgang nation aims to build up is one with no stereotype as anyone who wants to grow a beard and satisfy their curiosity at the same time is welcomed to take a look at our amazing posts about beards. The blog is not all about just bringing people with like views together, it is also a platform for people with different views to clear the air about their perspective whether good, bad or neutral.

Whatever your stand is on grooming beards, you are welcome to surf through the many pages and articles of this blog to your satisfaction as this platform is some sort of an informal experimental project in beard research.

My BeardGang Nation – Plans into the future

1. Start a community of beard lovers

The plan is to build from scratch a platform that will serve as a link between people of all races from all over the world, a canopy housing curious cats about beards and its ideologies and beard lovers alike. The aim is to grow as one to become the biggest and most active beard community on the internet, one that circles around love for beards, the people who grow them and the amazing people who couldn’t grow a beard but encourages the ones who do as they see beards as a sexy ornament for men.

The back story is simple, strives from time to come up with articles and contents aimed at people of all classes i.e. those with interest in growing beards, those who just began growing some facial hair and those with enough facial hair tending towards scrapping it off. The unending articles on the blog being churned out at the speed of light is a way to build a teeming fan base of readers with the confidence that no matter what their beard needs or concerns may be, my beardgang nation will have a thing or two to help ease and solve the problem.

That way, there will be more beard enthusiasts who return to the blog get to meet other like-minded people on the platform and from there, things might get a little heated leading to users from all over the world arranging meetups as a way of supporting one another through their beard journey. Asides meetups and all other fun parts of having a community, I feel it’s a crucial step towards getting newbies’ in the beard world to confide and trust in whatever information they find on the blog as the members of the community will at one point of the other voluntarily share their beard journey from the time where they were struggling with growing some strands of here till the very moment when they now have full-blown, well groomed and healthy looking hair that’s drawing a lot of attention to them.

This is not rocket science nor magic, its only a matter of logic as the same ideology behind online review system of products is what applies here, before people get to buy a product online, they head over to the products review or shop to read other users experiences about the same product they are about to get without skipping a single one of the reviews, starting from the good, to the bad and the ugly.

This act of banking on what others say about a particular thing is not only applicable to products, it applies to every segment of life as before picking up a new interest in the 21st century, there would have been a sort of background consultancy on the internet that will serve as the basis of opinion-molding which will either encourage or deter you from picking up the interest in question.

2. Help beard lovers maintain their beards

Growing a beard to a satisfactory status is one thing, maintaining that same look for a period of time is another, both requires some hard work and that is one of the main factors behind coming up with a platform like this in the first place, here at my beardgang nation community, we are all about pointing you in the direction of great products for personal care and grooming for men, not just any kind of products but ones with unique flavors and scents to draw all the attention to you everywhere you go. We scratch the surface and even go beyond that in our effort to create a deep and genuine connection with the members of this great platform. We serve as an intermediary between you and great products with high-quality packaging, addictive scents and all natural ingredients to bring that shiny look to your skin and hair. We want to be the trusted source you turn to for recommendations on your beards and skin products.

3. My BeardGang Nation Style

As the blog also focuses on beard style, uniqueness, and branding, it is the intention of the team to create outfits that will make bearded men stand out in the crowd putting quality and affordability into the equation to make clothing choices for you and these are no ordinary choices, they are the type of wears that will complement your masculinity mark in every way possible. These clothing materials have been made suitable for men of all sizes and body types and getting your hands on any of the cloths from our wide array of a collection will do more than convince you about how inclined we are to make you look smart with whatever it is you get from out clothing line for bearded men.

I can’t convince you enough on the reasons why you should join the train of people buying from us, so, dare yourself and get a cloth from mybeardgang.

4. Hold events for networking and connection

Similar to what we aim to achieve as a community-oriented platform, mybeardgang being a brotherhood from all over the world aims to provide the needed encouragement to people with beards and their admirers as a way to give our approval to the idea of them changing the world. The goal is to create a movement that supports the freedom and growth of the beard culture.

We are all about the celebration of facial hair and robust masculinity, no, we are not part of the majority that believes growing a beard defines a man, we hold the belief that masculinity is growing in the fullness of love, grace, self-sacrifice and service and being bearded is only a bonus.

Growing beards had long gone into extinction before it was brought back in a big bang with a difference and this time around, the difference is there for all to see, as the trend has returned with even more greater impact than what it was the previous years.

We are super angry about the grim reaper that took off growing a beard as a lifestyle and dumped it into oblivion, we won’t have that and that’s why being bearded as an acceptable way of life is what we are rejuvenating and we will see to it that the era of beard is going nowhere anytime soon as we will groom a generation of young men that will grow up and age gracefully wearing the masculine mark with pride.

The purpose of our existence is to see to the awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the beard, our intending audience, however, is everyone who has any interest or curiosity about beards. We work so hard to be the source of the liberation of men who have resorted to living the normal life like everybody else who’s yearning desire has been quenched by the societal norms, values and what they accept to be good or otherwise. Being the slave to the system appearance-wise is what we are up against.

Many men are lurking in the DM seeking for advice on what to do as they are scared of growing a beard because their belief, the society and work ethics is against it. These people are still living under the system that is low-key dictating the way they should live their lives as supposedly “free individuals”.

For the team at my beardgang nation, it’s not just about the beard anymore, it’s about something way bigger and the dream is for the platform to be a stepping stone for men of all ages who will stand for what they believe about their appearance and style, stand against every form of discrimination and say it to everyone’s face that they are independent beings and as such don’t give a hoot about whatever people say about their sense of style.

At my beardgang nation, the bearded lifestyle is all about bringing a different perspective to the idea of being a man especially by going the way nature had intended for us, some are stunned at how much energy we put into doing this, to them, there is nothing special about growing a facial hair but I say today, growing beards is special because it requires patience, dedication and hard work. Only people who look at this from a wider lens gets to see all of these beauties about growing a beard and no, we are not about everyone going all out and growing a beard, what we want is for the few with interest in growing them to do so without ever looking back for reconsideration because of what people are saying behind their backs.

Online motivation can only go as far as the reader takes them and that is why we have considered it as a point of duty to plan meet-ups and get together every now and then for beardsmen within the same locality as a way to connect people from all class and easily make an acquaintance on a common ground.

Do you want to join the My beardgang nation team, you want to contribute or want to hold a lot of strategic thoughts with us. You can reach out to Deedee on +2348067484109 or shoot the team an email at We are the Beardgang Nation – It’s a statement!


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