Eucalyptus Moisturizer Beard | What You Should Know

Eucalyptus Moisturizer Beard – Eucalyptus oil has a long history of effectiveness in caring for hair, skin, and body. This makes Eucalyptus wonderful for your beard. This oil is an essential oil that is known in many places for its amazing medicinal properties. It is one of the essential oils.

The essential oils are very numerous like the olive oil, Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil and so on. All of them have their own unique advantages that separate them from the other. What makes them different is where each oil is extracted from. Olive oil, for example, is extracted from the Olive tree.

Avocado oil is extracted from Avocado, Coconut oil is extracted from Coconut and so on. All these oils are main components of beard oils. The beard world has seen that nothing beats natural beard care products. The artificial and chemically ridden products usually have side effects that end up covering the little benefits one derives from the products. The pure natural oils have NO side effects except for if you are allergic to them.

What is Eucalyptus oil?

The Eucalyptus oil is a result of the steam distillation of the Eucalyptus leaf. The Eucalyptus plant is native to Australia but it is cultivated all around the world. The tree is very common in Australia and most Australians are very familiar with the tree, leaf, and oil. It is now grown in many countries because there is increasing demand for it.

Why is taking care of your beard so important?

Your beard is a king on its own. Your beard adds to your look greatly. It makes you look more manly, attractive, and appealing. Your beard is worth taking care of. It crowns you. This is why you need to take care of it, to groom it, to spend money on it. Using the Eucalyptus oil for your beard is one of the best things you can do for your beard. It deserves top-notch treatment, top-notch care.

Benefits of Eucalyptus oil for your facial hair

1. Helps to fight off fungal infections

This essential oil helps in fighting off germs like fungi and bacteria in your beard. It has strong antifungal properties that kill the fungi in your beard hence protecting you from many infections that fungi can cause. Dandruff, acne are both caused by fungi. So when the Eucalyptus oil kills these fungi, the risk of you developing these infections is very low.

2. Very good for healing dry and patchy skins under your beard

Eucalyptus oil is the perfect moisturizer. Being a moisturizing agent,   it heals dry skin by trapping moisture in the skin. Moisturizers are very healthy for the beard because they encourage beard growth.

3. Eucalyptus oil stimulates the follicles

The follicles are those tiny holes in the skin that house each strand of hair. When the follicles are stimulated, a lot of blood flows to that area. The more the blood around the skin, the more hair will grow.

4. Eucalyptus oil promotes thick and healthy beard

Because this oil promotes follicle hair growth, the beard starts to grow thicker and Fuller. And a thick beard is a healthy beard. Because it promotes hair growth, your beard will start to pick up in length and fullness.

5. Aids in styling your beard

When you apply the Eucalyptus oil to your beard, it moisturizes your beard deeply and also conditions it. When your beard is conditioned, it gets significantly softer, and a soft beard is one of the easiest of beards to style! It is easier to pick and divide into segments. It is easier to work with and also soft to touch. Making it significantly easy to style.

6. It gives your beard a nice smell

Eucalyptus oil naturally has a very nice smell that is quite sweet. It would be really nice to have that same scent on your beard, isn’t it? It makes your beard smell fabulous! Thereby attracting people to you and fetching you dozens of compliments throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a nice smell?

7. It also deeply nourishes your beard

It has a lot of essential vitamins and minerals in it that when it gets into your beard, it makes the perfect “food” for your beard. This, in turn, allows and encourages more beard growth. Even apart from the beard, Eucalyptus oil nourishes the skin. Some people have made it into their body oil. They may just mix it up a bit with other oils like olive oil to reduce its concentration. It is a very nutrient filled oil.

8. It has antimicrobial properties

It especially has antifungal properties for which it is famous for preventing dandruff in the beard. It also helps in protecting your beard against bacteria, virus and other germs that might cause infections both in the beard and the skin underneath.

Dandruff is one popular infection usually caused by fungi. The fungi eat up the serum of the skin underneath the beard and then the serum is broken down into oleic acid. This oleic acid is not useful to the skin and beard since it is the serum that does the work of moisturizing. This results in dryness of the skin and beard because there is no more serum to moisturize. So Eucalyptus oil helps to kill such damaging fungi.

The best Eucalyptus oil product you can buy on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping malls in the whole world. For most people, if they want to buy a product online, Amazon is their first thought. So, due to this, we decided to walk you through the available products on Eucalyptus oil that are available on Amazon.

1. NOW Eucalyptus Essential oil

This brand of the Eucalyptus oil has been rated a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon and has over 3000 reviews. This oil costs $10 on Amazon and is 4 ounces. This product boasts of being 100% Eucalyptus globulus and the oil is extracted from the Eucalyptus leaves and small branches. This makes this product a very good oil to apply to your beard.

Eucalyptus oil could be used for many purposes including Aromatherapy. You should definitely use the oil on your beard. Although it is not a beard oil, it will work just as amazing as a beard oil would. The link to shop for this product is on Amazon.

This product is still the best so far of all the Eucalyptus oil products on Amazon. It has the most reviews by users and has the highest star collection.

2. Sun Essential oils’ Eucalyptus oil

This brand of Eucalyptus oil costs $9.99 on Amazon. It is another brand you can buy that will not disappoint you. It is Amazon’s top choice for buyers even surpassing NOW’s Eucalyptus oil. Their Eucalyptus oil is also 100% pure and has no other oils mixed in it. They also have quite High a rating on Amazon and have a large number of reviews. These tell you that it’s another product you can put your trust on. Check out the link to follow to their Amazon page

How To Use the Eucalyptus oil on your beard

1. Firstly, take a shower

The reason why it is important to take a shower is so that your beard can get damp. A damp beard is just perfect for beard oil application. You cannot apply beard oil on a dry beard. It has to be at least damp. So back to it, firstly take a shower. After that, while in the warm shower, wash your beard with beard shampoo. Remember to use beard friendly and quality shampoo. After washing, towel your beard so it is no longer wet but damp.

Remember that the warm water you use to shower is for opening up of your skin pores underneath your beard which allows your skin and beard to derive more benefits from the Eucalyptus oil you are about to use.

2. After shampooing, press a few drops of the Eucalyptus oil into the palm of one hand. If your beard is still in the stubble phase, three drops of the Eucalyptus oil is just good. But if you have a full beard, you should press about 6-8 drops for effective use.

Now, rub the oil between your palms and spread across your beard evenly. You don’t need to apply too much oil onto your beard. Essential oils go with the logo that, ” Less is more.” And it is indeed true. Make sure you work the oil very well into your beard making sure it reaches the roots and tips. And spread the oil evenly through your beard especially to the thickest areas.

3. After that, leave the oil in your beard for 30 minutes. During that period of letting it sit, the oil will start to seep into your skin pores and follicles. It will start to deeply nourish them just like that. After the 30 minutes elapsed, just pat excess oil out of your beard and go about your day, or if the oil doesn’t look excess on it, just go on about your day without towel patting. You don’t have to rinse the Eucalyptus oil out of your beard except for a situation where you have very sensitive skin. Eucalyptus oil is mild and gentle and won’t hurt your skin.

4. After this, then brush your beard. Brushing your beard is an important process in all these. You should not skip it. Brushing your beard is a part of the process and is very essential. One of the benefits of brushing your beard is that it allows for the easy distribution of the Eucalyptus oil all over the facial hair. As you brush, the oil will move from the places where it is in excess to the places where it is insufficient. Brushing your beard also helps it to have a full, smooth and soft texture. Which means that brushing your beard will help it look cuter and neater. Brushing your beard also helps to detangle knots and straighten out your hair. It is a necessary part of healthy beard grooming.

– Remember to apply beard oil after shower and after you have toweled your beard. Don’t put it on dry hair.

– Don’t expose your beard to the sun too much. It will likely leave your beard feeling dry.

– To reap fast results with the application of the Eucalyptus oil, remember to rest well and eat healthy. It goes a long way.

So, we have walked you through the benefits of Eucalyptus oil, the way you can apply it to your beard, defined Eucalyptus oil and given you links to quality Eucalyptus oils you can buy on Amazon. Now, you are very informed. Good! The benefits of effectively grooming your beard are so numerous. No wonder millions of bearded men all over the globe spend quite a lot on that little king on their face. It is worth it! Using beard oils generally has very many amazing benefits and one of the ingredients in most quality  beard oils is the Eucalyptus oil. Beard oils nourish your beard and keep it from looking dry and boring. Beard oils moisturize effectively. They are also a combination of several essential oils meaning that you stand to gain a lot from using just one quality beard oil.

Using the Eucalyptus oil and expecting that your beard will grow, be thick and fuller and soft overnight is not possible. What will happen is that you will start to notice a great change in the physique of your beard after like two weeks of consistently using the Eucalyptus oil. It is not a magic that will happen overnight. Instead, being consistent with applying the oil to your beard every day while showering is what will make it work.

Your beard will start to look Fuller and always feel soft, you will know that your beard is in perfect health. Eucalyptus oil is a very good choice. A very fantastic one. You will enjoy it.

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