#MyBeardGangStory | Family Found My Beard Awkward | Faith Olaniran

I started my beard gang journey in 2011. It was during general elections and I was in my final year at the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State then and we had a post-election crisis that kept everyone indoors for days in major cities of Niger State. I could not visit the barber’s shop then so I was forced to keep my hair and beards.

It looked cool on me and since then I have been wearing beards as part of my identity.

Beard gang discrimination?

I had great challenges when I was growing my beards. Families and friends saw it awkward as at then not now that is a bit accepted, 2011 is a long way coming. Atimes they saw me as a bad guy who is into shady things and all.

Handling beard discrimination is difficult, I remembered when I was based in Minna and Ilorin a lot of people thought I was an Islamic cleric. Beards are known to the Islamic religion when I enter churches I’m not well known the way people react can just be funny. Not their fault anyways but the situation of the country.

Fashion or style?

I will say to me bearding is a style. You can’t think of Faith Olaniran and not think about his beards. Some of my followers could pick me out at functions via my beards. It gave me a personality which has been for close to a decade now.

I believe beard discrimination in our society is high, and it is based on our culture and perception of certain issues. But I feel everyone should know that a lot of guys who grow beards have a purpose for such, why not try to know their reasons before judging them.

Ladies and beards?

Ladies and beards are like 5 and 6. Okay, not all ladies love beards but at least 80% of them do.

Benefits of keeping beards?

Medically it regulates body temperature I got to know that cos of my biochemistry background. Protect your face from exposure to germs, dust particles and all.

Beard care routine?

Shampoo, Oil, and Cream. I use coconut oil as my beard oil, shampoo is hair fruit and cream.

To me, the beard gang has come to stay. I have been keeping facial hair for 7 years now and I am still going to rock it into the future.


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