I Use Beard Cream to Groom My Beards- Wole Adegoroye

I started growing beards in the last 12 months and the reason behind it is my girlfriend loves it and people have been telling me that I should try it out and it fits me that is why I started growing. Also, I realized that a lot of my Uncles had it and I wondered I did not keep mine. Hence, I started my beard journey.

Any challenges during the beard growth journey?

I was naturally very hairy, so no challenges at all!

Fashion or Style?

To me, I think beard keeping  is both fashion and style

Beard Care?

I care for my washing it and using beard cream.

Beard Discrimination?

What I think about it is that some people think when growing beards, you are a yahoo boy.

I remember this day someone walked up to me and said that I look like yahoo boy and I asked her why she because of my beards. Imagine such accusation. Anyway, we live with it because I do not allow these things stop my love for beards.

Ladies and beards

I think a lot of ladies love beards. While I cannot category pt a certain percentage of the ladies that do not like beards, a lot of girls that I’ve met absolutely adore it. Even my girlfriend, she loves it.

Handling beard discrimination based on religion and the society?

For me I don’t think about what society or religion think about it I love it and I grow it. All we need to do is to keep providing the necessary sensitization and information through the media just like mybeardgang is does right now.

Benefits of keeping beards?

It makes someone look mature and I think there are health benefits as well. Keeping your face warm and shielding it from the sun rays.

My advice for the beard gang is that if they can maintain their beards and spend money on it, then they are good to go.  The future of beards is bright because nothing can stop it and keeping beards is forever.

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