Things To Consider When Choosing A Beard Balm in 2020

What are the things to look at when choosing a beard balm? The truth is whether you are a Nigerian or an African American, you can’t just choose beard balms in 2018 as you see them.

If you’re a guy, then you would agree with me that not all men are great shoppers. It is funny but most guys can not successfully purchase a single outfit that isn’t a pair of jean trousers and a T-shirt without seeking assistance from someone who they feel dresses better than they do. But, there are some personal items every grown man needs to purchase by themselves and for themselves. Just as ladies would only shop for sanitary items by themselves, same way mature men shop for grooming items by themselves. Fantasy aside, we all want to smell a certain way, we all want to look a certain way; so only we get to choose the beard products that help us achieve these looks. This is the more reason why we need to shop for ourselves.

Choosing a beard balm

This is not an easy task especially if it isn’t something you’ve done before. We don’t all have psychic powers that come in handy when buying products that we’re not too sure about; well, who does anyway? Almost all beard products promise the same things; either to give you a smart looking beard that all the girls would swoon over and all the guys would rip their hearts out for because of jealousy, or soften your stubborn beard hairs so they look tamer than they normally would. But the question I guess is ever on everyone’s lips is “how many of these overly promising beard products would back up their claims if finally selected?” “How many would prove that you got your money’s worth. It is what it is though, not all of them would. Luckily, some would.

You’re in luck though, because as always we’re here to help. Aren’t we always? We know finding the right beard balm in 2018 anywhere can be tiring, talk more about searching in Nigeria. So we’ve come up with a few good suggestions we’re hoping would help reduce a headache and stress of fussing over the right beard balm in 2018 to choose and easing narrow down your choices. We hope you like what we’ve outlined here.

Choosing a Beard Balm

Not everyone thinks beard balms in 2018 are necessary. A lot of men think beard oils do all the work when treating and taking care of your beard but that’s insulting to all the beard balms in the world. Beard balms have their own work cut out for them.

First off, beard balms are necessary for growing and effectively maintaining a healthy looking beard. Unlike beard oils, a beard balm in 2018 is a pomade for the beard which moisturizes the beard hairs and the skin, helps styles the beard attractively and also helps to seal in moisture in the beard hair.

What do you need to consider when choosing a beard balm

Choose a beard balm that’s made from the following ingredients


Jojoba is a liquid plant wax but is called an oil. It is used in folk medicine to treat many ailments. It mostly treats sores and bruises. Jojoba encourages the regrowth of hair. It efficiently soothes the skin and also unclogs hair follicles. It is a very good skin moisturizer and skin healer. The jojoba oil actively removes excess oil and sticky buildup within the skin and keeps its oil levels balanced.

It is a good remedy for dry-skin conditions. The jojoba oil doesn’t clog skin pores, it protects the skin and also cleanses it. It is also rich in iodine and this fights the growth of very harmful bacteria in the skin. It also slows down signs of aging naturally. The jojoba oil replenishes the moisture in the hair and also actively improves the texture of the hair. It rids the skin of dandruff. It also softens the hair and adds shine to it. It also contains vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant. It improves the moisture and elasticity of the skin. The Vitamin E also helps to thicken the hair. The jojoba oil also decreases the formation of wounds and increases the skin’s healing process, and helps the body fight off free radicals and cell damage.


Argan oil is rich with vitamin A and Vitamin E and this makes it a great moisturizer for the skin. The vitamin E in the Argan oil helps increase cell production in both the skin and the beard hair and also helps promote their general health. It also helps to reduce the aging of the skin. Argan oil is a great exfoliant for the skin; it adequately removes dead skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increases the skin’s complexion the non-greasy nature of the Argan oil makes it the perfect leave-in conditioner.

The ability of the Argan oil makes it a good styling agent for the beard hair and also treats split ends of the beard hair. The Argan oil also absorbs easily and never leaves an oily residue on the hair and the skin underneath the beard hair. The vitamin A and vitamin E moisturizes the skin beneath the beard hair and reduces skin wrinkles. The Argan oil is also an excellent skin toner. It isn’t just beneficial to the beard hair but also great for the skin beneath the hair.


Like the jojoba oil, the tea tree oil has been used as a traditional medicine to treat a number of ailments for centuries. Among its list of ailments, it also treats the skin when applied directly to it. The tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol which increases the ability of the white blood cells and helps to fight germs and other foreign bodies in the skin. The terpinen-4-ol helps to fight and kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses that attack the skin.

The tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities. It is essential for treating skin injuries and hindering bacteria from causing infections in them. The tea tree oil helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and activates the white blood cells in the skin which fasten healing. The tea tree oil is also a natural cleaner and also effectively soothes skin irritations.

Application of balms that contain tea tree oil helps to reduce the severity of the symptoms that come from irritated skin. It also reduces itching of the skin due to frizzy beard hair. Another great benefit of having the tea tree oil as an ingredient is that it treats dandruff under the beard hair.


The Shea butter is a fatty oil that exists as a solid at room temperature that is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree. The Shea butter contains linoleic acid, oleochemicals acid, stearic acid, etc. Because it melts easily at body temperature, the Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin when applied. The Shea butter has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a great agent for treating most skin issues.

It is also beneficial for skin moisturizing. Because the Shea butter is rich in fat, it makes for an excellent skin moisturize. It also effectively helps reduces inflammatory skin diseases and corrects damages made to the hair and the skin. Like the jojoba oil and the Argan oil, the Shea butter contains vitamin A and vitamin E which takes good care of the skin and also protects it from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. It also increases the skin’s elasticity.

It also provides relief for itchy and peeling skin. It also repairs damaged beard hair, prevents hair loss, treats split ends and hair breakage, keeps wild hair in place, is an effective natural hair conditioner and easily heals wounds.


Cocoa butter possesses a mild fragrance and emollient properties. It is a healthy fat that is mostly saturated. It is good for improving skin immunity and reducing inflammation and improving the health of the skin. Cocoa butter prevents skin dryness and peeling.

It is a great skin moisturize and heals the skin from within it to the outside. It is easily absorbed into the skin because it is a saturated fat and can remain on the skin for hours after being applied. It also reduces signs of aging in the skin and gives a younger, healthier and more toned skin. The cocoa butter is also an excellent agent for soothing skin rashes and infections and sores. And is great when applied after shaving because its heat opens up the pores in the skin and helps enhance absorption into the skin. It also increases the immunity of the skin from harmful external factors when applied.


Beeswax, as its name implies, is naturally produced by honey worker bees in beehives and is great for the skin and hair. It is a great skin softener and skin moisturizer. Beeswax contains vitamin A and this helps to provide long-term moisturizing to the skin. The beeswax locks moisture into the skin.

The beeswax offers the skin a natural glow and easily soothes skin irritations because it possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties. It also protects the skin from external environmental irritants. Beeswax effectively promotes hair growth. It moisturizes and smoothes the hair and makes it easy to style. It is used to naturally stimulate hair growth. It can be washed off the beard hair easily after hours of being applied.


Essential oils are great ingredients for beard treatment and care. This is because they provide deep relaxation to the hair on which they are applied and help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth when massaged into the skin. When applied to the skin, essential oils enhance the skin and gives it a new glow, and is great for treating skin irritations and wounds. Essential oils effectively heal the skin and also reduces inflammation. Some essential oils include; peppermint oil, cedarwood oil, Rosemary oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, etc.

Choose a remarkable beard balm brand that has great reviews

Another good thing to consider when choosing the right beard balm in 2018 is to go for remarkable brands that have great reviews from its customers. It’s just like purchasing an app from an AppStore or going to see a movie that you know nothing about. It’s always great to check out the reviews by those who have used them or seen them. Same here, it’s always a great idea to go for remarkable brands with outstanding reviews from its customers especially and also critics. Some very remarkable brands you could check out include:

1. Smooth Viking Beard Balm With Shea Butter And Argan Oil

This beard oil contains Argan oil and avocado oil which works to tame unruly beards and make them manageable. This balm is great for long beards and works effectively to soften and strengthen the beard hair. It is said to be made for modern day Vikings. Now tell me, which man is not obsessed with Vikings in this era? The ingredients in this balm promote adequate hydration of the beard and prevent the hairs from breaking.

You can get the Smooth Viking Beard Balm on Amazon forĀ  $13.47. Click here to go ahead and buy.

2. Honest Amish Beard Balm

The Honest Amish Beard Balm helps to distinguish a boy from a man. The products from Honest Amish are handmade, very high quality and contain only all-natural ingredients. This product contains extracts of Argan oil which as we said earlier encourages healthy hair growth, and also contains Kokum which protects the skin from harmful bacteria.

You can get the Honest Amish Beard Balm on Amazon forĀ  $12.77. Click here to buy now.

3. Badass Beard Care Beard Balm For Men

As the name implies, badass beard care beard balm for men is unarguably the real deal when it comes to beard balms. It comes with ingredients that foster hair growth and gives men more than just a smooth look. It’s is said to contain natural aphrodisiacs which help you in the other room. It is truly badass in every manner of speaking.

You can get the Badass beard care beard balm for men on Amazon for just $19.99. Check it out here.

4. Grave Before Shave Beard Bomb

This is the biker’s very own balm. This beard balm contains ingredients that protect not just your beards but also the skin beneath it from harmful bacteria and external environmental elements that prove harmful to them.

You can get the Badass beard care beard balm in 2018 for men on Amazon for just $13.49. Check it out here!

* it’s also great to choose less expensive beard balms that come with the same mixture of ingredients. Go for something you can afford, that works for you.

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