Moderately Priced Beard Products Near Me

Beard products near me – Grooming your beard is a very important step in your beard journey and grooming your beard will take work as well as money. Beard grooming is very essential in order for your beard to stand out. If you groom your beard well,you will stand out when placed amongst other men who don’t groom their beards well and regularly. For effective grooming, you need beard products.

Beard products like beard oils, beard conditioner and shampoo, boar beard brushes and combs. Beard oils are widely known for softening the beard, helping to tame wild strands, helping the beard hair to look shinier and healthier and for moisturizing. They are an important part of beard grooming kit. They are just like cream to your body as they are to your facial hair.

You also need beard shampoo and conditioner for effective washing and conditioning of your beard hair. A boar beard brush is used for brushing your oiled beard and for making it look more presentable. A beard that is not brushed will look unkempt and shabby. While a brushed beard will always stand out. You will also need a beard comb for aiding in styling and straightening your beard hair.

In this article, we will be looking at two locations, Nigeria and the United States. This is so that we can cater to readers from both countries. So we will be giving you full specifications of beard products near you in Nigeria as well as in the U.S. This is to help you know where to look for your beard grooming products and where to get them. Just follow this guide and you will have gotten a full description of where you can get the beard products whether you are in the U.S or in Nigeria.

Awesome right? Let’s get to it!

For those in Nigeria, we will be looking at 10 beard products available on Jumia and Konga. You can order these products and ask that it be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria be it Kano, Port Harcourt or Ibadan.

The beard products on Jumia and Konga includes :

1. The Shaving Co Beard Oil

This 60ml beard oil on Jumia costs N4,800 which is the slashed price. The original price is N6,000. This is a high-quality beard oil that greatly improves beard growth. It also conditions and softens your beard making it look attractive. This beard oil also gives your beard a shiny look and a polished exterior. The beard oil is also scented nicely. It is an all-natural beard oil that contains Almond oil, Vitamin E oil, Chamomile oil, and Jojoba oil.

This unique blend of 100% natural ingredients is what makes for this beard oil’s effectiveness. It also helps to soothe beard itch. Using this oil, it is sure to improve your facial hair growth greatly.

2. The honest Amish Beard Balm

This balm is available on Jumia for all to shop from. It costs N17,950 which is the slashed price. The original price is N19,450. It is 4oz and is contained in a large tin container. It is a rich blend of virgin Argan oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, Virgin pumpkin seed, and Apricot kernel oil. It also has Aloe vera, shea butter, kokun and so on. Looking at these natural ingredients it contains, it is no surprise that this beard balm will do the work of deeply washing, conditioning, repairing and softening your beard hair.

This beard balm is also very good at soothing itch which is caused by new growths. It also has no artificial fragrances or scents, no chemicals, no artificial preservatives.

3. Beard guyz daily wash

Apart from Jumia, you can also order your beard care products from Konga if you live in Nigeria. The beard guyz daily wash for beards costs N4,800 on Konga. It is 237ml bottled and the beard wash has 25 natural and organic ingredients in it that nourish your beard while also cleansing it thoroughly.

A beard wash is an indispensable part of your grooming kit. It eliminates accumulated dirt and dust and also helps to kill harmful germs that might be lurking deep with in your beard. You can order this beard wash from Konga.

4. Oalens Beard and Hair Grooming Kit

You can order for this beard grooming kit on Jumia. It costs 10000 but the slashed price is N5,000. Hurry now to get the product at its slashed price. The grooming kit contains beard comb, beard brush, beard oil, beard balm and dasaze. All for just N5,000 at slashed price. The beard balm is a leave-in conditioner for your beard hair and gets as a conditioner, softener and moisturizer for your beard and the Oalen’s beard oil in the kit is 100% fragrance free.

The boar bristle brush works very well along with the beard balm in distributing oils along you’re your beard hair and also helping to improve the beard hair and also helping to improve the beard hair texture which might be quite hard. Their scent is said to be crafted with the tenderest. Making it get through your beard without snagging.

5. Yuda beard growth spray

This beard spray costs 3500 on Jumia but its slashed price is N2,900. This beard growth spray is very effective in making your beard soft, in promoting faster hair growth, leaves your body shinier, the spray also helps in preventing hair loss and helps in regenerating your hair by protecting your scalp. The spray is also effective in treating dandruff and encouraging your hair to be full. This beard growth spray is an essential product for efficiently grooming your beard. It is also herbal so it will have no side effects later on, you are safe using it.

6. Jamaican black castor oil

You can order this beard oil from Konga at 8700. This beard oil is by sunny isle. It has a net weight of 4floz and is made of black castor oil. It does the double duty as beard oil and a skin moisturizer. This oil is very rich in nutrients and is one hundred percent natural and has no harmful chemicals in it. It deeply moisturizes your beard and your skin leaving it soft and lush.

This oil could also be used as a pre-shave oil to help in preventing skin irritation due to shaving. The importance of beard oil in your beard journey cannot be over emphasized further. You can pick this beard oil as your choice beard oil. The castor oil in it is very good for hair care making it a great choice. Like stated earlier, it is available on Konga for N8,700 and you can ask that it be delivered to you anywhere you are in Nigeria.

The oil contains Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil and some essential oils for fragrance.

7. Wahl Clipper and Trimmer gist set

This product is available on for N19,000 only. It comes in an easy- to- carry case and the set consists of a clipper, trimmer, scissors, comb, and beard oil. All for just N19,000. Go and order yours anywhere you are in Nigeria.

They will definitely deliver the set to you. This set is very helpful in shaping, trimming and styling your beard and hair lines on your face. This set is all you need for that perfectly groomed look. The set is packed in a durable easy to carry case that makes it easy for the set to be moved around. It is perfect for travel. The blades in the trimmer and clipper are high carbon steel and the clipper operates quietly not giving off unwanted noise. It also has a power meter and the blades are adjustable. Just perfect for you and your beard.

8. Beard balm by beard guys

This balm costs N7,500 0n Konga. This beard balm is specially formulated for coarse hair and it weighs 85g. It aids in styling your facial hair because coarse and tough hair can be quite hard to comb through and style. So using this beard balm makes it easier for you to comb your beard and style it. It also softens hard hair making it appealing to the eyes. It also rightly conditions your beard and is a blend of 25 conditioning butter and oils.

Get your own if you are in Nigeria.

9.  Beard Shaper with a comb

This product is available on Jumia. It sells for N4,000 but right now as, at the time of writing this article, the price has been slashed to N1,000. So you might want to hurry over and shop for yours if you are in Nigeria.

This product helps you to groom your beard to a perfect shape. The product is by beard gang apparel and it is still the best beard shaper in Nigeria right now. Order!

10. Follicle beard nutrients by follicle care

This beard growth cream is available on Jumia for 1800 only.

This is one hundred percent facial beard growth lotion. It’s anti-itching aids in re-growing of hair, assists in fast beard growth soften coarse beard hairs and really helps your beard to grow. It is specially made from plant-derived Biotin which is antioxidant-rich and helps you to quickly grow a full masculine-looking beard. It is contained in a 35ml bottle and is packed with lots of nutrients. It is packed with nutrients that aid follicle hair growth.

Those above are ten beard products you can order for if you are in Nigeria. The online stores operate 24/7 so order anytime and have your product delivered. If you are in the United States looking for beard products near you, then you should know there is an endless number of products, especially on online stores like Amazon and Walmart that you can order for your beard products. Since the online stores operate 24/7, you can get your beard product anytime.

Some beard products around you in the U.S include the following:

11. Premium beard oil

This beard oil is available on Amazon and sells for $38.88 but the slashed price currently is $18.88. This oil is unscented and is made in the united states. It softens your beard and moisturizes the skin and your beard hair. It is all-natural and a combination of organic Jojoba oil and Argan oil. Order yours from Amazon!

12. Honest Amish beard balm

This very popular beard product sells on Amazon for $12.87. It is made with one hundred percent organic and natural ingredients and it is packed in a tin. It is 2floz, there is also the 4floz which costs more. The beard balm is a natural leave-in conditioner for your beard. It works super well!

13. Viking revolution beard conditioner

This conditioner is on Amazon for$7.95. OIt is a blend of Argan and Jojoba oils that are sure to nourish your beard with their many nutrients. It is 6floz in volume.

14. Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard shampoo

This shampoo from Tasmania, Australia costs $14.95 on Amazon. This shampoo specially formulated by Prof. Fuzzworthy in Australia in the 1800s is not your regular shampoo.

15. Beard grow Xl

This facial hair supplement costs $59.98 on Amazon. This product is for you if you have slow hair growth. It encourages rapid growth and enriches your hair follicles. This is like a multivitamin supplement for your beard with lots of nourishing bits and vitamins for your beard. This product is so worth it!

16. Beard grooming and trimming kit for men by rapid beard

This kit that contains beard brush, beard comb, unscented beard oil, leave-in conditioner, facial hair balm costs $29.97 on Amazon. The beard comb is useful for styling and the leave-in conditioner helps to treat your beard hair.

17. Gentleman’s beard growth oil

This unscented beard oil costs $12.95 on Amazon. It is 100% natural and helps your beard stay fuller and thicker and this beard oil is made by beard craft.

18. Viking revolution sandalwood beard balm

This beard balm with sandalwood scent costs $9.42 on Amazon. This beard balm’s added advantage is its natural woody scent of sandalwood which other beard balms don’t have.

19. Grave before shaves beard wash shampoo

This shampoo costs $12.99 on Amazon. This 6oz type of beard wash will effectively cleanse your beard and shampoo your hair deeply. Polished gentleman’s beard shampoo and conditioner:

This set costs $19.99 on Amazon which is very affordable for both a shampoo and a conditioner. This set is a sure pick if you want your shampoo and conditioner of the same brand and of affordable price. With the beard products listed above, you can shop for your beard products whether you are in the U.S or in Nigeria. Beard products that are quality are necessary for the grooming of your beards. Look up these products on the sites stated and order them smoothly.


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