Where to Buy Beard Care Products in 2020

Where to buy beard care products – Beard products are available everywhere. You can get them in almost everywhere around you. Where to buy your beard care products should not be a problem. In this article, we will be enlightening you on possible places you can buy your beard care products from. We will be addressing Nigeria and the U.S on this topic.

Let us start in Nigeria. The beard gang trend is really making waves and due to this, more men are asking for reliable places they can shop for their beard grooming products like beard oil, boar beard brush, beard wave and so on. It is relatively easier to shop for your beard care products online because they save you stress, time and money. Yes, they save you money!

Many of the online stores where you can shop for your beard products slash their prices and offer discounts that offline stores wouldn’t offer. In this article, we will be looking at online places to shop for your beard products. We will be looking at two locations, Nigeria and the U.S. This is to enable Nigerians and anybody in Nigeria to know which online stores to look for their beard care products and enable people living in America to know which online stores to look into in America. Let’s get started, shall we? Let’s look at the online places in Nigeria

1. Konga

This is a popular online store in Nigeria that is quite popular amongst Nigerians shopping online. Konga is a verified online shopping site in Nigeria, and it is among the leading online stores in Nigeria, if not among the three. You can buy virtually anything on Konga. From clothes to furniture, even beard products!

So if you are looking for where to buy your beard care products in Nigeria, be sure to look at Konga online store. Just go to www.konga.com and then look at the top right corner of the opened website. You will see a “search” box there. Click on the search box and enter the key words “beard care products” Then click “search” you will be presented with a list of products related to beard care you can buy. The products are of a wide variety ranging from beard oils to grooming kits, combs, beard brushes, beard washes, beard conditioners, beard balms, and beard shampoos.

They also have trimming kits and shaving kits for men to aid in styling your beard. Konga is a trusted online store you should really give a try for shopping for your bear products.  Whatever beard products it is you need, just search and order on Konga.

2. Jumia

This is the leading and number 1 online store in Nigeria. Jumia is trusted and tested by many. This makes this store a sure place for you to shop for your beard products. They sell a wide variety of products from phones, to gadgets of various kinds, to clothes, to kitchen utensils to even beard products!

This store is a definite place to look when looking for where to shop for your beard products. They have beard oils, beard conditioners, beard washes, beard shampoos, beard brushes, and combs and so on. To search  through their website, just type www.jumia.com into your Google search box. When the site opens, look at the top right corner of the page and click on the search box you find there. Then type in “beard care products” in the search box. Then click “enter” or “search”.

Then the results of the search will all roll out and you will see a list of various beard products categorized into pages. Looking at the bottom of the page, you can click to the next page to see more beard products that are available and are in stock. Keep clicking on the next page until you find what you are looking for. You could also narrow down your search in the search box to “beard oils” or “boar beard brushes” depending on what you are looking for. Just go to www.jumia.com and shop away!

3. BeardNigeria

According to their about page, they are a site dedicated to helping Nigerians get various beard products that might be quite hard to get in Nigeria. They also said in their about page that they are dedicated to enforcing the #beardgang trend in Nigeria which is already trending all over the world. You can shop for most especially your beard oils on their website.

The website is www.beardnigeria.com once the page opens, you will see all of the products available for order. The shaving co. beard oil is an approved beard oil on their website and it costs 5000 on their website. All you need to do is click on any product of your interest and order it. Once you scroll down to the end of the page and you haven’t found what you are looking for, click on the Next page to load more beard products. www.beardnigeria.com is another sure place to buy your beard products online in Nigeria.

4. Semsey

You can also buy your premium beard oil at an affordable price on Semsey. They manufacture premium beard oils that are 100% naturally derived and their beard oil has a net weight of 60ml/2oz. All you need to do is to click “buy” on the product of your choice and it will be delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria. The price of their premium beard oil according to their website is 4000. Visit their site now and order. But it is also worth noting that on Semsey, the only beard related product they sell is their premium beard oil. So for the other beard grooming products you need, you could look at the other sites listed.

5. Jiji.ng

This is a really popular market place online among Nigerians after Jumia, it probably ranks next. There are a number of conditioning and beard oil products on Jiji. The prices  of the beard oils on their page ranges from 2,000-6,000 naira. How you shop for products on jiji.ng is to call the phone number attached to the product.

They will then ask for your address or where you want the product delivered to. Once they have that, then you and the product seller decide on the method of payment. You can buy your beard conditioner, beard growth kits, beard clippers and trimmers, and all the other beard products you need on jiji.ng. Just type in jiji.ng in your Google search box and when on the website, search for “beard products”

6. OLX

On OLX there is a wide variety of beard products to shop! The address to their website or online store. When the page opens, check the top right-hand corner of the page and enter “beard products” in it. There will be a list of beard related products that will be displayed for you.

Just click on the product that you wish to buy and follow the buying instructions. They have beard oils, beard conditioners, beard balm, trimming and clipping sets, beard washes and other beard products. Just go to the web address given above and click to buy your product.

7. PayPorte

You can also buy your beard products on Payporte. Payporte is also a very large online shop that is well respected in Nigeria. They sell a large variety of goods ranging from clothes to fashion accessories, to shoes and even what you are looking for,  beard products.

They have beard oils, beard balms, beard washes, conditioners, trimmers and clippers that you probably want.

Apart from the online stores listed, you could also shop for your beard products at local stores in Nigeria. If you live in Lagos you could visit the malls like Shoprite.

Shoprite has branches all over Lagos, in Lekki, at Ikeja, basically all over Lagos. They will definitely have beard products you can buy. If you cant find Shoprite around you, you can visit another mall called Justrite. They have branches at Berger, Ikorodu, Lekki and some other locations.

Look for any of the malls and you will surely find a beard product you are looking for whether beard balm, beard oils, washes, clippers, trimmers or whatever. The local stalls and shops might not have quality beard products because they are not common. But you could give them a try.

Remember that your beard oils should always be packed in dark bottles as this is a sign of quality of a beard oil. The bottle protects the oil from OV rays. Now for the online places to shop for beard products in the U.S, we have the following:

1. Amazon

This online store is number one in the United States. They are incredibly popular in America among online shoppers for buying their different products and goods.

There is virtually no product you are looking for that you can’t find on Amazon. Their large range of beard related products is very extensive. They have more than so different brands of beard oils, more than so different brands of beard conditions, beard washes, and beard balms.

Another advantage to shopping for your beard product on Amazon is that they slash prices and offer discounts. They also offer shipping services to their customers if they stay far away from the U.S. Amazon is a really good place to shop for your beard products. If you like in America, just go to the web address and shop for your beard products.

2. Justformen

This is a beard product manufacturing company that does specially in manufacturing beard grooming kits.

The products are all by just for men co and they have the Just for men face and beard oil, the just for men wash, the just for men conditioner and the beard balm.

Visit their website here.

On the homepage, all the beard products are positioned there. All you need to do is click “Buy now” and you follow the instructions. They have a 25-year experience in making beard products and caring for beards and they are very good at it. Their face and beard wash helps in preventing beard itch, it also clears pores and calms and moisturizes your beards. Their beard oil is an all-natural combination of organic ingredients that are perfectly blended together. The beard balm also does the work of softening and keeping your beard in shape. Go to their web address given above and shop for their products.

3. Walmart

There are lots of beard products available on the Walmart website that you can shop from. They have a wide range of beard oils, beard conditioners, beard shampoos, beard washes that you can select from. Walmart’s online store is a trusted site for shopping for your products in America.

Just go to this online address here then put it in the search box on the top right corner of the page and input “beard products”. A list of results will display for you to pick the product you want and order. They also offer shipping services like that of Amazon.com to ship your product to you if you are far away.

There are lots of online stores abroad that you can get all your beard maintenance kit from. Apart from online stores, you can visit stalls around you both in Nigeria and in U.S to shop for your beard products. The beard conditioners and oils are not too common so you might need to visit big malls like Shoprite in Nigeria where you will surely find beard oils and conditioners. Though they might cost a lot but they are worth your money.

Looking at the above places provided that you can shop for your beard products, you should not be at loss for where to look. If you are in the U.S, you could check into stores around you for some beard products. They will most likely sell beard oils, and beard brushes which are quite common. So, visit the websites and online stores listed above and shop for your beard products now!

Remember to share your beard care products experience with us the next time you are here. We would love to hear about your beard story. Have fun bearding!

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