Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth?

Can You Change The Direction Of Your Beard Growth? Is this even possible? Many attractive young men out there are finding it difficult to tame their beards and make it grow in a particular direction. Is your beard far from glorious? After so many failed attempts of trying to make it look good? You do not need to worry because […]

Best Ways to Brush Beards in 2020

Best ways to brush beards – Brushing your beard is a very important step in your beard grooming journey. In order to tame the wild beards, you will need a beard brush. Beard brushes come in various shapes and sizes and it all depends on your choice because there is a right brush out there made just for you. A […]

Can I Use Hair Oil on My Beard?

Can I Use Hair Oil on My Beard? How effective is using hair oil for beard growth? What are the side-effects of applying hair oil to beard? If you are a bearded man or just starting, but you are wondering if hair oil can be used as an alternative to beard oil. With all you’ve read online, none of them […]

How to Stop Beard Itch When Growing Your Beards

How to Stop Beard Itch Do you want to know how to stop beard itch when growing your beards? If Yes, today’s article will teach you ways to go about it. Growing your beard is a progressive and time-draining exercise, it takes weeks, months and it could even take more than months to grow when beard itching is involved. An […]

Black Men Beard Products [Updated for 2020]

Black Men Beard Products Back in my teen days; high school drama, the ladies, the bully, we the boys trying to keep a perfect beauty-shape, pink lips, and for those who’s started growing a beard, a perfect and neat beard line. The adventure was interesting, I tell you. And, yea, it’s an adventure! When I decided to write on this […]

Best Beard Growth Cream in Nigeria

Best Beard Growth Cream in Nigeria: As a Nigerian residing within the shores of the country, you need not throw in the towel of grooming a well-blossoming beard. fine, it is understandable that we all encounter issues when ordering beard care products from outside the country. Issues ranging from shipping costs, delay in delivery, misplace of goods, etc. However, do […]

Check Out The Best Beard Growth Cream in Nigeria

So, on the public bus today, heading to my workplace, a past funny experience popped in my head, and the feeling of sharing has been bugging my mind for hours. Alas! This is me sharing 😉😉 Y’all won, you know. It’s actually I too fell bearded using the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream. 😂😂😂 So here’s the gist; Sometimes late last year – […]

Bossman Beard Jelly Review [2020]

So this is me staring into a blank sheet on my computer system, with sweet words clouded in my head, but deciding which to begin with is the seemingly herculean task here now. However, any-which-way, we need to commence. So grab a cup of coffee – the best reading pal, sit rested, as I take you through the Bossman Beard […]

30 Beard Oil Products: Best 2020 Review

The beard oil industry has experienced a tremendous rate of growth over the years. With each new product introduced we see even better improvements. Today, we will be looking at 30 beard oils you should use this 2019. There are a lot of beard oil products in the market today. You may even have your favorite, but the beard oils […]

Where to Buy Beard Care Products in 2020

Where to buy beard care products – Beard products are available everywhere. You can get them in almost everywhere around you. Where to buy your beard care products should not be a problem. In this article, we will be enlightening you on possible places you can buy your beard care products from. We will be addressing Nigeria and the U.S on […]