Best Ways to Brush Beards in 2020

Best ways to brush beards – Brushing your beard is a very important step in your beard grooming journey. In order to tame the wild beards, you will need a beard brush.

Beard brushes come in various shapes and sizes and it all depends on your choice because there is a right brush out there made just for you. A beard brush is very important in every man’s grooming kit. Using a beard brush is especially very important if you are on a long beard style. Beard brushes come in a variety of materials, sizes, and looks. After learning the best ways to brush your beards, you will have been able to achieve a perfect bearded look sure to attract you the things you want.

It is really important to note that different types of beard brushes are designed for different purposes. But the most common one is the beard comb and the beard brush. The beard comb’s purpose mainly is to remove excess dirt from your facial hair and help in untangling knots. While the beard brushes help in removing smaller bits of dirt that the comb can’t pick and also aids with beard styling.

Why do you need to brush your beards?

In order to be able to brush your beard, you need a beard brush. Beard brushes are designed specially to help you in effectively grooming your beard. It is recommended that when you first start keeping your beards in the early stages, you should use a beard brush to brush your mane. Yes, even if the beard is just still in the stubble phase.

Brushing your beard at that stage helps to keep your beard soft using cream and full of energy for more growth. Using the brush when your beard is fully grown helps to keep it lush.

Boar hair brushes versus synthetic beard brushes

Boar hair brushes are those that have bristles made from animal hair. While synthetic brushes are made from a combination of synthetic products like plastic. Boar brushes are more popular than synthetic brushes for good reasons.

The natural boar brushes are more popular than synthetic brushes for good reasons. The natural boar brushes are more efficient at doing their job of keeping the beard lush and soft and they also encourage beard growth. They help also in distributing the skin oils evenly throughout your beard. So go get a boar brush.

Ways to brush your beard

Method 1: The beard oil and brush method

1. Get beard oil and put a few drops of it on your palm. Rub your palms together and rub over your beard evenly.
2. Take your boar brush of choice and brush your beard hair in the direction that it grows.
3. Start from your chin and neck area and then move slowly to your cheeks and sideburns.
4. The higher you move on your face while brushing, the longer the brushing strokes should get.
5. Did you know you can use the brush to style your beard hair to grow in the style you desire? Yes, you can!
6. When you feel like the beard oil has been evenly spread all over your beard, then you can stop.

Note that it is not entirely compulsory to use the best beard oil to brush. You could brush without beard oil too. If you have your beard to be fuller and more grown out, you should probably brush it twice per day if you can manage.

In this kind of full beard scenario, use beard oil once that is only in the morning but don’t use the beard oil the second time. This is to prevent the excessive presence of grease in your hair. It will start to irritate you if you have too much oil in your hair. So do watch it there.

Remember to only use an African Americans beard brush when your hair is dry. Avoid using a beard brush when it is wet. Also, while blow-drying your beard, don’t use a beard brush. It is not advisable to use a beard brush after blow-drying too. This is because it can damage the brush’s bristles.

If you want something to use to sweep through your beard while blow-drying, be sure to use a beard comb instead. It is also important to note that brushing your beard does not necessarily make it grow faster. It only makes your beard healthier and softer and also more appealing to the eye. Brushing your beard also helps to tame it to stay in one place.

This is an added advantage for those with curly hair. A brush helps to hold the beard hair down and also to keep it straight. As it is commonly known that curly hair tends to stray. Which might be annoying to the owner. A boar brush comes in handy here. You can also use your brush to tame your mustache hair to grow to the sides and not into your mouth as it commonly does.

Method 2: The beard balm and brush method

Be sure to follow the steps below to learn another method of brushing beards.

1. Before you use the brush on your beard, make sure the room is at normal temperature and that your beard is not wet.
2. Brush your beard through just once to remove dirt that your beard hair may have collected.
3. Press the beard balm into your hand from its tube, the size of a peanut and then rub between your palms.
4. Now spread the balm evenly on your beard hair, apply to the hair tip and skin as well. Make sure to spread the balm evenly throughout your beard.

Cleaning a beard brush

It is important to clean your beard brush to avoid contaminating your beard hair with germs that may have settled into the brush. If you don’t clean your brush well, it could lead to skin and hair infections which could be very undesirable. So in order to avoid unnecessary infections, just be sure to clean your beard brush well. Regularly cleaning your beard brush also ensures that your beard brush stays durable for as long as possible. But how do you clean a beard brush?

Step 1

1. Put a cotton bud or stick in between the valleys in the bristle bunches. This will help to remove and loosen the hairs that might have gotten stuck there. And it will also help clean out dead skin cells that are lurking there.
2. Push the stuck hair out with the cotton bud or with your fingers. Use whichever one is more convenient for you.
3. Put warm water in a bowl that can fit the brush and add a bit of soap (disinfectant) in the water. Stir the water together to form a lather.
4. Now put the brush bristles in the water. Loose any still stuck hair from the bristles with your hand. Move your fingers through the valley in between the bristles.
5. Dry your brush after cleaning either with a towel or a blow dryer. Or you could just air dry. Do all of these and you have your beard brush sparkling clean.

Best ways to brush beards: Should you use a beard comb or beard brush?

You should quite frankly and plainly use a beard brush. A beard comb is ideal for a beard when using it for blow-drying. A beard comb can cause tearing of the hair follicles since there are bound to be microscopic jagged edges located on the comb’s teeth. And when your hair follicle is tearing it can cause split ends which are very undesirable.

So you can see from these reasons that obviously affordable beard brushes should be chosen over beard combs. But it all differs from person to person. Some people feel that beard combs are useful especially for styling and for holding mustaches in place. While some think that both are relevant equally. It all depends on you. The ball is in your court.

Find what’s best for you and stick to it. That’s what matters in the long run. Make your beard happy.

Finding the best beard brushes

Remember that we said boar brushes made from natural materials like horse skin are way better for brushing beards than synthetic brushes. But there are also synthetic brushes in the market that are definitely worth trying.

To shop for your quality beard brushes, you should visit the reputable stores around you both online and offline. If you are a Nigerian, then search through the popular online stores’ websites online and search for beard brushes. A number of results will come up.

Just choose the one you feel is best for you and order away. But if you are non-Nigerian, perhaps American, then be sure to shop online is the leading online stores in your country. You could also visit the local domestic stores around in your locality. You will find beard brushes sold there. Having guided you on where you can get beard brushes, I believe you are set.

Best ways to brush beards: Final notes on best ways to brush your beard

When thinking about brushing your beard, your first thought should always go to a boar bristle brush. Sincerely. Everyone on the internet and in real life keeps screaming the importance of these brushes. Their structure is formulated in such a way that they even help you carry excess oil from the skin beneath your beard and its roots and bring this excess sebum to the tip of your beard. This allows for even distribution of oil. Just remember the outlines we drew in the article earlier on how to brush your beard with either oil or balm and apply the principles.

Remember to use minimal beard oil to avoid skin irritation like acne. Nobody likes to have pimples or acne. They are inconvenient and can be sometimes painful. But using the boar bristle brush helps to spread all the oil in your hair evenly thereby decreasing your likelihood of ever having unnecessary acne.

Remember to always brush your beard in the direction it grows. Your mustache should be brushed to the sides and you should make sure you brush carefully. Also while combing, use the right comb. Some cheap combs are just plain bad for your beards.

They pull at the root and cause split ends and also a loss of hair. To think that a comb could cost you some precious beard hair is totally unthinkable considering the fact that that you went through a lot for your beard to grow as long as it is today. So don’t let a beard comb strip you of all your previous successes.

Also, remember to always clean your brush as earlier outlined. Cleanliness, remember, is next to godliness.

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Best ways to brush beards: Important points to note when grooming your beard

1. Never use a beard brush on your beard while blow-drying.
2. Be sure to use essential oils like jojoba oil or coconut oil in caring for your beard every day.
3. Never use cheap tiny toothed combs on your beards to avoid split ends and loss of hair.
4. Wash your beard every day with beard cleanser and shampoo.
5. Always put your beards dry gently with a towel, it is completely unnecessary to blow dry every day. Gentle patting is just good.
6. Beware of using harsh soaps and chemicals on your beards, they leave your beard hair really dry and completely zapped of oil.
7. Always use beard oil immediately after beard washing.
8. You should brush your beard hair in the very early stages of growth like when it is still at the stubble phase.
9. Always trim your beard hair in order to effectively remove split ends.
10. Make sure to always eat a balanced and healthy diet because they help your beard to look lusher, softer, healthier, and shinier. And you don’t want to miss out on those qualities.
11. One way to boost your beard look is by promoting healthy growth which can be achieved by increasing your testosterone levels, you can increase this hormone by exercising frequently e.g doing push-ups.
12. Don’t just use any soap you see on your beard. Use a beard shampoo and cleanser.
13. You should comb or brush your beard after applying a moisturizer of some sorts maybe beard oil or any moisturizer.
14. You should avoid combing your beard immediately after showing or washing to prevent loss of hair.
15. Avoid aggressive combing or brushing.
16. Some workplaces do not allow bushy beards so beware of your workplaces’ terms and conditions before deeply investing time in your full beard.
17. Applying beard oil regularly can help your beard stop itching in its early days and also helps to keep it soft.
18. Keeping and grooming your beard is like caring for a baby. Keep at it and you will reap the full term benefits.
19. Always treat your beard like you would treat your stomach.

How To Straighten Beard Hair Naturally

Finally, brushing your beards is a necessary routine in your beard grooming journey. You can’t keep a full beard without brushing it.

A beard that is not brushed will lag in appearance when compared to one that has been well brushed. Just like brushing your teeth as a person is important, brushing your beards is equally important. Especially if you have afro hair or thickly coiled hair, you can’t escape the brushing.

Afro hair has a tendency to tangle and roll into knots when not brushed through frequently enough. Even the hair on an African man’s head is usually made to look smoother with a brush. Therefore, you can’t escape doing the same for your beard.

Brushing your curled beard also helps to straighten it a little bit. And makes it easier to run a comb’s through. And also remember that, when brushing your beard, it should be from the top to the bottom or from side to side.

Depending on what style you want or desire, you brush in the direction. It is most times advised to brush your beard from the sideburns to the cheeks and from the cheeks to the mustache and from there to the chin, jaw, and neck.

Make sure to touch every area in order to look overall neat and classy. And also to let even distribution of oil over the hair in all of these places. Care for your beard with as much love and attention (time) as possible. If you love that mane, that hair, that work of nature on your face, then be sure to devote a large amount of time to it. Love your beard, cherish it, wash it, condition it, cleanse it, pat it, give it all of you and it will give to you back all it’s got.

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