Best Ways to Brush Beards in 2020

Best ways to brush beards – Brushing your beard is a very important step in your beard grooming journey. In order to tame the wild beards, you will need a beard brush. Beard brushes come in various shapes and sizes and it all depends on your choice because there is a right brush out there … Read more

Can Toothpaste Help Grow Beards?

Can Toothpaste Help Grow Beards?: With the aim of achieving a fast-growing beard, so many bearded men have sought ways to get thicker, fuller, shinier, and stronger beards. One of these ways that have seemed seriously effective is home remedies for growing a beard. While we have desperate men who would not think twice about having … Read more

Can Methylated Spirit Grow Beards?

Can Methylated Spirit Grow Beards? To seek an answer to this question, then definitely, either you, your friend or a close relative, maybe your neighbour also is having issues with growing a beard, which is more likely than not, giving you a head busy with worries. So, before we move any further, why not let’s … Read more

Will I Ever Be Able To Grow A Beard?

Are you without beards on that cute face of yours? Have you looked at your peers and ask yourself this question, “Will I ever be able to grow a beard“. We’ve learnt not to question nature. Growing beards is a natural phenomenon and yours shouldn’t be any different from the others. Firstly, Get rid of … Read more

Teenage Beard – all you need to know.

Life, the 21st century’s generation claim to begin at fourteen, so is the teenage Beard. However, let’s say because of genetics and a few more factors, like geographical restrictions, et al, say life general begins during the teenage years. Every nitty-gritty of you tends to develop during this stage. Ranging from the thickness of the … Read more