Teenage Beard – all you need to know.

Life, the 21st century’s generation claim to begin at fourteen, so is the teenage Beard. However, let’s say because of genetics and a few more factors, like geographical restrictions, et al, say life general begins during the teenage years.

Every nitty-gritty of you tends to develop during this stage. Ranging from the thickness of the voice, the building of muscularity, development of pimples, and as regards this article, most importantly beards. Thus in this article, we’ll be discussing all you need to know about the teenage Beard.

So grab a cup of coffee, and stay glued to this space as we take this rather relatively short ride.

Growing Teenage Beard At A Teen-Age

Like I discussed in one of my past posts, growing a beard generally, irrespective of your age, it depends basically on the level of some major hormones present in your body. The hormones are; testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Somebody systems are quite too sensitive to this hormone, thereby resulting in a high rate of producing them. This is more reason why a few people around you – your friends, or even your younger brother is already sprouting a beard, and your chin is still taking the synonym of a deserted area.

So what I’m saying in essence is, there’s no trick in it, on how to grow a beard as a teenager, you need to know how sensitive your body system is to the required hormones, and their rate of production in your body.

Perhaps the level of production is low, then is the right time to start using beard growth supplements to catalyst the reaction of you growing a teenage Beard.

So when next you see your peer with a blossoming beard, do not get jealous or intimidated, instead work on getting the beard growth supplement that suits you best, and in a few months or maybe weeks, you’d see yourself competing even with that friend.

However, should you be amongst the lucky teenagers who’s started growing beard already, even if its shrubs, don’t get mad at me yet, nor lose interest in this article, I’ve got a few information for you too? Cause I know you’re already having thoughts of this article being only for teenagers finding it hard to grow beards. Lol.

Hence, as a teenager with beards already, firstly, let’s talk about a few problems you’ll encounter, thereafter we’d talk about the possible solutions to it, and then we give this piece a wrap. So let’s move!

Problems Accompanying Growing A Beard As A Teenager

In this section like I mentioned earlier, I’d be taking you through a few problems you are likely to encounter when growing beards as a teenager.

Teenage Beard Problem– Itching:

Teenage Beard – all you need to know.
Teenage Beard – all you need to know.

Firstly, the greatest problem you can face as a teenager as regards hair growth is growing a moderate beard on your jaw area. And I’m sure to have considerably flogged the issue earlier on in this article.

However, having successfully grown a moderate beard on your face as a teenager, another great problem you’re prone to face, or perhaps you’ve started battling it, is itchiness.

Itchiness is a problem that comes misting during the early stages of beard growth. Hence, in most cases this issue is tolerable. Although in quite a few, it’s not. And requires a few urgent solutions which I’d discuss late in this article too.

Teenage Beard Problem – Beard Acne:

Beard acne is another problem to encounter when growing a beard as a teenager.

What’s Beard Acne?

Basically, Beard Acne is another type of painful side effects of growing a beard, which in turn births discomfort and sometimes extreme irritation for such a person. In rare cases, it results in itching too.

What’s the cause of Beard Acne?

As and what I know of now, the principal cause of this problem is as a result of the presence of a bacterial infection inside your hair follicles.

However, that’s not only the cause of the beard acne. Being unclean also causes it.

How do I mean?

When you fail to shave your ingrowing beard, it results in beard acne. And that’s more reason it’s experienced mostly by teenagers.

Teenage Beard Problem– Dry skin:

This is beard growers great annoyance. The dry skin calls in many beard related problems in the young skin of the teens. This type of dry skin or flaky skin is generally caused by cold weather or even from used soap.

Teenage Beard Problem– Split Beard:

Another very common problem is the split beard. This although doesn’t concern the age range, but it’s paramount amongst teenagers and youths.


This is because these age ranges move more under the sun and dust. This thus results in the dryness of the beard, which in turn causes the splitting the beard undergoes.

Teenage Beard Problem– Beard Dandruff:

…and this is going to be the last teenage Beard problem I’d be talking about in this article – Dandruff.

Even asides beard, dandruff was one of the infections I suffered while growing up. Having acquired loads of these bacteria on my head. Yuck! I hated myself.

So, out of that self-description, lol…dandruff in the case of beard growth is known as beardruff. And it’s known to always act as an inverse of a catalyst, thus drastically reducing the growth of beards, especially in teenagers.

This problem arouses extreme irritations in the cheeks or facial area generally, of teenagers.

Are There Solutions To These Teenage Beard Problems?

Don’t panic, there are actually solutions to these issues. In fact, not just a solution, but loads of remedies to curb them.

This, I’d be giving the basic and general remedies to these issues just briefly in this section.

For dry skins, apply natural ingredients such as Shea butter generously on your face. The Shea butter specifically has a huge effect on dry and flaky skins. You can make use of castor oils too, and a few good beard oils you can purchase here.

Also, for beard acne, make use of extracts of nut kernels. This extract is in a form of oil, which has as a principal warrior against scalp fungus. You can also make use of cedarwood oil, and oil from tea tree.

For dandruff, apply Apricot oil, Grapeseed oil, or Eucalyptus oil. While for the issue of split beard, you can use vitamin E oil.

Generally, you’d notice most of these remedies are natural ingredients. This proves to you and me, that although there are scientific or better still, artificial ways of curing your beard issues as a teenager, the best method is making use of natural remedies.

Teenage Beard – all you need to know.
Teenage Beard – all you need to know.

Conclusion on Teenage Beard

So, for now, buddy, that would be all. However, should you have questions about anything on teenage Beard, perhaps that I missed here in this article, or that which you do not understand well, please feel free to talk to me via the comment section.

I’d be waiting for you…

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