How To Grow A Beard As A Teenager

How To Grow A Beard As A Teenager – As a young lad full of life who just dropped the “child” title and picked up the “adult title, one in which you have the freedom and liberty to shape and form your own lifestyle as a teenager. This is a part of a young male’s life when even the parents have to be on the lookout for everything pertaining to the kid.

It has been proven through various studies that there is indeed a wide variety of issues that plague teenagers who are just developing and out of those budding issues; somehow, how to grow a beard as a teenager tops the list of them all.

Sounds funny?

Yes, I know, that’s how fully grown adults feel about the phenomenon; it always goes down like beards? You mean you want the same beards I’ve grown tired of shaving every now and then so badly that you can even sacrifice an eye to get it if that’s all it takes? Blah blah blah, let’s give them a break, we’ve all been there as teenagers, when all we had to worry about was getting our favorite meal, getting some extra money from home and how to improve our looks, some of the judgmental adults did the most unexpected of things just to grow a few strings of hair, so, let it be.

This article has been compiled for the sole purpose of discussing at length everything that revolves around growing a beard as a teenager. We quite understand the need for you as a teenager to grow a full-blown beard as it will boost your manliness and you can style it however you want for the bragging rights and to feel good about yourself and that’s why today, this article will highlight some tips and tricks that can help you grow a beard faster as a teenager.

Before we go into the details of today’s business, it is imperative and important to note that whatever tips or tricks posted here are guaranteed to help you grow a beard as a teenager but they are not tricks that work instantly, it requires some and in most cases, a lot of patience, you need to give yourself and your body a break as it adjusts to you trying out the highlighted tricks that are proven to enhance the follicle’s production of facial hair.

Now that we’ve gotten the “patience” bit of this whole thing out of the way, its time to get your writing materials to jot down some of these basic tips that will certainly grow your beards as a teenager, so, make sure you take a comprehensive note and keep it somewhere where its easily accessible anytime there is need to refer back to it, this is because I know how “careful” adults are with things and you might probably forget this page’s URL and being that we are set out to help you grow your beards, it is important you yield to the advice of getting your writing materials ready. They are all out there with you now? The writing materials? Okay!

Let’s get the party started; it’s time to write some tips on how to grow a beard as a teenager…… yay!

1. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Clean Your Face On Regular Basis

This sounds weird and you are probably like get this crap out of my face already, but for me to start how to grow my beards as a teenager, I’ve been cleaning my face every morning when I wake, what do you think I’m always doing in the bathroom for like 15 minutes every morning duh!

You are totally right, what you’ve been doing is the washing of the face, this is different, you need to dedicate time to specially scrub your face region as a form of cleansing in order to encourage the hair stuck in the follicle to come out.

To achieve a better result, it is best you make use of lukewarm water during the cleansing process which you can do at an interval that’s convenient for you, you can clean your face between 1 – 3 times daily depending on how bad you want the beards to come out. Trying out different gels and soaps has been proven to be helpful too.

2. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Although hidden to the naked eyes but visible under the lens of a microscope, the human skin is covered with layers upon layers of dead skin cells that hinders the growth of your facial hair as a teenager, so, to add to your chances of getting the desired beard length and thickness at such an early age, you should consider exfoliating twice in a week so as to totally get rid of the dead skin cells.

It is important to note though that when getting an exfoliating scrub, you need to look out for the type you are paying for, it must be one that’s specifically made for men and your skin type, doing otherwise has never hurt anyone but, you will waste your hard earned bucks, precious time and you get far away from achieving your desired results.

3. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Eucalyptus

One of the top ingredients for keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized as a teen is Eucalyptus. While picking up a moisturizer or a new cream after you must have emptied out the old one, it is advisable to look out for one that contains

Eucalyptus as one of its main ingredients as growing a beard that isn’t patchy is dependent on so many factors and one of them is to keep the skin hydrated to avoid dry skin on the face. The logic behind this is simple, the smoother the skin, the easier it is to grow a beard.

Just in case you want to know more about Eucalyptus, We’ve got an extensive article on it here.

4. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Vitamins and Minerals

This is not persistent for teens alone, it is as a matter of fact something everyone should look out for as the body needs a fair amount of vitamins and minerals to function properly and it is near impossible to argue it out that the body and its operations are dependent on these elements, it has been proven times without number and this is, in fact, all over the internet for those who care to check it out.

For teenagers looking to grow a beard especially, it is important to consume a lot of vitamins and minerals as they help boost the level of testosterone and the DHT levels inside the human body. Teenagers who are keen on getting a beard as soon as they escaped childhood already know by now that the two hormones responsible for beard growth are testosterone and DHT and it has been advised that the levels of these hormones in the body should be kept at an all-time high for teenagers looking to grow a beard as the higher the level of these hormones in the body, the quicker the rate at which the beards will sprout. It is also advised to add fruits and veggies to your diet as they have a high level of fibers, vitamins, and minerals present in them.

At that crucial stage in life, the body of a teenager is growing and developing at an alarming rate so, it is imperative to build a strong base of development for it by providing the body with the needed nutrients that will ease an all-round growth. The benefits of doing all these might not manifest immediately or anywhere in your teenage years but, as soon as you cross that line and stop being a teenager, you will appreciate yourself for not being a doubting Thomas about the importance of building a strong development base for your body.

5. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Your Protein Intake Matters A lot

Proteins aid beard growth and as such, every of your meal as a teenager looking to grow some beard should contain a fair amount of good proteins and in order to achieve this goal, you can eat different meats alongside some leafy vegetables that have been known to be a good source of protein. In respect to the line drawn by the society i.e. vegetarians and non-vegetarians, there is a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to your sources of protein regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not. The higher your consumption of protein loaded meals, the better your chances of growing a healthy beard faster.

6. How to Grow A Beard As A Teenager – Exercise Or Meditate

This is not a campaign for keep “fit fam” or a trick to make you hit the gym as a teenager, no, this is only an encouragement for you to have a routine exercise that is not only good for your health but also for the development of your beards. Research conducted to this effect has cemented the fact that exercise and meditation indeed help with the relaxation of your body.

As a teenager who is just waking up to the realities of life, the stress out there when you start earning your own money and paying some bills might be too much for you to bear but it is important to not let that get to you as they might affect your life and body functions, which is why you should exercise more often and meditate to burn off the accumulated stress. When you stay stress free and keep your body as relaxed as humanly possible, your body out of the blues starts working the best way it has been wired to and there is a charge with a big boost to all of its functions and mechanism which in the end leads to the growth of your facial hair as a teenager.

7. How to Grow A beard as a teenager – Drink As Much Water As You Can

The importance of water in the human body has been downplayed too many times that I’ve lost count of it, water for those who are still in the dark, is essential for the body to function properly like it should and drinking lots of water throws some weight behind the growth of beards. As a matter of fact, anything that goes wrong with the body can be traced all the way to hydration which is the more reason why you need to stay hydrated as a teenager for your body to work perfectly fine with no malfunction or stunted growth of any sort, sticking to the “taking a lot of water rule” keeps you on the safe side as your body functions properly and the needed facial hair begins to grow but, disregarding the importance of water in the process of beard growth will lead to stunted/patchy beard growth and some other issues that you might never have thought of.

These beard growth tips are the few I’ve been able to compile for teenagers looking to grow a beard faster and as a sound of advice, as a teenager, you don’t have t worry about the rate at which your facial hair grows, at least for now, you shouldn’t worry about that as the process of growing a facial hair that can be classified as a beard is sometimes a painstakingly long one and being that your body is just developing, you should give it some time to grow at its own pace, pattern, and schedule of time.

Even if you are already nineteen and close to being out of the teen age and your facial hair still seems to have no hope of any sort, forget totally about checking out its growth rate every now and then, stop the comparison with other teenagers of your age that are already spotting a full beard and never opt for surgeries or therapies at such a young age as the after effects can be devastating to your skin on the long run. Doctors, on the other hand, has out of the years of experience and medical research scrutinized surgery as an alternative to waiting out for the beards to come out on their own as a deadly option that needs to be reconsidered as it can be dangerous for you and even worse lead to all sort of allergies that can destroy the face you just spent some bucks trying to beautify. So, it is never advisable to disturb the course of your beard growth and leaving it to grow naturally alongside trying some natural tips and tricks that do not involve the use of dangerous chemicals of any sort is the better alternative and the best way to go about how to grow a beard as a teenager.


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