I Wanted To Look Different With My Beards – Wale Adekile

The first strands of hairs came out when I was 15 or 16, and I’ve always kept a goatee until a few years ago. I finally decided to let it all grow because I had to keep the goatee trimmed like every 3 days. I’m very hairy and it grows really fast. Besides, I was tired of looking almost the same for over a decade… you know, a clean shaved head and a goatee. That has been the same look I’ve maintained. I wanted to look different.

Growing a full beard wasn’t difficult. I’m one of the “genetically lucky” ones.  The beard was even waiting to reach hit its full potentials all these years. Maintaining it too didn’t pose any challenge.

On the dispute on whether keeping beards is a fashion statement or style? I believe it’s all about style. I was comfortable with my goatee for years until I decided to style my chin and cheeks different. Fashion comes and goes, style is eternal. The greatest benefit I’ve derived is not having razor bumps from shaving!

beard story

Daily beard routine

Just coconut oil in the morning to keep it shiny. That’s all.

On Beards discrimination

I’m not sure I’ve ever been discriminated against because of my beard. I’m not saying beard discrimination doesn’t exist, but I haven’t really faced it.

Do ladies love beards?

I wouldn’t know about other ladies, but I know my wife is definitely going to raise hell if I decide to shave my beard off. She likes it and objected when I teased about going clean.

How can we handle beard discrimination based on religion and the society?

As mentioned earlier, I haven’t really faced it. A lot of people I’ve met like my beards. My beard has even made me receive a lot of “Al-salaam Alaykum” even though I’m a Christian. I just go with the flow and respond “Wa ‘Alaykum al-salaam” with a broad smile.

If you don’t like me because of my beard, I believe you’re the one with issues, not me. If your beard is well-kept and thoroughly maintained, I’m not sure there should be any form of discrimination from normal people.

However, it should be emphasized that keeping a beard isn’t an excuse to look shabby and irresponsible. If your unmaintained beard looks terrible, any discrimination received is well-deserved.

Finally, I don’t see keeping beards as a trend. It’s part of being a man. You can’t take that away. It’s not fashion, not a type of shoe, not a type of shirt. It’s going nowhere. The buzz may later go down, but you’re still going to see men on the street with a nice looking full beard in 20 years.



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