Will Coating My Face With Semen Help Me Grow A Thicker Beard

Will coating my face with semen help me grow a thicker beard: I know you might want to say, yuck! Me semen? But heck yea, who says you can’t use semen for beard growth? You want to know how? Let’s get to it.

In biology, as a science or non-science students, we all know what semen is. This is the male reproductive fluid that contains the sperm in suspension.

I learned that it can make your beard thicker when coated on your face. Isn’t this shocking?

I have heard that the sperm has been used to grow hair and also used to treat the skin texture, so, I decided to dig deeper to know if it can help grow the beard healthier, fuller and thicker. So far, the answer is yes, it can help you grow a thicker beard.

It is amazing how people take their time to think out of the box every single day just to give a solution to human problems.

Will coating my face with semen help me grow a thicker beard

Will Coating My Face With Semen Help Me Grow A Thicker Beard

The spermatozoa content in semen is the reason behind its ability to make your beard grow. Do you know that your sperm contains almost every nutrient needed by your beard to grow healthier?

Semen contains vitamin C, B12, ascorbic acid, calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, sodium, fat and protein. All these content come together to stimulate your beard in growing thicker, and fuller. 

So, you already have another amazing companion whenever you need a helping hand to make your beard grow better.

It should be noted that these when you coat your face with semen, there is every possibility of it stimulating the growth of your facial hairs.

Why Your Beard Don’t Grow

Part of the reasons why you may not be able to grow fuller beard could be the low state at which your body produces hormones that grow your beard.

Receptors are known for triggering the growth of beard, if they are not active enough to make your beard grow, they are also a treat that should be dealt with anytime soon.

Since beard growth is natural and depends on genes and beard hormones, there is a need to make this flexible by applying every discovered hack that has been proven accurate and reliable. Semen is part of this.

Your Beard Growth Journey and the Semen

You have just received the shocking fact that semen can grow a beard due to the content of spermatozoa found in it, and I have also been able to show you the contents of sperm which are similar to what you see in our daily food such as fruits, and other things like tubers and cereals.

With this as our arsenal, we should be able to show you how sperm can play a big role in growing your beard thicker.

Spermidine is an example of polyamines that are known for helping to regenerate cells. These polyamines were tested on a human to know if it has any effect on the human body system and amazingly, it helped in growing the beard.

It was only researched and is yet to be accepted scientifically.

In the research link above, the researchers found out that the effect of Spermidine on a human hair is that it elongates it.

Do you Know How Semen Promote your Beard Growth

I will begin to use the word semen interchangeably with sperm since they are almost the same, please, this should be noted.

You may want to know the actual mechanism behind how sperm can promote your beard growth, and why you should even apply such method when you have other methods such as using beard oils sold on the Amazon, or even natural essential oils in the likes of coconut oil and the rest.

Here are the mechanisms:

  • Spermatozoa help in the production of keratin known for its ability to help grow long hairs
  • It influences the growth of hair shaft elongation
  • It helps to prevent the catagen phase of your hair follicles
  • It helps to prolong the anagen phase of your hair follicles
  • It aids in preventing the telogen phase of your hair too

This is an amazing fact you should know about. Going by these beneficial impacts of sperm on your beard, it is clear that it has come to make your hair loss history.

The DHT inhibitors have a negative impact on your beard growth, but you don’t need to be panic since Spermidines are not part of DHT.

How to Use Semen to Grow your Beard

In ancient Greek, it is a normal routine for the people to use the semen to grow and treat their scalps for hair regrowth.

If that is the case, there is good news that such a method can also work on your beards.

It has been discovered that some beauty salon in the United Kingdom charges some amount to treat your hair with bull semen that is highly rich in protein plant called Katera, grown in Iran. You can read about it HERE.

Image Credit: veteriankey.com

If you are losing your beard already; you now have a solution right before you. Your semen is the solution if there is no means to afford other means.

There is no complicated way of using semen to grow your beard than applying it on it the same way you rub oils on it; but you must first of all, see a doctor to check if the spermatozoa are not affected with Sexually Transmittable Diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers On Sperm for Beard Growth

People are always curious especially when something is not clear to them. I have gone through the daily queries of people around the sperm and the beard growth; here are the answers I have for you:

Can sperm regrow beard

Just like I said earlier that sperm contains most of the nutrients fruits and other food items that help in the growth of our hair, the content of protein found in spermatozoa can help to regrow your beard or add some volumes.

Does Semen make your Hair Grow

Many people especially the women agreed that the application of sperm on their hair makes it grow.

Semen contains a spermatozoon that research revealed can help grow a beard, so, there could be a possibility that semen can help grow your hair or beard.

Why Should I Use Semen on My Beard

It is not actually necessary that you should use semen on your face since we have other better alternatives.

In fact, I can’t use semen on my face, due to the nature of my response to things of its kind. If you feel like you are comfortable using semen on your face to grow a beard, it is your choice.

You should use semen on your beard since it contains Spermidine discovered to help grow it.

What does beard Growth have to do with Low Sperm Count

Some people tend to be scared that their inability to grow beard could link to low sperm count. This is not true. Beard growth is more of genes and hormone rather than the spermatozoa that in fact contains nutrients for beard growth in little amount.

Should I eat sperm to grow my Beard

Sperm or spermatozoa in the first place may not be safe since some of them may contain STDs; it is highly recommended that a person should consult his doctor before applying semen on its beard.

Eating your sperm to grow beard? I have not heard anything of such but looking at the content of semen, it may trigger the growth of your beard if it has any positive reaction with your genes and hormones after consumption.

Remember, you may be allergic to eating semen

Is it healthy to eat sperm—semen

Research has made it an affirmation that you can eat sperm tested by the doctor to be free of STDs since the contents of sperm are safe to ingest.

They can be digested in a similar way with your food. You may be sensitive to semen intake; you need to consider it too.

The normal condition of people allergic to semen intake is called Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity (SPH).

Final Words on Coating Your Face With Semen To Help You Grow A Thicker Beard

Semen is a fluid that contains spermatozoa, and a spermatozoon is made of Spermidine that is known for the positive impact it has on beard growth.

This alone is an answer to your question about semen growing beard.

Using semen as a means to grow your beard is not actually necessary, especially the method involved in getting it out of your body through sex or masturbation.

It is more ideal to use stress less (Natural essential oils) methods to grow your beard more effectively than using your semen.

You can also get some beard oils to boost your beard growth more effectively without feeling filthy.

While using your sperm or other’s as a means to grow your beard, always remember to get it checked by a professional doctor for STDs safety.

Lastly, it is now clear to you that semen can be used to grow your beard. I have made it a reference to a knowledge-based reason, should in case you will have to no choice than to use your sperm as beard oil.

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