Can Methylated Spirit Grow Beards?

Can Methylated Spirit Grow Beards? To seek an answer to this question, then definitely, either you, your friend or a close relative, maybe your neighbour also is having issues with growing a beard, which is more likely than not, giving you a head busy with worries.

So, before we move any further, why not let’s firstly tackle the roots? Great, right?

Now, this is saddening, or rather, quite shocking, it is dicey too; actually, NO, methylated spirit cannot grow beards. You know, I have seen a lot of young guys, and even older men churn statements like “apply spirit on your chin, it would make your beards grow faster,” and other similar talks, but the truth is, methylated spirit doesn’t help your beard to grow.

Let’s check another web report quickly; on Quora, a user said,


Alcohol does not make your nails, hair or beard grow. They are all just keratin grown from skin-cells in your skin, they are NOT plants you can “water” from the outside.”

And that is actually the truth. You can’t begin to water a plant from the outside – so, simply, the methylated spirit doesn’t grow beards.

Why can’t I grow a beard?

It appears this question has been wrongly asked. Instead, it should be “why am I finding it hard to grow a beard.” Because in the real sense, practically everybody can grow a beard – and don’t give me that look; I am sure of what I just said.

So now, why are you finding it hard to grow a beard? well, there are a whole lot of factors hinged to this cause, like, a whole lot. And this aspect of growing/grooming a beard is where most people get things wrong. All thanks to viral myths, et al.

Well, without beating around the bush any further, let’s just hit it straight:

1. Your Body: With this, I have grouped a whole lot of stuff – I wouldn’t want to just repeat the same thing under different bullet-points, you know.

Referring to your body, I mean your hormonal system. I mean, what is the degree of the right hormones for beard growth in your body? How are these hormones responding? In case you do not know, there are certain hormones required in the body before you can start growing a blossoming beard. And as a plus, these hormones mustn’t just be present in sparing quantities. Also, how is your system responding to these hormones?

By saying body, I mean, how healthy are your receptors? Your follicles too, how healthy are they? Are they even still alive? Are they active? Mind you, this doesn’t even pertain to the beard alone but your body hair in generality. The hair follicle stands more like the home of the beard, the root, where it originates from. So, you see how important the healthiness of the follicle is.

Externally too, how healthy are you? How frequently do you wash your face with clean water? What kinds of food do you eat? Are these foods meant to ensure the proper circulation of food around your body, or you’re basically feeding on junks? Are they balanced diets? Do they contain the right hormone?

These are kinds of stuff I mean by referring to your body. And all of these answered in the negative are most times, the reason you are finding it hard to grow a beard. you can’t grow a beard without the said hormones, you can’t grow a beard without the right and proper circulation of blood and nutrients in your body, especially to the facial area. You can’t grow a beard when all you’ve got are dead follicles. You can’t grow a beard if you are dirty and don’t eat healthily!

2. Genetics: This too is an important reason for not being able to grow a beard. Check your family line, did men also find it hard to grow a beard – older men? If yes, then you are most likely signed up for the same story.

However, genetics is dicey or rather say a probability factor. Many at times, things don’t work as I explained in the preceding paragraph. So, the genetic factor trails behind the body-factor. Meaning that in the end, it actually all depends on you.

However, if you have elder ones who groom and enjoy the luxury of very long and thick beards, then trust me, you have lesser issues growing a beard. Unlike men who have no history of men in their family who have such kind of beards. You get me, right?

3. Age: How old are you? Sometimes too, your age determines the degree of thickness and length of the beard you can grow.

If you are relatively still young, say in your teens, then there are higher tendencies of finding it hard to grow a beard, especially as a black man.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the rate of growth of your beard depends on your age. Absolutely not!

So, basically, if you have been wondering why you are finding it hard to grow a beard, those up there are the basic reasons behind your predicament (yea, I call beardlessness a predicament). But I hope you understand that growing a beard is different from growing a full beard. just as “how can I grow a beard?” is different from “how can I grow a full beard?” you understand my analysis, right? Fine!

Having known the reason behind your seeming inability to grow a beard, let’s proceed to the main deal of this article; can methylated spirit grow beards?

Does the methylated spirit grow hair?

This is another neighbouring question. Unfortunately for you, permit me to say, the spirit does not help hair (body, head, etc.) to grow neither. It is not just the beard left in such a condition. And remember, the beard is also hair, just that it has a special spot on which it grows on – the facial part of the body.

In fact, not only hairs, methylated spirit doesn’t make nails grow too!

But why?

Why doesn’t the methylated spirit grow beards?

The reason isn’t far-fetched. The methylated spirit is basically alcohol.

Furthermore, its type of alcohol is unfit for drinking. And asides that, the methylated spirit contains ethanol which also has additives that causes it to become a poisonous substance, posses a bad taste and a pungent smell. The methylated spirit is nauseating upon application, thereby discouraging recreational consumption. For this, all thanks to the additives present in ethanol.

And that is it! The reason that methylated spirit in your hands can’t grow your beards.

But, hey! Does that mean the spirit is bad in its entirety for the beard or hair in generality? Well, no. and this exactly is where this situation becomes dicey.

So, quickly too, let’s run through the importance of the methylated spirit on the beard.

Why is the methylated spirit good for the beard?

If you have noticed since the onset of this article, I haven’t mentioned that methylated spirit can’t help your beard to grow. Instead, I have said, it doesn’t grow your beard. do you get the difference?

To this effect, it is imperative to let you know that despite the spirit cannot grow you a beard, there are several means in which it can help you in growing a beard.

Generally, or rather, summarily, as popularly known, the methylated spirit is a disinfectant. And this is where it comes into function.

As a disinfectant, applying the methylated spirit on your scalp, would ensure to combat, treat, and clean the area on which it is applied. And also, helps to ensure that the surface of the hair follicles isn’t blocked.

You know, even if you want to grow a beard when your hair follicles are blocked, there is no miracle that you can do. So, you see how great the spirit helps you, right?

So, basically, that is it.

Now, are you concerned with what and what exactly would help you in growing a beard? well, worry no further…

What works when growing a beard?

Growing a beard is a very interesting, simple, and as well hard art (yes bearding is an art). It is simple when you know the right things and the right product to apply. While it becomes hard when you are finding it hard to keep up with the needs of your beard due to lack of information, or when you are even unable to grow a beard at all, and still lacking the right information on how to do so.

So, briefly below, let us discuss the kinds of stuff that work when in other to grow a blossoming beard.

  • Hygiene: The first on this list is your hygiene. And as mentioned during the start of this content, your hygiene really matters and stands as a greater pillar in growing a beard. I think being hygienic is what should bring the methylated spirit into the scene.
  • Eating the right food: The right kind of food would also enhance the growth of your beards. The type of food you consume would determine as well, the level of your DHT and Testosterone, which happens to be the most important hormones needed for the growth of a blossoming beard. also, your food should contain more of Vitamin B, which is Biotin. The biotin is yet another important nutrient required for the growth of beard. other Vitamins required and can be gotten via the right consumption of food is the Vitamin C, E, A, etc. eating right also helps in ensuring the right circulation of blood across the body, meaning a fresher and better skin surface!
  • Using the right beard growth products: The right beard growth products also matters. Not just any beard care product that you see. Leave local myths like methylated spirit, shaving the shrubs, etc. and instead, get the right beard growth product. Get the MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream. If you are really keen on growing a beard within a very short period of time, then this is the best product to consider. As a black man, you definitely would have issues growing a beard, owing to how we are structured and all. But with this beard cream, trust me you are good to go! YOU CAN GET IT HERE.
  • The right beard care product: We know you aren’t growing what we can call a beard yet, but still, take good care of the shrubs you have. That is what would blossom into a full beard. make use of beard care products such as the beard cream, the beard brush, the beard balm, the beard moisturizer, the beard butter, etc. The good thing about these beard care products is that most of them help greatly in growing a beard. saying point-blankly, the beard cream, beard balm, beard butter would grow a beard for you! And that is more reason you need a MyBeardGang Beard Growth Cream today! It’s high time you said goodbye to your beardlessness, you know.

You now see for yourself that growing a beard is really fun, simple, and enjoyable if you get things right.

So, stop asking questions like “can methylated spirit grow beards?” and instead start using the things that work – the MBG Cream is one.

FAQs on the Methylated Spirit

  • Can Methylated Spirit Grow Beards?


  • Can Methylated Spirit Cure Dandruff?

The methylated spirit is a disinfectant, so, YES, the methylated spirit can cure dandruff.

  • Can Methylated Spirit Make Beards Grow Fast?

As I explained earlier, the spirit doesn’t make beards grow but it helps the beard grow by disinfecting the surface of the skin, and also ensuring hair follicles aren’t blocked on the surface.

  • Can Methylated Spirit Make Hair Grow?

No. But it plays a significant role in helping the surface of the skin responsive, just the same way in the case of the beards.

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