How to Make Onion Juice In 2021

Thinking of how to make Onion Juice? You will find all the information you need regarding making Onion Juice at home here. Keep reading.

To be here, I am sure you are on the journey to know or you already know what the onion juice is, at least to a beginner’s level. However, to keep some from naivety, let me quickly run you through the basics of onion juice.

What about the onion juice?

Okay, so basically, to the layman, the onion is exclusively a root used exclusively in the kitchen to add flavour and, perhaps, aroma to food. I hear some, despite this snippet of importance, avoid the onion because it stimulates the tear gland, and also because of bad breath.

Say after me; “woe unto ignorance…”

The onion is more than this, I tell you!

About its juice: as simple as it sounds, the onion juice is simply the juice extracted from onions. Sincerely, in the basics, there is nothing more to that.

So, when next you see a neighbour disposing onions or mentioning his dislike for onions, please do well to reprimand him whilst showing him how precious the onions are.

The onion juice is a rich source of Allicin, an organosulfur compound, which can help in boosting one’s metabolism, improve the circulation of blood across the body, reduce cholesterol levels, cause the decrease in cardiovascular risk, and also see to the treatment of urinary disorders.

Wait, it doesn’t just end there. At all.

Why the juice?

I think I would dwell more on this, as it appears to be the backbone of this subject matter itself. Why exactly do I need the onion juice? Why do I need to embrace onions? Why do I need to know how to make its juice? What advantages or importance would I enjoy from making use of this juice?

Firstly, the onion juice is an antioxidant; having a high concentration of Vitamins A, B, C, and E, which is even doubled of sometimes, tripled in cases when a thick juice is used. It also contains flavonoids.

This is also a skin-friendly formula in all of its entirety, which causes the skin a glowing effect, making the skin radiate and wrinkle-free.

And then, the big catch; the onion juice helps in hair growth!

This, I understand is achieved via a couple of beautiful ways;

  • Improves Blood & Nutrient Circulation: The Onion Juice helps in improving the circulation of blood and other important nutrients across the body system, most especially to the hair follicles which in turn stimulates the hair growth of such persona.
  • Scalp Moisturization: it also has a moisturizing and hydrating formula that prevents the skin from getting dry (in this case, the scalp, and chin area), which thereby causes the healthy growth of facial hairs.
  • Improves the Health of Follicles: in simple terms, the follicles serve as the source of the beard. Now, the onion juice has been confirmed to contained high levels of nutrients and minerals, so, applying the onion juice on the chin and moustache area of the face consequentially causes the facial hair to grow, notwithstanding the condition of the follicle – however, should the follicle be unhealthy, the onion juice treats it as well.
  • Protection from Infection: it is no news that the scalp, chin, neck, and even the cheek is prone to fungal, viral and bacterial infections, which in turn impedes the growth. The onion juice has a couple of properties which stands as a wall against these various infections, thereby guaranteeing the smooth growth of the beard, and also a wonderful appearance.

If you ask me now if the onion juice helps beard growth, hitting the nail on the head; this juice would help you in growing your beard to the desired shape, size, length, thickness, and/or what-a-view. So, in other words, we can say it is a beard growth supplement.

So, now that you are sure the onion juice helps you with grooming a blossoming beard (although with the right beard care products too), how then is the juice made?

How to make onion juice

As its definition, making a juice from onion is very simple. And surprisingly, or rather, not-too-surprisingly, you can do it yourself (DIY) right in the comfort of your home!

Below are the stuff needed for the making:

  • Onion (depending on the amount of juice you aim to get)
  • A juicer
  • Knife
  • Sieve or cheesecloth
  • Towel

Procedures on how to make Onion Juice

To make the onion juice, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Place your onions under clean water, and wash, in other to get rid of all kinds of dirt present on its skin. Also, peel the overlaying skin off too.
  2. Using a hand towel, pat-dry the cleaned onions.
  3. Cut the already washed and pat-dried onions into relatively small sizes.
  4. Then proceed to put them into the juicer, otherwise known as the blender. This blender squeezes the onion, thereby getting its juice from it. Although, both are always still in their combined state.
  5. After squeezing with the blender, make use of the sieve or cheesecloth to separate the juice from the shaft of the onions meaning the already chorused onions). Ensure to press the onion pulp in other to extract as much juice as possible.
  6. Afterwards, refrigerate the juice.
  7. Voila! Your onion juice is ready!

Yes, it is as simple as that. And as you too can see for yourself, this process can be estimated to take nothing more than 15-20 minutes.

So, that would be all.


Let’s all even check things out in this direction;

We’ve been practically discussing the good sides of the onion juice since the onset of this article, does that then mean this juice doesn’t have a bad side? hell no!

You too know, every good thing must have a bad side too. Likewise, to every advantage, a disadvantage.

So, yes, the juice extracted from onion has its side effects. Although comparing these side effects to the advantages, the side effects don’t hold any water. Moreso, to every of this side effect, is a lasting solution. Hence, you can say it over and over again that this beard growth supplement is a win-win situation!

Irrespective lets quickly delve into the side effects of the onion juice, and also the possible solutions to each of these side effects.

Applying the Onion juice

There is no much big deal in applying the juice. You just need to rub it on your chin/beard, as the case may be, and any other part you perhaps want to start growing a beard, and hair too.

However, to get the usage right, you need to take into use, certain beard care tools and care products. These tools and/or products include but are not limited to the beard comb and brush in other to ensure the right distribution of the juice across the beard (comb for those already having longer beards, and brush for the shrubs. Your palm would do if you’re having nothing yet), beard moisturizer as discussed earlier, the beard oil, etc.

So, I advise, as you’ve learned how to make onion juice, it is important to also get aware of the right ways to make use of these beard tools and beard care products too.

Side Effects of Onion Juice

1. Itchiness of the Scalp

The funny thing with this side effect is that more often than not that you would experience this, you would be the orchestrator of your fate. How do I mean? If after using the onion juice, you fail to wash your beard properly, over time, you would start experiencing itchiness. You can’t avoid it.

This is so due to the high concentration of Sulphur in the onion juice which tends to cause itchiness and irritation. So, what to do in other to avoid this, is to wash or rinse rather, your hair properly. Apply water lavishly to your beard!

It is nice to grow a long beard with the onion juice, however, after each application, ensure you rinse the beard thoroughly. And also, do not apply the juice every day. Twice in a week is enough.

2. Odour

The onion juice has a relatively high level of collagen, hence the cause of the pungent odor it leaves behind after use.

To counter, or rather, avoid this irritation yet overwhelming smell, firstly caution how frequently you apply the juice on your beard. It’s logical; the more you apply, the heavier the smell – you understand, right? Okay, fine.

The best means anyways is to apply the juice immediately after preparing it. That is, you shouldn’t keep for even further use – use immediately you extract. But, is that possible? Well, it’s up to you!

3. Burning sensation

As I have been hammering, do not use this juice every day nor too regularly! You are only doing yourself more harm than good. That is if there is even any good therein.

Applying this juice regularly on your beard would burn your scalp. Also, if you happen to have sensitive skin, then it isn’t the best option for you when seeking what to stimulate your beard growth with.

Now, don’t get things confused; as a black man, your skin is sensitive, but that doesn’t cause you not to make use of the onion juice it is one of the best you can make use of. However, you need to make do with caution and carefulness. You know, there are different degrees of sensitivity, so when you are beginning to notice the signs, then you need to do the needful – abstain.

4. Eczema

Another side effect that tags along with the application of the onion juice is the eczema of the scalp. This, however, occurs after a lot of itching might have happened to such an individual.

This, as I explained earlier, is caused by the high level of Sulphur contained in the onion juice. This Sulphur overtime would dry out the beard. okay, I would explain.

Remember, the onion juice doesn’t work as a moisturizer. So, over time, the Sulphur contained in the juice would cause the beard to start drying thereby turning it flaky.

How then can this be avoided? It’s simple; do not part ways with your original beard moisturizer!

Frequent application of the beard moisturizer, would counter the drying action of the Sulphur present in the onion juice, neutralize it, and therefore cause you not to experience any side effect of this kind.

Also, since the eczema of the scalp occurs after severe itching, the solutions highlighted for the itchiness of the beard can be employed into use (you can go back to check it).

And that would be all on the side effects of the onion juice!

As I mentioned earlier, you too must have noticed that to every disadvantage of the onion juice, there are certain solutions cum precautions which can be done in other to avoid such side effects. So, this means, it all depends on you!

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2. Chuncho Food Onion Juice 100 Premium

This product does not only helps reinforce stamina, but it also helps decrease fast aging in men, maintain healthily live and help in beard growth. It s made up of no preservatives and artificial additives.

3. WOW Onion Black Seed Hair Oil

Onion Juice for beard growth

WOW, onion Black Seed Oil is a pure traditional remedy that helps bring silkiness and strength to the beard and improves the way the hair feels and looks. It is made with Onion, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive oil and coconut oil.

This product really works. I started seeing growth within a week in the bald areas in my scalp. I recommend this product.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on how to make onion juice

Can Onion Juice Reverse Gray Hair?

Onion Juice can be used as remedies for a lot of problems and beard growth is one of them. However, the mere application of onion juice is not enough, it should be done properly, else, you won’t have anything to show for your efforts.

Even before using onion Juice for beard growth, the first thing you should do after buying the onion Juice from Amazon is to carry out a skin patch test.

Once you are done with a skin patch test, then you can proceed with the usage. Now, back to your question. Yes, onion juice can help in the reversal of gray hair growth but it must be done right.

Will Rubbing Onion Juice Stimulate Beard Growth?

Yes, Onion Juice stimulates any kind of hair growth. Be it beard/head hair. However, if you are using it for patchy beard you should not rely on that alone. The main purpose of onion juice is helping hair grow where hairs are absent but the follicles exist.

How Long Does It Take To Grow a Beard By Using Onion Juice?

There is no set time frame for determining the growth of beard hair using onion juice. It varies from person to person.

What Happens If I Put Onion In My Beard?

Onion Juice is a popular Juice for beard growth and it will prevent breaking of your beard. Oh, And it will also make your beard smell especially if you are using the unrefined ones.

Are There Any Side Effects of Onion Juice On Hair?

The side effects of using Onion juice on beard hair include itching and redness. It is recommended you perform a skin patch test to know if you are allergic.

Is Onion Juice Effective For Beard Growth?

People are doubting the effectiveness of onion juice on beard growth, to the majority, it is just a cooking ingredient that has no other benefits outside the four corners of the kitchen.

Reviews from verified buyers of Onion juice for beard growth purpose feedback were all positive and below are few of their comments:

I love this stuff because it truly allows my hair grow fast. I was able to grow more inches of hair, by applying this stuff for 30 minutes on my scalp twice a week. And wash it with my hair loss shampoo.

How Often Should I Use Onion Juice in my Beard?

Researches have it that hair started growing after 2 weeks of Using Onion Juice. How often you need to use it depends on factors like genetics and nutrition. If your genetic makeup is the type that does not grow hair faster then you need to apply it consistently compare to someone that only needs little efforts to grow beards.

Why is Onion Juice good for the Growing of Beard?

  • Onion Juice contains sulfur that is good for preventing thinning and hair breakage. This in return will ensure thick beard growth.
  • Onion Juice nourishes the hair follicles with the aid of sulfur. The nourishment of the hair follicles will ensure proper hair growth.

Conclusion on How to Make Onion Juice

The onion juice is a good supplement to both your hair and/or beard growth issues. And I am happy to have taken you through the preambles of the onion juice, the benefits as well as the side effects, and ultimately how to make the onion juice.

As I stated in the content, make do of everything with moderation. Remember, excessive application of the onion juice would cost you, and cause you more harm than the good you intended to achieve.

It’s been nice having you here, and I would love to see you here even more.

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