Black Men Beard Products [Updated for 2020]

Black Men Beard Products

Back in my teen days; high school drama, the ladies, the bully, we the boys trying to keep a perfect beauty-shape, pink lips, and for those who’s started growing a beard, a perfect and neat beard line. The adventure was interesting, I tell you. And, yea, it’s an adventure!

When I decided to write on this topic, Black Men Beard Products, my high school days was what popped up in my mind. Especially the moments when my friends who already grow a beard, were trying to keep up with the ladies’ specs of keeping a shiny, blossoming, and neat bear. I began growing a beard quite late, so I really didn’t experience all of that stress in high school.

During these periods, my guys, John and Biodun bought so many lies, that they ran out of bucks, trying to treat their beard right.

That was back then anyway, they now know better. Lol.

You know, I just felt like sharing that experience, so my analysis would make much more sense to you. So, after buying so much lies and myths, how did my friends finally scale through the so-called beard-pressure while in high school?

Let’s set the ball rolling – we’ve got quite a lot to cover!

How can a black man grow his beard faster?

Don’t look confused; we haven’t digressed, we are still on track.

The first thing I want you to understand with bearding is, you get to enjoy the art more as your beard begins to multiply in length and thickness.

To enjoy any of the beard care product, you need to keep that beard to a reasonable length. Don’t always shave that gold off. Well, your style of the beard also determines, anyway.

So, what did my friends do? Basically, after a series of intentional research during our final year in high school, they realized kinds of stuff like Methylated Spirit, Shaving, etc. doesn’t help the growth of beard. So, they eventually stopped and sought something better.

But firstly, they had to leave their beard to grow. At least to some point of reckoning.

Thereafter, the began to apply the beard products that would be discussed at length in this content. And in no time, the noticed a tremendous increase as well as the healthiness of their beard.

Therefore, in other words, we can safely say that as a black man, to grow your beard faster, there are beard care products you need to employ to use, although, alongside a few beard supplements that actually work.

Having understood this, what then are these beard products under discussion here?

What is the best beard product for beard growth?

The bearding market as and today, has experienced a little above usual growth over the past decade. And this as much as it has a positive impact on the community, also poses negativity too, one of which is the overcrowding of beard care products in the market.

This actually shouldn’t be a disadvantage. However, seeing the upshot of fake, counterfeit, and unworthy beard products is one to worry about.

In a nutshell, there are several black men beard products for beard growth in the beard market at present, however, just a few of these products are actually credible.

Let’s quickly discuss the best black men beard products

As a black man seeking to enhance the growth, appearance, and health of his beard with black men beard products, just below are the best you can get in the market at present:

  1. Beard Wash
  2. Beard Conditioner
  3. Beard Trimmer
  4. Beard Oil

So, extensively, let’s treat these beard products one after the other.

Beard Wash

The beard wash, otherwise known as the Beard Shampoo, is a product used to keep your beard clean. It is just as simple as that. Just as its name says, it is a product specifically designed to “wash” the beard. Although, it also provides other functions, such as moisturizing, et al.

Tandem to this, there a few factors you need to consider when getting a beard shampoo. This would help you in selecting just the best beard shampoo.

However, prior to this content, in other to save you from the stress of repetitive research, we’ve made very detailed research, thereby coming up with the best two (2) beard wash you can apply on your beard, in other to achieve maximum report.

Best Beard Wash for Black Men

Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo

The Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo is first on our list. This is an all-natural shampoo; produced from natural ingredients which are pledged to making the facial hair experience glee.

These ingredients help in cleaning your beard, while also ensuring that it stays healthy and with an appealing appearance.

The ingredients include but not limited to Leatherwood, Beeswax, Honey, etc. Added to the formula are also essential oils, whose main function is keeping the skin underneath the beard healthy and hydrated. The Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo contains no parabens, synthetic fragrance, nor artificial colouring.

It also contains a nice but not overwhelming scent that is although, woodsy yet subtle.

Finally, this beard product would help you save cost; it contains almost all of the ingredients of the beard balm. Therefore, making use of this beard wash would simply mean deleting the beard balm out of your buying list.

You can buy Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo right away.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is yet another interesting beard product for you as a black man.

For me, I think this one even works better on black men, owing to the thorough job it carries out on stubbles especially.

Albeit, irrespective of the size of your beard, the thickness, and all, the Billy Jealousy beard wash would help in providing an army of warriors mitigating against the buildup of sweat, dirt, and oil that is present on your facial hair.

This beard wash is made from really nice ingredients, which includes but isn’t limited to Soy protein, Aloe Leaf, Green tea extract, honey extract, Lecithin amongst others.

You can get the Billy Jealousy Beard Wash here

Beard Conditioner

The beard conditioner is a moisturizing wash-out treatment that is specially formulated for facial hair. This beard care product features ingredients that both nourish the skin and the facial hair and also lock in moisture for a healthier, more comfortable beard or mustache.

It as well helps in creating a soothing relief to itching beards, as well as helping to untangle tangled beards. It as well mitigates against dandruff, dryness, and flakiness. However, do not confuse the beard moisturizer with the beard shampoo, even though the beard shampoo sometimes acts as a conditioner.

Basically, that is all about the beard conditioner. So, the best 2 on our list would thus be treated just after this paragraph.

Best Beard Conditioner for Black Men

Zeus Beard Conditioner


The Zeus Beard Conditioner tops our list here in this article as the best Beard Conditioner available in the market at present.  And as usual, the catch is its interesting and wonderful ingredients.

The ingredients from which this beard conditioner is made would help you up to your bearding game. These ingredients include, but not limited to Aloe Vera, which accounts for the anti-inflammatory properties possessed by the product. Another is Jojoba Oil, which is the main supplier of essential vitamins – Vitamins C, B, and E both to the facial hair and also to the underlying skin.

Finally, is the Pro-Vitamin B5, also known as B-panthenol that it contains. This is a water-binding substance that attracts and retains water for a more hydrated beard, thereby causing the healing and protection of the skin by promoting the regeneration of tissue that is more solid and elastic.

Buy the Zeus Beard Conditioner

The Roosevelts Beard Co. Glacier Beard Conditioner


On number 2 spot is the Roosevelts Beard Conditioner.

This is a nourishing, Argan oil-infused beard conditioner which has been designed in such a way that will get you all set up with softened stubble and a clean beard, and at the same time also helping you repair split ends and damaged facial hairs.

To apply the Roosevelts Beard Conditioner is quite simple; all you need to do is to apply some of this product, and then give it time – say 2-3 minutes, for the conditioner to work.

Buy the Roosevelts Beard Co. Glacier Beard Conditioner

Beard Trimmer

Back to my friends in high school story, there was this particular period of time that they were eventually getting it alright, at least. And their beards were growing so well that it began to grow out of place. Well, during this said period, it didn’t bother them too well, as they already knew what to do – remember, they were already equipped with the right beard products for black men.

So, they simply made use of a beard trimmer!

The beard trimmer is like a referee. telling the beards, “hey, you are going out of order,” “hey, you shouldn’t be sprouting here,” and all. It checkmates the growth of your beard.

As a black man, you have higher possibilities of growing a wild beard. the beard trimmer is the solution. It also aids styling and all.

Best Beard Trimmer for Black Men

Andis Professional Clipper

Andis Professional Clipper

The Andis trimmer is an awesome although expensive tool. It features seven different attachments, which includes combs, a charging unit and battery pack, clipper oil, blade, and a rechargeable clipper.

This beard care product is a dual-purpose trimmer which has the ability asides trimming, to also cut hairs. However, it is very expensive. Although, you would definitely love what you spend your money on.

The Andis Clipper also features a strong battery life, of about 60 minutes. For your safety, the blades of this system have been designed in such a way that it remains cool to protect you from skin rash. The Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper has detachable blades that make it easy to clean them or change them out, and all blades are made from metal instead of cheap plastic clip-on.

Buy Andis Professional Clipper

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100


Should our first beard trimmer be expensive for you, then this is yet another one that’s best for you as a black man.

This Philips trimmer takes trimming to a whole new level; making use of a trimmer that is guided by laser, which in turn causes its user maximum comfort and precision. Without gainsaying, this trimmer is probably one of the most intriguing designs I’ve ever seen.

Moreso, this product is cordless, thereby ensuring versatility in its highest order. With great user-friendliness, which allows even the least of technical knowledge to operate.

This is a trimmer that guarantees precision, comfort, and doesn’t leave after-shave side effects.

Buy Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Beard Oil

You must have heard about the Beard Oil before now. Irrespective of anything you might have learned or heard about the beard oil, it is simply a specially formulated oil that has been designed to be applied to the beard.

Above all, it is a lighter oil which gets easily absorbed by the facial hair. Beard oils also tend to leave a scent on the beard it is applied upon.

Best Beard Oil for Black Men

Billy Jealousy Beard Oil


The Best Beard Oil you can get as a black man, according to us, is the Billy Jealousy Beard Oil. Popularly regarded to as the devil’s delight, this beard oil has a scent which is very distinctive but not overwhelming, also compatible with people having sensitive skins (the black man).

Made from five different essential oils, this beard oil would leave your facial hair freshened, strengthened, and moisturized. You should get one for yourself.

Buy Billy Jealousy Beard Oil

Cremo Beard Oil

Cremo Beard Oil

This beard oil particularly keeps the facial hair moisturized and hydrated. With its all-natural constituents, such as the Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, coconut oil, amongst several others.

What actually makes this beard oil the best for black men is the tea tree oil it possesses as an ingredient. The tea tree oil is known for the cleansing effects it has on the skin. The Cremo Beard Oil also helps in preventing bumps.

Buy Cremo Beard Oil

Conclusion on Black Men Beard Products

So, with this, you too can be like my friends; move out of the dilemma of having to treat beard issues all the time, when there are actually certain products to cater to them.

It’s been nice walking you through the best black men beard products to get in the beard market at present. I wish you a beautiful bearding experience!

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