How To Brush Your Beard As A Black Man

How to brush your beard: Are you brushing your beard right?

Many bearded men growing beard boost of brushing their beard but the sight is nothing to write home about. They look so uncared for, looking dull and dry.

Here in this article, you will see tips on how to brush the beard the right way, why you need to brush your beard and tools you can use to make your beard brushing easy.

Brushing beard is one the most important beard grooming process and the stage to use beard brush for beard detangling depends on how long you’ve been growing it. If you’ve been growing your beards for less than 3 months, beard at this stage are always short, brushing is the right thing to do and with tips that will be provided here, you can do that effectively.

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 What are the things needed for beard brushing?

The first step to beard brushing is getting yourself the best brush good for your beard hairs type. Before you do this make sure it is strong enough base on your beard density and thickness. In short, get a natural-bristle beard brush from Amazon or buy the ones reviewed here.

Then follow the steps that will be illustrated in the next section:

How To Brush Your Beard As A Black Man

#1. Get A Beard Brush Perfect For Your Hair Thickness and Density

If you are looking for the right beard brush to buy, get the ones made with natural bristles. Beard brush made with natural bristles spread sebum, which is natural oil produced by the body. Asides from spreading sebum, the sebum is good for exfoliation they help remove dead skin so you won’t have cases of dandruff.

When you want to order for a beard brush, it will be in your own interest to buy a brush made with horsehair or boar to clean your beard more effectively.

We reviewed some beard brushes here, you should check them out.

#2. Put Drops Of Beard Oil On Your Brush

The next step is to put 2-3 drops of oils on the suppose beard brush. Beard oil helps moisturize and strengthen the faced the facial hair to keep it soft and attractive.

For an effective brushing of your beard, hold your beard up so that beard oil can easily pour on it. You can get a dropper to drop 2-3 drops of oils over the bristles brush. Once you start, do this for some minutes.

Apart from using beard oil, you also can dip the into beard balm. If you are well informed on what to factor before buying a beard trimmer check out the best beard trimmer for black men.

#3. Use Beard Brush To Brush Down Your Cheeks Following The Grain Of Your Beard

Apply light pressure to your beard brush this will make the brush reach the hairs and touch your face, Next thing to do is pull the brush down the cheek lines you want hairs to grow. Do this repeatedly to evenly disperse the beard oil or balm.

#4. Clean Your Brush When Done

Don’t leave your beard brush without cleaning after use. To clean your beard brush, hold it that it face down and tap the back to get rid of dead skin or hairs. Also, make sure to run your finger through the brush to remove other particles or make use of an object that can go through it.

Wrap the beard brush in a pouch or in a paper towel when you’re finished.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Do You Brush Your Beard Up or Down?

To brush your beard in the right way hold the brush with the bristles facing towards the ceiling and brush your hair out. You should start from the neckline and brush it all the way out of your chin. This is done to separate all hairs and your beard fluffier.

How Often Should You Brush Your Beard?

Brushing your beard on time a day is good enough. In cases where you work in an unfavourable environment, you can use a comb 2 – 4 times a day. Too much of everything is bad.

Does Brushing Your Beard Make It Grow?

Brushing your beard does not make it grow what it does is that instead of living a patchy area empty, it helps fill them up. Also brushing of beard creates an illusion that makes the beard look all thick and black.

Beard Brush or Beard Comb

Beard comb and brush perform the same function but the situation where they both can is not the same. Let take for example Mr A and Mr B are interested in a growing beard. But unfortunately, Mr A starts growing beard before Mr B. His beard hairs start getting tangled just like Mr B that comes out months after.

For Mr A that is beard is all long and thick the best for him is beard comb while the one for Mr B is beard brush. In short beard comb is for those with long and thick beard hairs while beard brush is for those with short beard hairs.

How Can I Stimulate My Beard To Grow?

To stimulate your beard to grow to start from exfoliating your skin, make use of a friendly beard care kit, apply beard cream with a proven history of working, massage your hair follicles, practice proper skincare, eat the right food, sleep well and exercise. Doing all this will put you on track to the growth of your beard

Does Vitamin Help Beards?

Vitamin D is one of the basic elements needed by the body system, it keeps the bones and skin healthy, and that is why it is linked to hair growth.

What Vitamins Grow Beards?

To boost your beard growth rate you should include vitamins such as B, D, E, and others. They help in the production of healthier and thicker hair.

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