Can an African Grow Beards?

Should we be asking this question, that can an African grow beards? Well, Africa is a very huge continent, bigger than what you may think, so, can an African grow beards at all?

Yes or No? Let’s find out.

After my previous posts where I looked into why certain Asian men can’t grow beards even if their lives depend on it, how they can grow beards if they want to. I have another question glaring at me begging for answers “Can an African grow beards?”

It seems funny because I have never for once think somehow could ask to know more concerning this. To be honest, many of the African men I have seen on social media, Television, Newspapers, and other medium grow beards, not all but the majority that does not dispose of the fact that we have certain tribes/ethnic groups in Africa that struggles to grow beards, even when they do the least they can grow are patchy beards since they are not genetically predisposed to grow a lot of facial hair.

Yes, an African can grow beards! This is simple and straight, right?

We have notable people from Africans that grow beards, one of them is the popular heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua who is 100% Nigerian. There are also people Thabo Mbeki and Tendai Mtawarira that grow beards. One major reason why beard growth is not easily noticeable among Africans is that many prefer goatees instead of full beards common among other continents.

Look into factors that influence beard growth will give us more insight.

Factors That Influence an African’s Beard Growth

#1. Genetics

Genetics plays a vital role in beard growth. If you are born to African parents with healthy genes and your father has a good amount of body and facial hair then you have chances of growing beards. The beards hair may take longer to come out but with the time your beard hairs will come out then you can groom it whatever way you want.

In the case, you have a father with a good genetics line, you can start growing facial hair some months after in puberty and in some cases early stage of adulthood. In conclusion, having parents with good hair growth chances increases the chances of beard growth.

#2. Environment

Somehow, the environment a man grows determines the chances of growing beard hairs. Are you born to African parents living in Germany, Uk, and the US? The climate in countries affects the chances of beard growth. In countries where the weather is warm, the chances of growing beards are high and it is better than those in the cold nations.

#3. Diet

Keep a tab on what you eat as they can affect your hair growth. You don’t just eat anything without knowing the healthy elements that can help in your beard grooming process. The foods you eat should be rich in Vitamins such as A, C and E, Omega S fatty acids, carotene, and protein. Following the right dietary would make you far from any pill for beard growth.

Some of the foods you can eat to get these elements are eggs, oranges, fish, gelatin, beef, raisins, and potato. Healthy foods should be your #1 if you really want to grow your beard’s hair to a substantial level.

#4. Testosterone

The sensitivity of your body system to testosterone determines your beard hair growth. The principle behind this is simple, testosterone is an androgen group steroid hormone. This hormone is generated from the Leydig cells in the body system.

#5. Age

That your father grows full beards does not mean yours would grow months after you become a teenager. Not everyone is lucky to start growing beard after they clock 17. Sometimes it takes years than expected, some grow full beards at teens, some after their twenties and in cases after thirties.

#6. Hair On Other Body Parts

If you noticed that your other body parts like legs, underarms, and scalp struggle to have enough hairs then there are huge chances that the growth of your beard won’t be one to be proud of. You would definitely grow a beard but may not be close to your peers.

#7. Head Hair Growth Rate

You can easily determine the faith of your beard hair growth rate by how long it takes your head hair to grow after cutting. The time takes to regain full have a lot to say on the beard growth. Assumption base on this may likely not be accurate.


Origins also influence beard growth. If you are born by African parents the probability of your growing beard is high.   Latin Americans, Asians, and Native Americans have a low chance to grow beards as compare to Italians.

Frequently Asked Question and Answer on Africans Growing Beard

Can Sub Saharan Africans Grow Beards?

Although few find it hard to grow beards due to genetics, we still have many that can grow without much stress.

Do you have anything to ask on “Can African Grow Beards”? Or are you born to African parents struggling to grow beards and you will like to share your experience so far? Make use of the comment box.

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