Do Asian Grow Beards At All?

Do Asian Grow Beards

Do you want to find out answers to the question “Do Asian Grow Beards?” Then find out here.

The art of growing beards is not a new thing it has been part of men’s culture right from time. Through History, beards served many purposes and stand for different stuff according to what each continent and tribes called it. In ancient times, beards used to be a representation of fierceness and courage. But as time goes on what stands for changes and became a sign of manhood. But now in recent years what growing of beards stands for has changes it is now serving different purposes.

These changes are not only because of tradition and culture alone but due to what an individual sees it as. But we have these sets of people from the Asian Continent which is our area of study for this particular article that certain people among them find it difficult to grow beards. Which has lead to the question ” Do Asian Grow Beards?”

Do you think Asian men can grow beards? If you know you won’t be searching for this in the first place. Not knowing is nothing to be afraid of but not wanting to know is.

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Now let’s provide an answer to your question.

Do Asians Grow Beards

Yes, people from Asian can grow beards which are approximately 30% of the Asian Population. Those from Japan also have a full tendency to grow beards compared to their European counterparts.

Beard growth is genetic, low level of testosterone in the body system only contributes to little reasons why a man won’t be able to grow beards. For example, black men are the ones with the highest levels of testosterone but only a few have much body and beard hair in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is known that the common group of people with big and full beards are those from the middle east. We also have Europeans that can grow beards but not all.

What of the Russians?

We also have Russians that have a reasonable tendency to grow beards. Note that it is known that Russians have Asian genes which can be traced to Siberian Primitive Asians which are hairier compared to modern Asians.

We can conclude that the majority of Asian men don’t have the full tendency to grow beards, but there are exceptions. Which is determined by family history, genetics, and race.

Is there hope for an Asian man trying to grow beards?

How To Beat Genetics as An Asian Man

Can an Asian man still grow beards even with bad genetics?

How can I grow beards as an Asian man even when I can’t?

Don’t give up yet, genetics might not be on your side but there are ways to beat nature. And those tips are the ones you will provide with here just as done on How can I grow beards and Can every man grow a beard.

  • Beard Oil
  • Eat a good diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Make use of Minoxidil
  • Proper skincare

Make use of Good Beard Oil and Cream

Beard oil and cream contain numerous chemicals and ingredients that can help in stimulating your beard growth. With a good beard oil and cream, you won’t be able to grow beards alone but also style and make it more easy to maintain.

Asides from the listed above, your beards will be smoother, look fuller and shinier. With a single beard oil or cream product, you can get all you need to grow your beard up to the level you want. To get this result what you need to do is get yourself one of the best beard cream or the best beard oil.

Check out How to mix beard cream with weed if you want to do more to your beard.

You might find it difficult to select the best beard cream or oil don’t hesitate to follow the links we have provided here. And you can check out the beard shampoo to keep your beard clean.

Keep Tab on your Diet

Ensuring that you eat the right food will help in the grooming of your beard even when genetics is against you. By increasing the number of good fruit and food you eat you will be able to increase the amount of folic acid needed for beard growth. To get the required amounts of folic acid needed you should give room for the whole grain cereals and bread in the foods you consume daily. Green vegetables, peas, and nuts are not excepted.

Also, make sure to eat foods that contain biotin which is another ingredient that helps in beard growth. Biotin can be found in egg yolks, bananas, oysters, liver, and cauliflower. If by chance you are allergic to any of the fruits that contain biotin, another alternative is to take a biotin supplement.

Don’t forget to Exercise

Since testosterone can help in the growth of beards indirectly, performing exercise is one of the ways to boost it. If you are not a fan of the Gym. You can make use of simple exercise even without leaving your house. You can play soccer or basketball with your friends. Another method to get this done is to take the stairs whenever you are visiting an office or going to your apartment instead of the elevator.

If at the end of the day you are still not able to grow beards or you find it not effective then visiting the gym located in your area is the last resort.

Doing the exercise the way it is meant to be done will produce the testosterone needed for beard growth.

Don’t Forget to Sleep

It is not enough to spend all day in the gym or eat all the nutritious food without sleeping.  Lack of proper sleep can lead to your facial hair not growing at all. To keep your beard grow it is meant to be taking a proper nap will get you one step close to growing the beards you want.

Go to bed early and make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours. It will do you a lot of good as it will not only help you grow your beard but also help your overall health.

Sleeping will also help in reducing stress and weight which are also consider factors that determine beard growth.

Proper Skin Care

If you are the type that finds it difficult to give your skin the attention it needs like you are less concerned if it is full of dirt. You are definitely not ready to grow beards. Dirt that accumulate on the face can block the hair follicles which may prevent beard from growing.

To prevent things like this from happening what you need to do is; make sure to wash your face after you are done cleaning the gardening, back from work or do anything that generates dust. And you can also make the eucalyptus exfoliant mask, apply it to your face at least twice a week. If you do this continuously your chance of growing beard as some from Asia will increase.

Another thing you can do is to make sure you massage your face gently for 2-3 minutes every day will do something on your beard growth. To get the best result with this method check out the best moisturizer for growing beard

Make Use of Minoxidil

Growing beards as someone from Asia can be done with Minoxidil. It is another method through which men can grow a beard. It will help stimulate facial beard growth.

You should know that this method is not in any way close to Natural methods of growing beards, you should expect side effects such as eye burning, itchy skin, and irritation.

Now that you have read on How you can grow beards as someone from Asia (especially East Asia). There is one thing that no one will tell you.

That is Patience

Even if you make use of the best beard cream, best beard shampoo, and the most awesome beard oil. You need patience. Your beard won’t start growing the very moment you start applying any of the products above. It takes time to grow beards and you need patience if you really want to grow a beard.

List of Beard Styles To Try Out As an Asian Man

Following the instructions above will give you edged to grow edges as an Asian man and after you have started growing beards you need to decide on which beard style that is suitable for you. To make your decision making faster. We decided to include this section that deals with the best beard style for Asian men.

  • Short Asian Beard
  • Short and Boxed
  • Sexy Stubble
  • Asian High Bun Lifestyle Plus Low Beard
  • Chin Curtain with a soul patch
  • Fake It
  • Goatee
  • Wild beard
  • Long Mustache
  • Full goatee
  • Let it grow
  • Go all out
  • Be smart
  • Neat approach
  • Asymmetrical style

Short Asian Beard

Do Asian Grow Beards

This is a beard style for the intermediary stage.

Short and boxed

Do Asian Grow Beards

This short and box style is one of the best beards styles for any Asian guy who find it difficult growing beards. The beard is shorter and neater, which makes it appealing.

Sexy Stubble

If you find it difficult growing beards evenly then you should opt for Sexy Stubble, it is considered sexy. It is somehow hard to maintain other beard styles on this list. But with a beard kit, you are a step close to getting it done.

Asian Hign Bun Hairstyle Plus Low Beard

It is hard to find Asian with facial hairs on the side and this beard style is a perfect definition of that. It allows you to grow your beard to a good level and can shave off the stray hairs on the sides.

Chin curtain with a Soul patch

This is another perfect example of a beard style for an Asian with little tendency to grow a beard. All you need to do is some stubble on the sides, make a chin curtain on the bottom and add a soul patch in the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Asians Growing Beards

How long will it take for me to grow beards?

How long it will take before you start growing even after following all the procedures listed above, it takes time before beards start growing. It might 2-3 months before you start growing beards while that of your friend might be lesser than that.

Can Native American Grow facial hair?

Yes, native Americans can grow beards but not all of them can grow beards.

Where can I get beard cream and Oil?

You can get the best beard cream and oil from Amazon, physical store or from our Online Store.

What is the best beard cream and oil?

The best beard oil and cream depending on what you want to achieve. Let’s take for example you want to buy a beard cream but don’t know which one to buy. And a friend recommends a cream for you but on using you found out that you are allergic to one of the ingredients used. Even though it is the best for your friend that does not mean it will be a good one for you.


Do Asians Grow Beards – Conclusion

You have learned about the reasons why only a few out of the Asian men population can grow beards and possible procedures to follow to become a bearded man even when you are from Asia. You have also been provided with links to resources that will guide you on factors to consider before buying a beard product How to know if you can grow beards, how to take care of your beards, list of best beard trimmer,  and accessories needed for proper beard growth.

If you have anything to ask on this topic or contributions to make on Do Asian Grow Beards kindly make use of the comment box.

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