Can Every Man Grow Beard

Bearded men everywhere, growing of beard was used be nothing to worry about but now the story has changed. It is now the talk of the town, many have spent thousands of Naira and dollars, but yet to grow the beards. Which must have lead to the question can every man grow beard? Is it possible for every man out there to grow beards?

You are in the right place, so keep on reading.

Can Every Man Grow Beard

Not every man can grow beards, but all have the opportunity to grow beards for whatever reason. The rate at which Mr. A beards will grow might be different from that of Mr. B, and this is due to many factors that are out of man’s control.

If you belong to the set of brothers finding it hard to grow beard compare to your friend that is doing close to nothing to grow his, MyBeardGang is here for you.

There’s nothing more depressing and frustrating than waiting/seeing for years when they are bearded already.

We at MyBeardGang know our onions when it comes to growing of beards, how to take care of beards and we are here to provide you with all the information you need to know on Can every man grow a beard.

The fact that the answer to the question is NO does not mean you have no chance of growing one. Who knows if you belong to the group of those who want beard but not doing the right thing or those who genetics is not on their side.

So let’s briefly look into factors that contribute to the growth of beards in man.

Factors that contribute to Growing of Beards in a Man

Beards don’t just grow we have factors that make it happen and that is what we are looking into here. So follow us.

1. Genetics

Genetics is the number one factor that contributes to the probability of a man growing beards. It is certain that the male child of a male who has long and healthy beards will surely pass will inherit the gene from his father while it will be hard for a child whose father always look into the mirror waiting for the day beards will come out. Although we have possibilities that this trait might not be hand over in most cases.

Nonetheless, it is important to look at one’s family line to know the chances of one growing beards.

2. Age

The growing of facial hair in male start from the age of 13 to 14 and in most cases at the puberty stage. The period when a man has high chances of growing beards start from the age of 25 to 35, which is known as the “beard prime” The period in which men can start to expect healthy growth of beard.

3. Testosterone

Aside from genetics, another factor that determines the chance of a man growing beards depends on the level of testosterone in his body system. At a young age, boys are expected to develop thin facial hair known as venus. But become thicker and black in color due to the increase in the level of testosterone in the body system.

4. Origin

The race a man comes from also has something to do with whether he will be able to have beards. People from Asia and Latin American have low chances of growing beards.

What if I have seen my father grow beards but finding it hard to grow mine?

What if I am from a race that the people can grow beards?

What if I am at that age that I can easily grow a beard or my mate are already growing one but mine is yet to come out?

Reasons for that is not what anybody can really pinpoint but we are going to give you instructions to follow.

How to grow beards if you Can’t grow one

Reading this shows that you are one of those guys struggling to grow a beard. As we have said we at MyBeardGang have made researches and come up with recommendations that can make your beards come out if age, genetics, testosterone, and others are on your side.


It is not a secret that performing regular exercise promotes proper circulation of blood in the body system, which has effects on how fast hair can grow. Regular exercise does not only promotes proper circulation of blood, it makes a man body produce more testosterone which contributes to the healthy of beard and hair in general.

Avoid Stress

This might come as a surprise, stress can affect the growth of beard negatively. Being stressed out make the body to produce cortisol that acts as an inhibitor that decreases the growth of testosterone. And also prevent nutrients in the blood from getting to the hair follicles.


A healthy diet is crucial not only for the growth of the beard alone but also for the proper maintenance of the body system. For a man who wants to grow a beard, it is helpful to consume more fruits and drink enough water.

By increasing the folic acid intake could help you significant changes. This means that you should give room for taking of whole-grain cereals, green vegetables, nuts, peas, and bread.

Other foods that will help in stimulating your beard growth include gelatin, brazil nuts, raisins, sorghum, potatoes, orange juice, and beef.

Use Oils

Many can testify to the fact beard oil has helped them to grow their beard to a stage that they can flaunt it all around. You can as well buy our beard growth cream from the store.


If you belong to the set of people that sit up all night reading or busy doing other things. It will be hard to make your beard grow. In order to make your beard come out, be sure to get 7-10 hours of sleep every night.

Having proper sleep reduces stress and helps in weight loss, two things that contribute to beard growth.

Proper Skin Care

Do you have proper skincare maintenance? One of the most important things you should do is take care of your skin in the right way.

Dirt that accumulates on your face, especially the area where the beard grows is a turn-off and it will block your hair follicles which prevent beard from growing.

Eucalyptus masks can be applied to your face once or twice a week. And it will also promote the growth of your facial hair.

Don’t forget to always massage your face gently and make sure your hand is neat,  Massaging the face for two or three minutes will help stimulate the growth of beard.

Use Rogaine

This is common among those who find it difficult to grow a beard, it is one of the methods to stimulate beard hair growth.

Since it is not made from natural substances, there are chances of side effects like eye burning, itchy skin, and irritation.

Please be careful when using these products as it must not get into your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the tips for the growth of a beard?

  • Invest in getting good beard cream
  • Take good care of your skin
  • Get proper rest at the right time
  • Make sure to eat good food

My beards are not growing after a week, what should I do?

Do you know that growing beard won’t happen overnight but give it time.

Can native Americans grow beards?

Man humans have facial hairs compare to their female counterparts, but many that belong to the Native American Melanesia hardly grow beards. But in most cases, few of them can have one.

Final say on whether every man can grow Beard

The answer to this can YES and No from all the information we have looked into, we can say that some people are not growing a beard because they are not taking care of their skin while some don’t have the traits. For people like this, it is a No.

But going further we talked about How to grow a beard if you can’t, this way people that fall into the first category got another chance and by following these procedures they have more chance to get what they want. If the instructions illustrated work out then it is a YES.


From all that you have read above, we can say that the growing beard depends on genes and genetics. However, that does not mean you should give up, following the guides we have provided above will move you close to growing your beards.

Through the solutions provided by Mybeardgang e.g. going on regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep, using recommended drugs, and use of beard oil.

Get your beard oil from our store and get it delivered to you.

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