Is African Black Soap Good for Beards? Find Out

Is African Black Soap Good for Beards?

So, you stumbled upon that article analyzing the great advantages that come with the African Black Soap, and then you got yourself thinking, does this soap also work for the beards? Is it going to give a nice end-product if introduced to my beard care routine? And many more related questions…

Or, are you just bothered as to what and what doesn’t work for the beard? you are having issues with your beard, and you want to know which of the numerous remedies pandering the face of the internet would actually work out for you?

Then, I need you to worry no further; here in this article, you would get access to the best comprehensive answers to all your questions. The best you can get on the net.

Firstly, what is African Black Soap?

The African beard soap as it can be depicted from its name is the latest break out in the skincare industry, which originates from the African descent – West Africa precisely. It also bears other names such as Dudu Osun, Alata Simena, & Anago Soap.

Now, what makes this soap special? Unlike the synthetic soaps, you would find at drugstores, the black soap is handmade from plant-based ingredients in Africa.

Produced mainly by women, especially in Nigeria, the common ingredients usually employed to use during the manufacturing of the African Black Soap are ash of African plants (especially from cocoa pods, plantain skin, etc.), shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, etc.

Although according to its name, this soap is meant to be black, upon careful observation, it can be seen that it takes the color of brown more than being black – everything and anything of the color brown, ranging from light brown to very dark brown. Also, a soap can vary in color, with spots in different shades of the brown color all over it – this, in particular, happens often.

Another noticeable physical property of the is its softness. The African black soap is very soft and kind of crumbly too.

So, with all of these above analyses, the big question we are concerned about and seek to answer is;

Is African Black Soap Good for Beards?

Well, without attempting to beat around the bush, the answer to this question is YES. The African Black Soap is good for the beards. Factually, the African Black Soap offers a great deal of importance to the beard. In other words, this substance is an underrated gold in the business of beard-grooming!

So, YES, the African Black Soap is good for beards.

Having noted this, in what way then is this soap of advantage to the beard? I mean, what good does it offer the beard?

Benefits of the African Black Soap to the Beards


As I mentioned earlier, the African Black soap offers a great deal of importance to the beard – it is very numerous, many. And truth be told, it is yet another topic on its own. Albeit, for the sake of the subject matter under discourse, we would be treating together, the top 7 benefits this soap offers the beard.

1. Antibacterial Properties

The first notable benefit that can be derived from the African Black Soap is its Antibacterial Properties.

The natural antibacterial properties contained in this soap helps in acting as the best alternative to chemical cleansers that you might plan to use on your beard. and according to records and past experiences, this black soap actually removes more bacteria from the beard than what the chemical cleansers would do for you.

So, should you be experiencing issues with bacteria on your beard, another option to consider is washing such a beard with the African black soap. It as well leaves a gentle and soothing after-effect on the skin and beard.

2. Moisturizer

The African Black Soap is also a beard moisturizer. Recall that when mentioning the ingredients from which this soap is made, Shea Butter was made mention of.

The presence of this Shea Butter in the African Black Soap is what causes it to act as a moisturizer. Fine, Shea Butter is known more for helping in relieving itchiness and all, it as well adds moisture to our beard.

For the best hydrating experience as a black man, a product you can trust for your beard is the African Black Soap.

3. Soothes Itchiness and Irritation

In furtherance to performing the moisturizing action on the beard, this soap also helps in softening irritation.

As a black man, one of the beard issues you would encounter often is itchiness and irritation, caused mostly by eczema, dry skins, and some other skin allergies, which comes along with a whole of stress and pain, that sometimes get unbearable – I’m sure you can relate to these things.

Therefore, to solve this issue, get you an African Black Soap. It would help you take all your worries about itchiness and irritation of the beard away.

4. It is Anti-inflammatory

The African Black Soap is anti-inflammatory. This is caused by the presence of some essential vitamins in the soap.

Black soaps have been tested and confirmed to be very rich in Vitamins A and E. And with these vitamins, the African Black Soap can combat efficiently, free radicals and attacks on the beard. And/or otherwise, attacks on the underlying skin tissues of the beard.

This may thus be of great help for those who experience inflammatory issues on their skins, especially on the skin found beneath the facial hairs.

5. Combats Acne

While on the course of mitigating against itchiness, irritation, and all, the black soap also helps in fighting acne.

In other words, while ensuring that the underlying skin of the beard has a balanced level of natural and essential oils in other to stimulate proper beard growth, the African Black Soap helps in repairing damaged cells.

The antimicrobial properties of this soap can be held accountable for this action.

6. Doesn’t Produce Excess Oil

Something you wouldn’t enjoy is having the underlying skin or your beard, in particular, to appear filled with oil. It actually won’t appear nice – I don’t know if you can picture how it would look like.

However, this is the situation of the end-product of some beard washes in the beard market as and today. Hence, the advantage of making use of the African Black Soap.

The application of this soap doesn’t produce excess oil both on your skin or facial hair.

Truly, the Shea Butter may add moisture, but coconut oil is as well there to help prevent overactive oil glands.

7. Safe for All Type of Skin

Finally, African Black Soap is good and safe for all type of skin.

Perhaps you possess a sensitive skin or maybe a dry skin, just name the kind of skin, which might be off-point for some kinds of beard washes, then you need not worry any further, as the African Beard Soap suits just every skin type.

This soap is naturally free of fragrance. It is always a win-win situation with the African Black Soap.

So, as I said earlier, there are loads of importance offered by this soap to the beard and even the skin. And as you too can see, we can keep it going with the list of benefits offered by the soap. But as said, let’s just keep it locked here, at least, for now.

Having confirmed that the African Black Soap works wonders on the beard, your next bone of contention should be how best to apply the soap;

Using the African Black Soap


To use the black soap, simply cut off a relatively small portion of your soap, and ensure you store the rest in an airtight container. This is because black soaps easily absorb water if just placed carelessly, especially in the bathroom – we won’t be wrong if we call them deliquescent compounds.

After getting the small piece of soap for application, simply go through the prescriptions below;

  • For Daily Face Wash

When you plan on using the black soap as a daily face wash (remember, the African black soap isn’t meant for the beard use alone), firstly, you apply the soap to your face and neck, and then leave it for a few minutes (this isn’t compulsory anyways, although advisable), after which you rinse your face thoroughly. Remember, apply the portion of the soap graciously. Repeat this process, say, twice at most, in a day.

  • Shaving Cream

Yea, don’t be surprised. The African Black Soap can also be used as a shaving cream, owing to the fact that it lathers well with water. Great right? I think this should also be added to the advantage section.  Lol. Anyways, to apply this soap as a shaving cream, make use of a proper beard brush to work up a lather on the soap, although you can do this with you hands too (the brush is preferable though) on areas of your facial hair that you plan to shave. Remember, you are adding the product to the area you want to shave alone.

Now, as I mentioned some few lines away; the African Black Soap isn’t manufactured for the beard alone. Therefore, there are other ways in which it can be applied to the body. Some of which are;

  • Body Wash

Applying the soap as a body was basically requires you to apply it as you do your regular bathing soap.

  • As a Liquid Soap

To this, soak your already cut piece of soap in hot water until of the soaked soap is dissolved, thereby leaving you with a kind of dark brown liquid. Thereafter keep this solution in a pump bottle. This can then be applied as your you do your regular soap for body wash, and for other methods, the same process as explained afore.

  • Deep-cleansing face mask

Following the procedure explained above, make liquid soap. Thereafter, take one teaspoon and mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey and a few drops of essential oils you feel are necessary to you.

After a successful mixture is established, apply a thick layer of the soap to the face and neck, before leaving it on these areas for about 30-40 minutes. Then, wash off.

  • As a Shampoo

Applying the African Black Soap as a shampoo only requires that you first wet your beards thoroughly, then rub the soap over the beard graciously, then lather well. Thereafter, rinse your beard with lukewarm water. This process doesn’t need to be repeated.

So, fam! We are done with the African Black Soap. Did we answer your question? I am sure we did!

Well, for a quick recap, if you ask; Is African Black Soap Good for Beards, the answer is YES.

Asides the African Black Soap, there are also several other beard care products that are as well very good for the beards.

These beard care products are;

  • Beard Cream
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Beard Trimmer
  • Beard Butter
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Beard Moisturizer

Grooming the beard is an art that should be mastered. And not just mastered, but instead with the right tools – products. Trust me, with these beard care products, alongside a few other beard supplements, you would definitely enjoy the art of grooming a beard, and also enjoy a blossoming beard.

As regards the products above, we have created a comprehensive article for this cause. You can access the content on beard care products here, as well as places to get these products.

What if we produce a pure locally made African Black liquid soap for beard shampoo for you. Would you love to buy from us?

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