Does Biotin Help Beard Growth? Find Out

Does Biotin Help Hair Growth

The question for the day is Does Biotin helps Beard Growth. Before we continue, we have to know what exactly biotin is. Is it living or none living thing? Is biotin a chemical or what exactly is it? This article will surely identify what biotin is and how it can play a significant row in hair growth.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is known to be a vitamin, that’s Vitamin B7 found in small amount in food items such as egg, milk, or banana. It is also said to be commonly used for hair growth, especially when the haircuts uncontrollably, otherwise known as hair loss. This is one reason why this article has to be developed.

It is not only used for growing nails, therefore, but I shall also mention other uses of biotin in this article as backups for its ability to make part of the body of a human grow better. In order words, biotin is protein-rich. It can be used to revive brittle nails, repair damaged nerves, and other body system condition that demands protein for better performance.

How does Biotin Work?

Biotin is an important enzyme component in the human body system, which aids in the breaking down of certain substances such as fats, carbohydrates, and many other ones.

Although, there has not been an official laboratory test for detecting low biotin levels in humans, however, the condition is determined by the symptoms the patient displays. Some of the symptoms include thinning of the hair, i.e. a frequent hair loss of hair color, or sometimes, and a red scaly rash around your eyes, nose, and mouth.

We are to concentrate more on what the effect of biotin has on human hair but no knowledge is wasted. Lack of biotin in the body system can cause things such as tiredness, depression, hallucinations, and tingling of the arms and legs.

Research about Biotin in Relation to Hair Growth

This is the beginning of the point at which we can both decide whether to use biotin to influence the growth of our hair or not, the reason why I mention this is because; there is a side effect that will soon be mentioned.

For instance, there is what is called Keratin in the human body, it is a type of protein that contributes to better growth of the hair, skin, and nails. It can be found in other parts of the human body system such as the internal organs and glands. It is a protective protein, it less prone to scratches and tearing, unlike the other types of cells found in the human body.

Keratin makes up your hair, skin, and nails but biotin, on the other hand, improves the body’s keratin to be well established. Even with this claim, researchers are yet to say certainly, this is the function of biotin in human hair or skincare. This means evidence on a genuine effect of biotin on hair is very scares.

There was a study in the year 2015, in which some women with thinning hairs were gathered together, and given an oral marine protein supplement otherwise known as MPS contains biotin or a pill called placebo two times daily for a period of two months. The result at the end of the study revealed that women who took an MPS experienced a significant amount of hair growth in the areas that were affected by hair loss, as well as had a reduced shedding.

Another research was carried out from a reliable source in the year 2012, which equally result in a similar outcome. This indicates that truly, biotin has some significant effect on hair growth. The effect started occurring after 90 or 180 days.

Yes, Biotin helps in Beard growth and we have been able to prove it. Now that we have been able to prove that biotin helps in hair growth, either beard or head hair, we need to know if there are other sources of biotin besides the natural ones in our body.

If truly, you are ready to keep the hair on your head or face full and healthy, there are lots of treatments and remedies you can take. You are a man, and the quest to keeping beards has been your daily dream. I will expose you to some pills you can take to trigger the growth of your beard or hair.

For instance, if you take in biotin, a Vitamin B7 found in eggs, but, and bananas similar to what I mentioned earlier on, is a quick recommendation for you. Originally, biotin intake was initially marketed for women, but now men who grow their beards through the intake have made the vitamin sales flooded the market.

If you searched Amazon, you will see a lot of pills that will help you increase biotin for better hair growth.

Elissa Goodman said something I like about biotin, he mentioned that biotin is a vitamin B which involved in energy production. It is available in the form of supplements, and also found in natural foods. It is sometimes referred to as vitamin H and helps in the carbohydrate, fats,  and protein metabolism. It is known to be an essential vitamin for the production of fatty acid a day blood sugar known as glucose.

Biotin is found in foods such as legumes, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower, nutritional yeast, liver, egg yolks,  bananas, and sardines.

Does Biotin Actually Have Benefits

Ofcourse, it has benefits, in fact, the article so far has been roaming around the benefits of biotin.

1. In the supplement form, it can be used to improve healthy nails growth, to maintain brittle nails, and when there is a deficiency if biotin may result in diabetes, seborrheic dermatitis, and mild depression.

2. The deficiency of biotin can leads to thinning hair, this means the intake of biotin supplements or washing of the hair or beard with biotin enriched shampoo can help the hair thicker and stimulate the growth of the hair. There is a problem, not really a problem, and it is the fact that there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim. However, there is enough to show that biotin can improve keratin infrastructure in your body.

How Does Biotin Affect Beard Growth

We want to know if biotin has the ability to improve your beard growth. Just like I mentioned earlier, there is no scientific proof that biotin can affect beard growth besides strengthening your keratin infrastructure. Apart from this, there are more than enough factors that determine the growth of your beard. For instance, your hormones, nutrition, genetics, and medications, are also factors that influence the growth of your beard.

What if there is a negative effect of biotin intake

Just like every other supplement, biotin, when taken in through high quality, will not have a side effect. There could be some substandard products in the market which may cause some terrible side effects.

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Does Biotin Help Beard Growth

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Does Biotin Help Beard Growth

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Does Biotin Help Beard Growth


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