Partanna Olive Oil Extra Review

A Detailed Review of Partanna Olive Oil

There have been a lot of uses of olive oil, such as upgraded skin, birthmark removal, weight loss, regulating the blood sugar, or for better hair and beard. Especially when you have good olive oil, it will help you. The partanna olive oil is one of the most popular versions of olive oil in the store or market today.

Olive oil is obtained by farmers or producers from the extract of olive trees, normal called Olea European. Olive oil is an aged oil, which has been present over thousands of years ago and has been of great benefit since then.

Olive oil can be obtained from Natural resources, packed with squalene and antioxidants such as vitamin E, Vitamin K, organic products such as polyphenols, and carotenoids. The immune system is strengthened by the antioxidants that are present in the olive oil and further help protect the body from damages that may occur by the influence of free radicals.

It has proven itself as one of the best natural moisturizers that help hydrates the skin and gives it the best look it deserves. It is fantastic for hair and nail growth. Olive oil is actually known to contain anti-inflammatory agents that act as natural pain killers such as Oleocanthal. It helps in lowering cholesterol in the body and therefore adds to our health when used wisely.

Different types of Olive Oil

There are different types of olive oil and I shall talk or mention them. Especially partanna olive oil, which is the extra type will gain some chances to be well understood.

Extra Virgin

The extra virgin olive oil is made up of minerals, antioxidants, and natural vitamins. It is the highest grade and best type of olive oil due to the great taste it possesses. It is free from defect and possess aroma that will leave you astonished anytime you taste it. The flavor of extra virgin olive oil is irresistible to anyone except you are lagging behind.

As if these qualities are not enough, it is free from fatty acid, both customers and experts have been considering this type of olive oil the best. The method through which this type of oil is being produced is unusual, very specific, from the chemical ingredient, the flavor, and the aroma. These qualities make an olive oil qualified to be called an extra virgin. This type of virgin oil must be fresh and extracted within a day if harvesting.

 Virgin type

This is quite different from the highest grade. It is of good quality but not as good as the first grade. It is cheaper compared to extra virgin olive oils.  However, you will still enjoy the good quality that comes with it. Just like the highest grade, it is also popular, especially for cooking. It has some nutrients and antioxidants but not as much as the extra virgin. It has flavor,  nice to taste but anything about it is not as good as the counterpart which is the extra one.

The Refined Type

This is the refined version of olive oil. You know, foreign chemicals have played a lot of roles transforming this type of olive oil into the refined type. Additives, alkalis, and acids are some of the chemicals that play great impact on this type of olive oil. This type of extraction is done from olive oil that underwent the first pressing. For this reason, expect more fatty acid and a more acidic flavor that lacks aroma. It is also packed with less natural antioxidants.

Olive Pomace

The byproducts of extra virgin olive oil are the major actor in the production of this type of olive oil. It is produced by heating the olive pulp, skins, and seed and extract the remaining oil through Hexane solvent. It is, however, a low-grade type of olive oil, very low on antioxidants.

Partanna Olive Oil Extra Virgin

I have read a lot of positive reviews about this partanna olive oil, and so far, it has proven to be a very good oil to use. The olive oil is specially made by Asaro in Sicily, it is known to be the first cold-pressed oil.

Partanna Olive oil was produced in 1916 by Olefici Asaro a great brand that was named after a city called Portana, where his family lived in. Later in the 1920s, the production of Extra Olive oil began.  It was the first Asaro family oil and has been receiving positive reviews since the day it was created. This must be an awesome oil. It was sold in the United States.

Today,  the namesake brand of partanna olive oil is now available on Amazon and any other place it is legally sold.

Partanna olive oil is an unfiltered oil that’s made with Noccelara del Belice Olives. There are some encounters you will see when you first open partanna olive oil, it will be cloudy with a green hue, herbaceous aroma, and strong “pizzicante “ flavor. As time passes by, the oil becomes clearer and mellow due to the dropping of the sediment to the bottom of the tin.

What about the beautiful color, it will leave you with an astonishing mood and can be a very interesting gift.

Some customers reviews of Partanna Olive Oil

Before any other information about this essential oil, I will like to summarize some of the reviews of customers on amazon store about this great product. The ambiance through which the people talk about this olive really made me fell in love with it.

Customer one review: the first customer cold not helping but to flatter this blessed oil with endless praises. She mentioned that it is the best olive oil he has ever tasted. She said she has been a California Ranch girl, and have been reading a lot of reviews about foreign olive oil not until she came across this fantastic olive oil. She mentioned that partanna olive oil is the best-flavored oil she has ever tasted in this country.

There is one of her funny statements that goes thus “It makes my Sicilian DNA sing! “ yeah, she is right as the product is reasonably priced, and can be used for many purposes.

Let me come in briefly:

She narrated a bit of her story, after her first Sicilian trip last fall, she came to seek out the olive oil and enjoyed it. She said those who worry about the admonition that the US  olive oil is better than Sicilian oil due to government regulations are misinformed and lack taste buds.

The Olive Oil is not cut with anything, that’s it is natural. It aids digestion according to information gathered from customer reviews.

This olive oil is not cut with anything. Taste it! I learned when I was in Sicily that their food standards far exceed ours in the US and I could taste the difference and feel it in my body.

Another Customer Review of Partanna Olive Oil

Another customer has to confess that it is the second time of purchasing partanna olive oil. This has just revealed how much she enjoyed it. The customer said, since the first purchase up till this second one, the quality and value remain the same. However, instead of it being devalued in flavor, it now has a slightly increased in it.  This is how a product should be. Increase in quality rather than decrease.

The customer mentioned that this product is really delicious, and it’s always a big hit.

It contains a slightly fruity taste and fine flavor. The customer normally mixes it with a little bit of freshly grated garlic, salt, pepper, and a few selected spices to dip bread in. This signifies how multipurpose this olive oil can be.

What is the Amazon Description of this Olive Oil

This is what Amazon has to say about Partanna olive oil. It is an Asaro family Silicily since 1916 Italian.  It has won two gold medals awards and rated as the best olive oil product so far. It is made with Noccelara del Belice, olive oil from the province of Trapani, in Sicily. The ingredient Norccelara del Belice gives it that fantastic flavor you can’t resist. It comes with notes of artichoke and almond and peppering finishing touch, a filtered virgin olive oil that’s irresistible.

It is usually produced in October with very low acidity, a very versatile oil, used for cooking, finishing, and various other purposes like dipping.

Features and Details from Amazon

1. It is 1-34 oz tin of partanna Sicilian extra virgin oil

2. The Asaro family has been the one producing it since 1916 in partanna city Sicily Italy. For this reason, the brand is regulated.

3. The Norcellara del Belice gives the product a very rich flavor honor with notes of artichoke and almond and peppery finish.

4. It contains very low acidity if 0.3%

5. It is a versatile oil mainly used for dipping, cooking, and finishing.

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has been of good benefit over thousands of years and will continue to be especially when the highest grade becomes your choice. I will outline some health benefits of olive oil for you to see.

1. It is packed with natural antioxidants that will be of good benefit to your health.

2. It is rash diaper treatment.

3. It aids in the removal of birthmarks

4. It has strong anti-inflammatory qualities that make it an outstanding oil.

5. It is a very good anti-bacteria oil

6. It helps in conditioning your hair or beards

7. You can use olive oil to treat acne

8. It can be used to remove grease from hand

9. You can apply on your beard or hair after shaving

10. It can be used as a furniture cleaning agent

11. If your hair wax is faulty, it is a remedy for it

12. If you are the makeup type, olive oil is also a lover of makeup removal.

13. It is an anti-eczema oil

14. It helps in the health of your heart

15. It helps in managing weight

16. It can be used to scrub the body

17. It is an anti-aging oil when rubbed on your skin.

How to identify bad olive oil

It is not all olive oil that is good, there must be bad ones in the market. There is some olive oil which at the taste or look of it will give you some signs to identify it as a bad one. I will mention those signs right away and I am sure you will learn one or two skills in identifying bad olive oil.

The Fusty Oil

This is olive oil with fermented odor or scent, once you identify this kind of quality in a so-called olive oil, quickly avoid buying it. Save your money for something better.

Moldy Olive oils

It is health-wise to avoid moldy olives.  It is dusty and fusty full of bacteria that could easily harm your health. I am sure you love your health if so, there is a need for you to avoid this kind of oil in totality.

An oil with Rancidity is not Good

If you realized that your purchased olive oil tastes like rancid nuts, or smell somehow funky, and packed with lots of greases, it is highly advisable to reject it with immediate effects. One other reason why some olive oil gets spoilt on time has to do with where they are stored. Therefore, you will have to be mindful of where you store your olive oil.

Olive oil should not be left on the table while it is opened because it will be exposed to air and germs which may form another reaction that may transform the olive oil into something else. You have to accept that olive oil is a sensitive liquid, therefore anything can happen when exposed to a foreign body.

Keep it in a cool and dark place to avoid spoilage. Smaller bottles are fresher compared to large ones, this means you should purchase smaller bottles.

The best way to enjoy this wonderful article is to try the oils described above especially the highest grade which is the extra olive oils. I recommend them due to the quality they possess against other types.

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