Wahl Lithium Ion on Amazon

Wahl Lithium-ion Amazon

The best looks on men with beards have to do solemnly with the kind of tools and oils or pills they use on it.  Normally, beauty is not easily achievable; you must have in one way or the other pay some price for it. The price you pay to look more attractive has to do with your time and money.

What can your money purchase for you and what can you do with your time to give you that fantastic look you have been hoping for?

Sweet looking beards are not thrown from heaven or anywhere magical, they are work of toils and efforts. Just like I mentioned above, you need time and money and then now the right resources to make your beard look good. These resources shall be discussed in this article one of which is trimming of the beards, taking good care of it, the kinds of tools to ensure the trimming of the beards.

Let’s talk on the Wahl lithium-ion

Wahl Lithium ion has been rated number one on Amazon, as a new release. So, if you have this trimmer tool as part of your beard war arsenals you have won the game of thrones already.

Talking of the superpower of trimming of your beard, Wahl lithium-ion is the chief executive officer of all trimmers trending right now. Making it number one trimmer this 2019 is a very good idea you can’t take for granted.

Wahl lithium-ion has been proving to be one of the most powerful trimmers of the year, for this reason, you will not want to miss this action out, especially as a beard lord, don’t joke with this opportunity at all. It contains a motor that can provide double the average torque.

Wait a minute; do you have a patchy beard? Or perhaps, you want to specialize in treating peoples’ beards and then get your cash in your pocket? This powerful trimmer machine will deal with it mercilessly. If you doubt this overwhelming power, I think it is the right time you start clearing your doubts. I am sure your cash, do that for you soonest.

The reason why I am confidence about this trimmer ability to deal with a patchy beard is that it allows you to move through your hair easily without having to repeat the same area several, times; what an awesome tool.

The Arrays of Attachment for this Awesome Tool

Wahl lithium ion comes with lots of attachments for the consumers who may desire to switch during the beard grooming process, and as such, gives them the kind of look they aspire for.

The trimmer attachments that come with the powerful tool include

1. Dual shaver

2. Trimmer blade

3. Precision guide

4. Stubble guide

5. Medium guide

6. Full guide

7. 2. 6 position guide

8. 2. 1/8 inches T-blade guide, ¼ inches T-blade guide, 3/8 inches T-blade guide, ¼ inches T-blade guide

9. Beard comb

10. Blade brush and Oil.

You see, when something is well planned before production, it comes with the best result and admiration. This is one blessed feature Wahl lithium ion possesses, no wonder it is trending as the number one master trimmer in the market.

It is a 1 pound, a wireless unit trimmer that comes with a portable storage case that is used to package the entire accessories well organize in one place. If you are aiming at charging it already because to me, you have bought it already; it will take you just one hour to fully charge it and that’s the best option for you concerning the charging advice.

This signifies that this trimmer will last for two hours while you trim or do not trim with it. For this feature of its, I rate it along with experts who said it is one of the best in the market. You can’t resist this at all.

Wahl Lithium-ion trimmer comes with carbon stainless steel blades that help to groom your beard based on your desire. You might have heard some myth about the unit being waterproof, it is not true, and this as a challenge will make it difficult to clean since it cannot be washed under the faucet.

You have to be careful while handling this tool generally, for example, the plastic pieces are not that strong when hitting on a hard surface may result in breakage of the attachment.

The good news is that the units come with a 5 years warranty, I have never heard of such a crazy guarantee before, this is to show you how lasting such warranty coverage is within those periods before breakage.

However, you should search for the type that the breakage lasts before it occurs.

There are several models of Wahl Lithium-ion trimmer, some with far more length setting than the other.

Wahl Lithium-ion trimmer without much doubt is the best in the market as far as I am a concern right now, so if you get one of the models will be a good decision from your side.

Things to consider before Buying Trimmers

It is good wisdom to consider certain factors before doing anything. The same wisdom applies to when we are about purchasing anything in the market. We shouldn’t allow gratification to decide our purchase.

Before you purchase a trimmer always consider what you wish to do with it. How often you will be taking it with you, should it be wireless or with cable?

Sometimes, you may want to make a trimmer to be only for beard, this has to be considered too. If you are intending to use it for other parts of the body?

If your decision is one of those above, you are qualified to select wider range of length settings that ease your ability to trim the part of your body necessary at a time. You can adjust some trimmers to be able to trim your head hair, beard, and other parts of the body as it may concern you.

Consider the corded and Cordless Trimmers

There are some advantages to both corded and cordless trimmers, however, the cordless trimmers have more flexibility compared to the corded one, this is because they can be used virtually almost everywhere. Asides this feature, most of the cordless trimmers last up to an hour of cutting on a single charge. Their rechargeable assistance is an added advantage.  For instance, Wahl Lithium Ion when charged for an hour will last for 2 hours on usage.

To be honest, cordless trimmers provide more power compared to the corded ones that mostly depend on direct electric power. You will not be scared of your battery running out in the middle of the trim. This is another good advantage for cordless trimmers against the corded ones.

However, if at the end, you finally chose the cordless trimmer, it is very important to know how strong the battery life is and how long it takes to be charged, this is because no one has time again. We run things in speed these days.

Cordless trimmer gives you that power of freedom while you trim anywhere around your home, you can move around with it even to those spots in your room where there are no sockets to plug a gadget.

Consider the Attachments

When I was mentioning those attachments they came with Wahl Lithium Ion, I was happy doing so because those things are awesome. Before you buy a trimmer, firstly know what kind of attachment it comes with. The attachments should be something that will help you achieve the kind of style you desire. This means you shouldn’t purchase a trimmer that doesn’t come with attachment because there will be no need for such a trimmer.

What about Considering the Length of your Beard

The length of your beard also matters while you are planning to get a beard trimmer for yourself. How long is your beard? Is it Medium, short or stubble? You must identify the length first to serve as a factor when choosing a trimmer.

What we are driving at here is that you should ensure that the chosen trimmer has multiple length setting just like Wahl Lithium Ion described above. Furthermore, ensure that the kind of trimmer you choose is suitable for the kind of beard length you possess.

Consider the Wet and Dry Use

Trimmers mostly are good for both wet and dry use, which signifies that due to their mobility features, they can be used in the bath from or around the house with shave gel, lotions and other substances legally meant for hair.

You can also consider the blades

There are some types of blades that are cool due to their long-lasting features. For instance, stainless steel, chromium and lithium blades are the recommended ones for you and due to there, with the best of trimmers in the market, you are guaranteed the best blades that last long.

What of Convenience

One thing I understand about human is he does not like stress. You and I cannot deny this fact even if we have some ability to resist pressure up till some time bounds. Trimmers that are portable make traveling convenient for you. Yes, it is well said, after all, you will not like to leave your hair or beard unkempt. This is one other factor to consider before you buy a trimmer.

Lightweight trimmers to me are the best, okay, imagine, what will be better than something that has a lightweight and still works faster and better than something with heavyweight that may, in fact, attract bullies?  Portability brings about convenience, so you should consider the convenience of the trimmer you buy.

A chargeable trimmer will do well when traveling, you understand, there could be no space for you to charge your trimmer on your way to a specific destination if you possess a chargeable trimmer that will be an awesome advantage.

You should consider the information above while choosing your trimmer. It will actually help a lot during the course of the purchase.

Wahl Lithium Ion In Amazon Store

Wahl Speed Shave Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Wet/Dry Waterproof Facial Hair Shaver

This is one of the models of Wahl lithium ion trimmers, it possesses the entire features I have been mentioning about the trimmer generally. For instance, it possesses:

1. flex foils that are flexible and flow along with a comfortable shave.

2. It has an LED meter that alerts you of the status of the power remaining in the unit, this is a very good feature to keep you at alert to when to use your trimmer.

3. It comes with precision Ground Blades for none snag trimming and has one of the most comfortable grips ever.

4. It is designed to shave both dry hair and wet hair, through this none rusting power, you feel comfortable using your trimmer.

5. A premium battery that lasts for close to two hours on this particular model and the charging hour is just 60 minutes.

6. It is sold at $38.91.

You can buy it HERE.

Wahl Lifeproof Shaver – Model 7061-2201

This is an irresistible model, one with high quality that will surely fit your need. It has high impact, shock resistant; it possesses dual foil with rechargeable waterproof shaver.

I still love one thing about it, the popup precision it possesses will never let you want to leave it when you come across it in the store, in fact, your gratification will be hard to quench until you buy it.

This model in particular last long, you can use it regularly for months, it equally as the previous model supports both dry and wet shaving. It is endowed with lithium technology, this is one outstanding feature that makes it last for you.

Are you already willing to travel with it? This is very possible, you can’t even imagine the convenience it will give you at the end. As long as you have charged it, don’t even think of it losing the charge on storage, your previous charging is guaranteed well preserved.

If you are actually in true need of a good trimmer, this model is irresistible, purchase it and see the wonder for yourself since “To see is to believe and to use to testify”.

You can buy it HERE.

With this information about Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer, you should begin to understand the power it comes with and then considers to make it your favorite or a gift for that beard lord you have as a partner.

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