Shocking Things You Don’t Know About Growing Beards

Things You Don’t Know About Growing Beards: A lot of people prefer picking the blessing of having beards to any material item – just to show you how desperate people can be about growing beards. In this article, I’ll point out the things guys without beards don’t know.

If you have not grown a single beard in your life before, there’s quite a lot of things that are involved in it which you need to know about. Beard consists of numerous secrets — yes! Secret; I’m not trying to be figurative about that statement.

Here are a couple of things guys without beards don’t know:

Ready? Let’s ride.

Things Guys Without Beards Don’t Know

About two years ago, I was discussing with one of my childhood friends with whom I saw at a shopping mall.

Just so we could comfortably discuss, we had to look for a place to sit.

In the middle of the conversation, I was forced to ask him this:

“How have you been with your girlfriend?”

Without him going back and forth, he said, “I don’t have a girlfriend right now; the funny part is, one looked straight to my face and said that I’m not her mate – because I don’t even have a beard.

…I’m becoming desperate about growing beards.

…my friend, this thing is gradually killing my self-confidence.”

Mark that word “Self-Confidence.” So, guys are not aware of the fact that growing beards can, in a drastic measure, increase the rate of their self-confidence — one of the important things guys without beards don’t know and should know.

That brings us to the number one of the Things Guys Without Beards Don’t Know.

Ready to know about them? Let’s hit it.

1. Builds Your Self-Confidence

Men who are bold and have more confidence in themselves usually tend to be more successful in every aspect of their lives. According to Jebiga, beard makes a man have a sense of confidence. And it becomes noticeable to everyone around him. Having beards gives a man a sense of power, too.

Let’s even think about it for a minute. Why would a girl ask a guy such question?

Well, one shouldn’t blame the girl, because, without beards, a 30-year-old man can look 21. So, it’s essential that the man should sort out for possible ways through which he can grow beards within a short period of time.

Instead of the girl asking, “Am I your mate,” it changes to: “you’re the kind of guy I have been praying for; I love older guys…”

Whereas if you check very well, she might be his senior.

Therefore, taking the decision that you want to start growing beards is another way for a man to set for himself a higher standard beneficial to his person. And with such decision of growing beards, he’s likely to become more confident and upbeat.

2. Blocks UV Rays

Extensive scientific research has disclosed that thick beards have the ability to prevent the sun’s UV rays from the skin. Beards don’t only prevent your skin from the UV rays of the sun, they also keep cancer away from your skin.

3. Shaving Gives You Acne

If you have grown a few beards, then it’s not incorrect to say that you have a really smooth skin beneath the facial hair. According to ThoughtCatalogue, shaving your face gives the bacteria that causes acne to spread. This simply means that healthily growing your beards and maintaining it properly improves the health of the skin on your face.

4. Keeping Beards can mean your romance life is amazing

This number got you wondering, right? You’re already asking yourself, “how exactly can keeping beards be related to a great romance life?” Well, that’s why this article is for you.

According to a book named The Dependent Gene, when one indulges in s*x more often, the secretion of testosterone increases. And this is likely to impact to beard growth too. Because the more the testosterone level in you, the higher the possibility of beard sprouting on your face.

The telegram writes: “Facial hair, or beardedness, is a powerful socio-s*xual signal, and an obvious biological marker of s*xual maturity.”

5. A Beards Can Assist Those With Asthma

Similar to the prevention of throat disease, beards effectively provide another barrier between your body — skin — and toxic exposures. “If you have a reactive airway condition just like asthma, [a beard provides] an additional filter before [toxins] enter your lungs,”

One of the things that indicate maturity is the presence of beards; but even though you don’t have beards, you can still grow beards without hassle.

6. A Beard Can Ward Off Throat Disease

The facial hair, also known as beards, can help in keeping airborne bacteria away from the mouth. And that ends up protecting the throat, making the throat safe from throat disease.

In the book named Pulmonary Tuberculosis: Its Pathology, Nature, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Prognosis, Hygiene, Causes, and Medical Treatment, Dr. Addison P. Dutcher noted:

There cannot be the least doubt that the beard, and the hairs that grow in the nostrils, were designed by nature to guard the lungs against the invasion of these deleterious particles. Such being the use of the beard, individuals engaged in employments where the air is continuously filled with particles of fine dust should never shave.

Keep Bearding!

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