Teenage Beard Growth Stages

What is the Stage for Teenage Beard Growth?

Can we ask some questions and then answer them? Yes, you read what I wrote. It is a question. You may have been struggling as a teenager, I mean a male teenager, you want to grow a beard. Yeah, it is a good thing, you may want to look like real men because keeping beards is for men.

Have you heard about a similar adage that goes thus: “Beards make you look manly?”

That’s exactly what we are talking about. So, I have good news for you. Let’s observe the good news here:

Teenage Beard Growth Stages: Can A Teenage Grow Beards?

The answer is yes, but it can’t be faster since you are still on the natural process of growing your beards. Depending on the type of face you have, sometimes, with lots of patience, it may take you up to 3 months to fully grow beards as a teenager.

I will soon come back to similar questions, however, let me talk on some stages of beard development in teenagers.

What are the Beard Development Stages in Teenagers?

You should understand that teenagers as used in this article, referred to male teenagers, it is very rare to see female teenagers growing facial hair, except in some abnormal cases such as in the case of a condition called hirsutism. Therefore, females, in general, are not expected to have beards as males.

Here are the Teenage Beard Growth Stages:

Stage One of the Teenage Beard Growth Stages is Called Clean Shaven

teenage beard growth stages

At this stage, your face or jaw is yet to be covered with hair. Therefore, all you need is to do some simple routines, such as moisturizing your jaw with some moisturizers.

You shouldn’t use any metal on your skin, it does not make sense at all to use metal on skin. Do you know what you are doing at this stage? A similar action is called land preparation in Agricultural Science.

Normally, at this stage, your facial hairs are already showing signs to grow, so, to help them grow well and faster as a teenager, you need to take good care of them by hydrating regularly.

Scott McMahan, a New York-based groomer, says “It’s brutal to drag a metal blade across your face, so you need something to calm the skin down afterward,” this is true. What is the need for grazing land that has no grasses?

The Second Stage of the Teenage Beard Growth Stages is Called Stubble

Teenage Beard Growth Stages

This stage is usually associated with the itching of the beard. Most of the time, teenagers give up at this stage, it is usually a stage with sharp hair coming out rapidly. At this stage, you are advised to switch from the normal soap to beard wash, this is because you will soon reach the stage of an official beard. I call it the original stage.

The beard wash at this second stage is very important because it will ensure that your beards are always clean and well-groomed. It will maintain a healthy and good skin underneath your beard. By so doing, your beard will always be in good shape.

If you can take the pain to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin, it will keep your face from getting itchy, which makes the growth of beards skyrockets.

You will surely enjoy the smoothness of your face including the fine facial hairs that will grow on it soon.

The Third Stage of the Teenage Beard Growth Stages is Called the Official Beard

Teenage Beard Growth Stages

Sometimes the stubble beard may last for a while, however, this factor is determined by the speed of the growth of your beards.

As soon as you are out of the stubble stage, I mean that annoying facial hair stage, it means you have graduated to another beard stage called the Official Beard Stage.

Remember, you are about to begin to look like a real man, therefore, you need to consider both the skin and the follicular health at this stage too. I think what should be on your mind now, is how to soften your beard hairs.

Now, let’s get things explained further, I am sure you will enjoy this in the end.

If you are the type that grows beards faster, remember that the stubble hair that is there before is usually stubborn and coarse, therefore, you will need a lot of approved beard moisturizers, especially in stores such as Amazon, eBay and the rest.

To make your hair more comfortable, you need to apply moisturizers and beard conditioners.

Make use of beard conditioner products to make soften your beard, so, you are prepared for another stage of the beard development.

The Fourth Stage of the Teenage Beard Growth Stages is Called the Nourishing Beard

Teenage Beard Growth Stages

Going by the name of this stage, you should understand that your beard needs lots of vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy.

You don’t want to entertain dirty beard, already you know fungus will find a shelter in your beard.

At this stage, you should begin to expect a soft beard, flake-free beard, fresh and cool smelling beard. These are the qualities your beard should have.

The best way to get your beard to freshen up is to apply beard oil. This will help nourish and groom your beard. You may want to know some certain things about beard conditioners, they are good at softening your beard, while oils help your beard hydrated and grow faster and healthy.  Besides making the hair soft, it also keeps the beard dandruff away from it and keeps your scalp clean and tidy.

Beard oils help maintain a good skin condition, by moisturizing it so that it is neither too dry nor producing excess natural oil that may result in acne.

It will make your beard smell nice and equally add a bit of sheen.

Stage Five of the Teenage Beard Growth Stages: A Beard That Needs Control

This is the stage at which your beard needs control, just like a regulator, you now need to be in charge of how you want your beard looks. I see the beard is something that has a life of its own when it grows long, just like the hair on our head.

It is now arrogant, it is now full of pride, it wants to show off in the west, fight in the east, quarrel in the south and then destroy in the north. Hey, don’t allow this new cowboy to destroy the whole world. You need to do something fast. This is what is called follicular chaos in hair, such appearance is not good at all.

For you to take control of your beard at this stage, you need to apply some products meant for it such as beard balm, to massage it. This will work similarly a pomade work for your hair. Relax your beard at this stage, let it calm down. Break its wings for the main time.

When you apply beard balm, it increases the pliability of your hair, so you can more easily sculpt, and then give it the shape you want. This is the stage where you are expected to control the size of your beard, based on your desire, I have seen some people whose beard touches their chests. Yeah, whatever you want to call such people, depends on your opinion about them.

A beard balm will give you the kind of power you need to control your hair as you desire. Kindly run your finger down through your beard and then immediately make your beard more in shape and tidy.

Anyway, remember, a beard balm makes your beard wet, and it is not ideal to allow the beard to stay wet and jelly, so apply the balm small to avoid being over wet, and then gently massage it into your beard when it is damp. This method of application will give you the full control needed to keep your beard in shape.

This stage is called the Full Monty

Teenage Beard Growth Stages

Remember, the beard has pride, this is the time to pull it all together, and this is the time for daily care. Just like you take good care of your body daily, by bath, the same will apply to your balm at this stage, even at all stages too.

Your new ritual daily now should be your beard maintenance. Washing and conditioning of your beard are now more necessary than ever. This is because by so doing, the skin underneath your beard will be well moisturized and healthy. This should be done daily, and you should also apply oil, and balm to keep the beard soft and controllable.

Your beard should represent an icon on your face, it should look very fine or more like a feature, It should be a sign of an unfortunate being. This means, you have to invest in the right products, and this will give you the result of that mountain man you are willing to look like. You will look manly rather than woman-man with a smooth jaw like the top of hot rock in Sambisa forest. I advise you to search amazon for good products that will give you the perfect result deserved.

Now, as I promised earlier on, let’s go back to those questions I promised to ask and then answer.

Teenage Beard Growth Stages: At What age is Beard Fully Developed

You may be wondering, what is the age in which beard stops growing. According to personal research, facial hair is hair that grows on the face, especially the chin, cheeks and upper lips area. It is known as a secondary characteristic of a human male, though some females also develop facial hair but usually fine, small and transparent.

Men, usually, start developing beards or facial hair shortly after their puberty or adolescent age and mostly continue over twenty years of age until they are fully grown into an adult. This kind of condition varies as for boys, they may start developing beards between the age of fourteen and sixteen, sometimes, boys may begin to develop beards at the age of eleven, it is very possible.

Women are not excluded, as they are capable of developing beards too unlike I mentioned above about a condition known as hirsutism, women develop facial hair though lesser than the male counterparts. Men are known to find pride in their facial hair, and therefore, style it into beards, mustaches, sometimes sideburns or goatees.

To conclude this sub-heading, the age in which the beard stop growing is at full adulthood.

How Long Does it Take to Grow a Beard with Beard Oil

This is another important question to answer, you may want to know how long it takes to grow beard using beard oil, especially at the earlier stages where many people give up due to itching or some other issues they face having the beards.

The first thing you need to do is to learn how to maximize the beard’s growth. By taking some measures along growing the beards will determine how faster they grow.

I have mentioned the growth of phases of beard above, however, there are some actions you need to take after you decide to grow a beard, after all, you can simply decide not to keep it. One of the earlier things you need to do is to stop shaving the beards entirely, or ditching with a razor.  You can avoid that for four weeks.

During this period, you are only allowing nature to take its place, so, forget about the desire to trim or carve it into shape. However, it requires a lot of discipline to get this done, in the case of most beginners, such discipline is rare. If you experience such an urge to trim your facial hair, it is ideal you practice self-control because not doing so will cause a mistake.

Is Genetics the only Factor that Determines the Growth of Beard

Genetics can’t be the only factor that determines how long, fast or short a beard grows, there are some foreign phenomenon that may affect how fast or slow your beard grows such as the food you eat, your stress level, or sometimes, your body toxins may affect the growth of your beards.

Some factors such as smoking can also affect the growth of a beard, which means, if you are ready to grow your beard, you need to stop such. You must sacrifice one thing for the other, and I am sure growing of beard worth that you give up smoking.

Accessories Needed For Teenager Beard Growth

As a teenager who is just starting with beard grooming, having the important beard care kit will make the process easy and fast. There are dime dozens of beard care tools like the ones listed in Accessories needed for beard growth.

Beard Trimmer

Growing beards without having beard trimmers for teenagers is like a farmer going to farm without necessary tools. Here we are going to look into the best beard trimmer for beginners.

1. Braun Series Pro Skin 3010s Wet and Dry

The Braun Series 3 Pro Skin 3010s is a rechargeable electric foil shaver that is efficient enough to shave off 3 days old beards. It has three independents floating shaving elements that can easily adapt to contours for high comfort.

Panasonic ES-RF31-S Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades, Silver (Refurbished)

The Panasonic ES RF21 is of the outstanding beard trimmer, it comes with an outstanding 4 blades cutting system for maximum coverage and superior cutting.

It makes use of 2D shaving head with 4 different elements for skin-friendly shaving or trimming. Abd it has a curved shaving foil with a bold design which ensures a thorough hair trimming, as it adapts ideally to contours on the face.


Beard Oil

The use of beard oil is not limited to any age range, however, you need to get the best beard oil for teenagers.

1. Honest Amish Beard Oil

Honest Amish Beard Oil is one of the ideal beard oil for teenagers. It is made up of over 10 carefully selected premium oils that can help beard growth, condition and skin health. The ingredients used are full of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and eliminate any skin irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can a 15-year oil grow a beard?

Beards start to grow within the age of 15-18, we have cases where it takes longer than that. Especially in cases where genetics and environmental factor are not favourable. A 15-year-old growing beard is not something that is not possible. So, yes a 15-year-old can grow a beard.

How to grow a beard faster as a teenager?

What you can do is:

  • Do exercise.
  • Eat food with Vitamins and minerals to boost testosterone and DHT.
  • Go for supplements like carnitine and multivitamin.
  • Stimulates your skin beard area with hand
  • Make use of beard oil or cream
  • Sleep well.

Will shaving increase beard growth?

Can I increase my beard growth by shaving it? No- your beard growth rate won’t change nor the thickness or color. What you will get when you shave your beard is a blunt tip. And might feel coarse or stubby for sometime before it starts growing. At this stage, you might think it has become thicker or darker – It’s not.

What factors can cause late beard growth?

If you noticed that some of your mates are already growing beards but you are yet to have a strand. You are not the only one facing this problem. The most common cause is genetics that is it may be from your family line. Testosterone levels should also be put into consideration. Your testosterone levels can be normal, while the hair receptors may not be responding due to certain chemicals or blockage. Factors cause late beard growth are:

  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Level of testosterone
  • Skin condition

Any tips on growing my beard as a teenager naturally?

Follow the tips below:

  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin once a week. It will help you get rid of dead cells.
  • Wash your skin with warm water and mild cleanser 2 times a day. Proper skin care accelerates hair growth.
  • Use moisturizer and massage the area to ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Make sure you sleep well as it will help repair the damaged cells.
  • Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Don’t do it in excess.
  • Apply beard oil
  • Refrain from regular trimming.
How Do You Grow Facial Hair Faster?

Dead skin cells on the face can impede the growth of a new beard. By scrubbing the skin and beard with beard shampoo you can get rid of scalp preventing the beard from growing properly. Also, apply beard oil and massage it thoroughly to ensure proper blood circulation.

Does Beard Affect Height?

No, height has no connection with how tall you are or going to be. Height depends on factors such as proper diet, protein intake, and genetics.

Does Drinking Water Help Beard Growth?

Yes, being hydrated at all times will ensure your body gets all the nutrients needed for proper beard growth. It is recommended you drink  8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Do Bananas Help Beard Growth?

Bananas are known to contain potassium. And they are responsible for many of the body’s critical function and growing beard hair is one of them. Consuming bananas will not only fill in the beard but can also prevent your beard from going bald.

Does Milk Help Beard Growth?

Yes, having or drinking milk which contains biotin can increase your hair growth.

Does Coconut Grow Beard?

Coconut oil does not affect beard growth directly, but it helps nourish and heal the skin beneath the beard. As we know that healthier skin means less skin irritation.

Does Shaving Make Beard Growth?

Shaving your beard won’t make it grow thicker or faster. The only way to grow your beards perfectly and faster is to follow the right instruction on how to grow beard hair as a teenager and leave it to grow. Anything out of that is like a waste of time and resources.

Can Aloe Vera Grow Beard?

Applying aloe to the beard will keep it hydrated and free it from itchiness and dandruff.

How Do I Know If I Will Grow Beard As A Teenager?

Not everyone can grow a beard, but if you want to know your chances of having a beard as a teenager. Look at your father or ask him if he has struggled with the growing beard at one point. If yes, your chance is slim.

Can Every Teenager Grow A Beard?

Not every teenager grows a beard and in most cases, some grow it later in life.

How Long Does It Take A Teenager To Grow Beard?

There is no specification on the number of days or months it is going to take a teenager to grow a beard. But, it starts at puberty, which is between the age of 18 and 25 years.

How Can I Encourage My Beard Growth As A Teenager?

To encourage beard growth as a teenager you must follow steps such as getting your skin exfoliated, massaging your hair follicles, eating the foods with nutrients needed for beard growth, exercising, using healthy beard grooming products, taking care of your skin, and have the patience.

Do Beard Grow Fuller With Age?

The truth is the older you get the fuller your beard becomes, and some patches you are experiencing now will start to fill in.

Conclusion on Teenage beard growth stages

With this little knowledge, I advise that you take the right measure in growing your beards. Now that you understand the stages of beard growth, I think, it shouldn’t be strange to you anymore. And you can now explain to teenagers on each stage of beard growth, how they can grow beard naturally and possible reasons why there is a delay in beard growth.

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