Do You Know Beard Fungus?

What is Beard Fungus?

This is the question that we are supposed to ask before even mentioning anything about beard fungus.

Fungus, the plural Fungi is among about 144, 000 known species of an organism of the kingdom Fungus, and it includes yeast, smuts, mildews, molds, and mushrooms. It has been known that there are some other animals that look like fungi such as slime molds and oomycetes. It should be understood that these fungi like organisms don’t belong to Kingdom Fungi however, they are still referred to as Fungi.

This article will be based on Beard Fungus. What is beard Fungus? The fungus is widely distributed on earth and for this reason, there could be high chances of contracting this organism since it can also live in the human body as parasites. The other places this organism can live are: soil, water, and can also form parasitic or symbiotic relationships with plants and animals.

What is the Fungus common with Human Body

There is what is called Tinea Infection. it is known as ringworm because most of the organism is found is a ring form pattern on the area of the body that is affected.

The beard ringworm is called tinea barbae or sycosis barbae itch, is an infection of the skin, hair, and hair follicle caused by Fungus or Fungi. It is also found around the mustache and beard area. It is actually a communicable disease and therefore can be passed from one person to another either through direct contact with an infected person, animal, contaminated object or from the body contact with the soil.

This particular beard ringworm is common with men, and the truth is that women hardly grow bears and mustache except in rare cases such as hormone disorder.
Now, that you know the possible reason why your beard is itching, it is now time to know how to manage it.

Symptoms of Beard Rashes or Fungus

Beard fungus will be synonymous with Beard rash since Fungi cause itches and rashes in men’s beard. There are some symptoms that will surely show up at a time during your journey to grow a beard like a man. Here are some the symptoms you will experience:

1. You will experience some burn around your scalp

2. You can see, feel and touch some red hard skin on your scalp or beard.

3. You feel some irritations around your beard or scalp

How to Prevent Beard Ringworm

In order to prevent something from occurring, you have to start taking action or actions about it, isn’t it? there are many ways through which we can prevent the growth of ringworm on our beard or scalp. I am going to list them right away.

1. Beware of making body contact with an infected person, animal, or object.

2. Shampoo your beard regularly to keep it neat and clean and therefore uncomfortable zone for ringworm to breed.

3. Keep your body clean all the time.

5. It is advisable to stop sharing personal objects especially sharp objects such as razors, or clippers. Don’t share your comb with people, as they may be a carrier of other deadly diseases that are communicable.

How to Prevent and Treat Beard Fungus or Rash

There are several steps you can take in order to prevent or treat ringworm on your beard or scalp. I shall present the various steps shortly.

Step One

Don’t Get Irritated and then Shave Off your Bear

Due to the burn or itches from the painful hard skins or patches underneath your beard, you may want to shave off your beard. Stop! There is a danger behind that such action as it will worsen the issue.

The first lesson I can tell anyone about rashes or beard ringworm is to ignore it. You can allow it to heal on its own. Don’t scratch or try to peel it off though pealing it off could be tempting, still try and control yourself.

Some people used to spread the fungus disease with sharp such as razors, electric razors, and metal comb by wounding them. Fungi are communicable diseases and therefore can be easily spread all over the beard.

Practice Skin Moisturizing

Beard ringworms are often found on dry skins. This is why it is recommended that you moisturize your skin often.

You can make use of men’s moisturizer every day to nourish and soothe the affected areas of your skin. You can use one of these products to moisturize your skin especially the beard skin: Beard Moisturizer for Men by The Rugged Bros, Beard Wash, and Beard Conditioner. It is effective for sensitive skin.

The application of beard oil will play a vital role to nourish the scalp of your beard. There are different types of natural beard oil you can apply to handle this.

The research was handled and published in the year 2018, which was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, plants oil, such as grapeseed oil is an essential oil that contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound-healing abilities when applied.

The Usage of Topical Creams is Essential too

There are creams such as hydrocortisone that is capable of reducing inflammation when applied to the affected spots. It equally reduces itching of the beard. This is very effective for beard fungus or rash.

There is what is called Seborrheic dermatitis, it plays an important role in causing red, scaly patches on the skin underneath the hair. Tea tree oil has been discovered to play a major role in fighting fungi, which means it is an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property which can help fight skin problems such as Seborrheic dermatitis.

The research revealed in 2002 that tea tree oil reduced skin inflammatory sensation and then reduced common skin issues. You may be planning to use tea tree oil, ensure it is the diluted type.

Keep you Beard Clean Always

Naturally, when you keep a place clean, it will make life difficult for any pathogen or parasite to live. Sometimes, blocked hair follicles found around the beard area can generate some inflammation which will result in a rash condition called folliculitis. You can identify them as they appear as small pimples, they are not bearding acne.

To avoid this kind of skin problem, it is highly advisable to often wash your beard regularly with an antibacterial face wash is a good treatment approach to preventing this infection. washing of your beard three times a week can make bacteria off it.

Essential Oils to Treat Beard Fungus

There are some essential oils we can find in stores such as Amazon or eBay as I will explain below. They are all affordable and are associated with good reputations.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo: This is a perfect oil you can apply on your hair or beard to help find fungus and dandruff of any kind. It is very effective when it comes to working effectively to save your amiable beard rashes.

It is an antibacterial hair cleanser, so you can get it at amazon st0re as low as $9.85. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity, for this reason, it will be advisable to go get yours now.

Pure Australian Tea Tree

Pure Australian Tea Tree is another sure treatment for beard fungus. It is effective and easy to use kind of essential oil as it will give you the best result you aspire for. These are the features of the product below:

1. It an AAA+ Grade which means it belongs to the company’s premium Gold series of oils and has the highest quality. It has a major Terpinen as the major ingredient of Tea Tree Oil, for this reason, it should be known that the oil contains a high concentration of Terpinene.

2. This is a supreme quality essential tea tree oil and it is 100% pure according to the manufacturer, natural, unadulterated, and untainted to keep the efficacy more stable.

It is known to be a purified product of steam distilled fresh leaves. It is confirmed to be non-toxic, none addictive, not treated with preservatives.

It is unfiltered, not diluted with no fillers, and no man-made ingredients included. It is bottled in the USA and the Grade is Therapeutic.

Amazon Beard Fungus Products

I will like to introduce you to some Amazon beard fungus products that are effective in managing or treating the fungal.

Here are the various products:

Puriya, Scalp Clarifying Shampoo


This is one of the best beard fungus treatment products, it contains an advanced, proprietary mixture of the highest quality botanical extracts of Arrival, sage, and rosemary which is blended with the essential oil of Tea Tree which purifies strengthens and repairs your beard hairs by moisturizing the scalp. It has a good pH balanced and should be used regularly to repair your hair for you as appropriate.

Eve Hansen Organic Tea Tree Oil

Talking of High quality, this very product is number one in the market. It contains high quality of tea tree oil, which is normal in the treatment of beard fungus. The product is regularly tested for purity, and potency in order to assure you of the best quality oil available.

It is known to be naturally fresh, safe and one of the most effective essential oils ever. It is a natural cleanser, so when applied to your beard, cleans it and makes it charming and shiny to looks. 

Talking of sweet scent, don’t ask for any other oil but this very one, it is very regular in aromatherapy, nice air purifier. You can equally add tea tree oil to shampoo or soap for more effective action.

If your scalp is not healthy, the comforter has come. I am sure you will enjoy this essential oil as it will be very effective giving sound health to your scalp and as a result, makes your hair grows longer and healthy.

It is known for its effectiveness in dealing with lice, dandruff, and flakes.

Don’t you think this product is only useful for the hair or beard, it has been confirmed to be great for both skin and nails. Apart from this, it can equally help promote face health, and also drastically reduces acne, nail fungus, toenails fungus, keloids, and also good at removing skin tags.

Organic Blend of Olive, Lavender

This is another effective essential oil product that can give you the kind of result you really want.

It contains some organic elements that make your hair grows healthy and fungus free. This means, your beard is about to find the best essential oil for beard fungus treatment.

The ingredients contain 4 naturally raw ingredients you can trust including extra virgin olive, sweet almond, grapeseed, vitamin E and Lavender essential oil.

It is the best moisturizer ever for face, skin and stubborn dry hairs, scalp health, nails, and even feet. This means this oil is multipurpose.

Apart from the above features of this wonderful product, it is organic, unrefined, cold-pressed.

It can be returned to the manufacturer for replacement or for a refund.

It is made in the United States of America and can be shipped to Nigeria. Sold at $23.98.

It is known for natural skincare, anti-aging moisturizer, which hydrates the skin too softer and smoother. If your skin is uneven, don’t worry, this essential oil will cure it.

If your skin irritates you, or you have a series of acne on your skin, it will so deal with them mercilessly.

Sometimes, your body might have been burned or damaged by sunlight, don’t worry, this essential oil is for you. I am sure you are going to enjoy using it. It will help restore body moisture, after damage or sunburn, smooths fine lines and gets rid of age dark spots, and wrinkles.

There are many benefits to this product and all are free from harmful chemicals. It prevents stretch marks. You can apply 3 times a day for effective results.

I will advise that you enjoy this powerful offer for you alone. It is going to help keep your beard clean and healthy. It is sold on Amazon at $12.30.

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