How To Trim Your Mustache in 2019

If you are looking for How To Trim Your Mustache, then you are just on the right page, and you will find answers here. Read on.

Have you got a Mustache and don’t know how to trim it properly? or should we say trim it to taste? Sporting a Mustache is a serious task that requires time and devotion, patience and perseverance.

However, maintaining it properly after sporting it and trimming it to taste is another issue that many men don’t find easy. Before we proceed, for those of you totally NEW  to what a Mustache is, what it looks like, Styles, And All you need to know will be treated shortly.

What is A Mustache?

A Mustache is a hair growing on the human upper lip – this growth is most significant in MEN.

Now, sporting a mustache is not just about growing it, a lot needs to be put into strict consideration in order to achieve the desired look.

Below are the following things you need to put into consideration before trimming a mustache;

  • Shape
  • Density
  • Styling.

SHAPE: The shape of your Mustache should be put into consideration because it determines how good it would look on your face.

It also determines how you want your Mustache to represent your personality

DENSITY: Just like beards, the thicker the better, however, the density of your mustache matters on the bases of styling.

You can style a dense mustache to any style of your choice.

STYLING: Yea, similar to shape, the styling makes your mustache very obvious and adorable. It helps to give a formal disclosure of your personality.

Easy Steps On How To Trim A Mustache

Now its time to make your friends a little bit envious of your Mustache, as we’d be giving you subsequent Easy steps on how to trim a mustache.

Very Easy step!

Step One: Allow it to Grow

Allowing your Mustache to grow to a remarkable size, density and shape-wise is a step forward to trimming it to your taste.

You cant trim a scanty mustache, it would be a Joke of the century.

It is no false alarm that many Men tend to take care of their beard (The soft hair under their lips) than the hair that envelops the upper lip.

Before thinking about trimming your mustache, first of all, consider the density or should we say;

“On a more serious note before thinking of trimming your mustache, you should probably have something to trim.

You don’t plan on shaving off your nostrils or your upper lip *Laughs*”

Above all else, kindly allow your Mustache to grow abundantly.

Step Two: Brush and Comb Your Mustache

Brushing and combing your mustache now that you have a significant amount of hairs on your upper lip is the next step to take.

It is important for you to know that using a comb to trim your Mustache is mandatory.

It is Mandatory in the sense that it plays a major role in helping you actualize the size you want your Mustache to be.

More or less, keeping those long hairs in check.

Another big question is;

How do you determine the length of your mustache with a comb?

Determining the length of your Mustache is quite easy when you take a comb, and run it seamlessly through the hairs of your upper lips.

While you do that, try to do the following;

  • pay close attention to the main hairline
  • The lip line
  • The line at which you are going to use as a guide to trim the excess hair on your upper lip.

Kindly note that if you are not grooming your Man stache to keep the wild long hairs in check, you’d be in for a big surprise.

However, Not all combs are good for the Mustache, when sporting your mustache, the following Tips should stick at the back of your mind.

  1. Avoid Cheap Combs

    Yes, you need to avoid these cheap beard combs you find in small retail shops and supermarket around you.

    They can cause real damage to your beard and mustache to be precise.

    These combs are end products of plastics and presses, which in turn cause trouble for your upper lip hairs.

    Plastic combs have sharp and jaggy edges as a result of the manufacturing process…these sharp edges are more likely to do the following;

    – Pull your Mustache violently
    – Cut and finally,
    – Tear your mustache when grooming.

    Considering the density of your Hair, using the right comb should come to play when grooming.

    For example, if you have a long and thick Mustache, we suggest you use a more comprehensive or should we say a wider tooth comb.

    And if you have a thin or smaller Mustache, We suggest you use a small tooth comb.

    Using a small tooth comb will keep your wild hairs in check.

  2. The Size of the Comb

    Well, the size of the comb is another factor to consider when grooming your Mustache.

    As per earlier disclosure; you should consider the purchase of a comb that is big enough to cover half of the lip for each stroke.

    Following this technique permits you to accurately brush your stache with fewer strokes, By so doing, protecting potential breakage and damage to your M-Stache.

    Applying single downward strokes to align your M-stache gives you a precise picture of where your lip line falls and where to begin trimming.

Step Three: Dry Trim your Mustache or lose it all

We strongly advise you trim your Man stache when it’s properly dry.

Our reasons for recommending such is because you get to trim your facial hair accurately when it’s dry.

In other words, subsequently trimming your mustache when it’s dry ensures that you don’t over trim it.

We don’t encourage you to trim your Mustache wet because it can be deceptive when it’s WET, Wet facial hairs can appear longer than it is, making it dangerously possible to slice off your mop without even realizing.

Now, upon saying all these about dry trimming, it shouldn’t be the reason why you should not wash your stubbles before trimming.

It is very necessary to clean your Manly whiskers off dirt and filth and also give it time to breathe and fully dry.

Study shows that Maintaining your mustache while dry also gives you a better control over your lip line shape.

Lastly on dry trimming, Educating yourself on how to use your comb as your guide to trim your dry hairs sticking out through the comb is very vital.

It takes a whole lot of practice, but all the pros do it, you too can do it.

Only if you practice!

Step Four: Appropriate form and styling

Appropriate form and styling is the final issue to be trashed on the topic; “How to TRIM your Mustache”.

Take it or Leave it; sprouting your moustache can be fun, It can be exciting, and unruly.

That’s part of being a gentleman.

However, deciding how you want your Mustache to represent how you want to be represented in your Mustache is another topic altogether.

Finding a form or shape of Moustache is more like finding the hairstyle that suits you, both are very practical when it comes to decision making.

The style of your Mustache helps to define your personality, shape your face, and drive the women crazy if you’re lucky or should we say, Fortunate.

We have 5 styles of Mustache suitable for Black Men

  1. Pencil Mustache

    How To Trim Your Mustache
    Pencil Moustache for Black Men

    This style of Mustache is really cool on black men after it has been properly trimmed as seen in the photo above.

    It’s classy and sexy!!

  2. Painter’s Brush Mustache for Black Men

    How To Trim Your Mustache
    Painters Brush Mustache

    As funny as the name may sound, PB Mustache for black men is another classy style rocked by old men precisely.

  3. The eighties (80’s) Chevron Style

    How To Trim Your Mustache

    The 80’s Chevron look was amazingly popular in the 80’s amongst viral popstars and popular stage performers.

    To get the look, you will need to style your M-stache into a perfect arrow which is pointing upwards towards your nose.

    Keep the rest of your face clean-shaven for that 80’s look.

  4. The Goatee Style


    How To Trim Your Mustache
    As per the rights to reform your M-stache rather than rock a solo moustache style, join your moustache up with a beard to create a full goatee.

    The goatee is now more popular than ever as a facial hairstyle for young black men.

    It is worn by lots of young professionals and famous actors.

  5. Short And Sharp Mustache for Black Kings

    How To Trim Your Mustache

    The last but not the least is the short and sharp Mustache style for BLACK MEN, If you do not want to devote yourself to a heavy-set moustache, why not try out this short and sharp look?

    It is a little bit thicker than a pencil moustache, but it is just as subtle.

    One of the core principles of rocking this Moustache is that;

    ” Your ‘stache should not extend past the corners of your mouth in this moustache style”

How to trim your Mustache – Final Words

Now that Finding the right way to trim and maintain your Mustache has been made easy for you, make sure you follow and adhere to the steps above.

Do you have comments? Kindly share it in the comment section below, thank you.

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