Do Beard Supplements Work?

Do Beard Supplements Work for men? You are here to find out and we will do justice to that.

There are lots of tricks through which we develop the growth of our beards, and recent, these methods have been trending, working for people who tried it. Growing beard varies in human, some of us find it ready to grow a beard, while some find it difficult to grow theirs.

This article will emphasize more on various supplements that will work for you. Relax, and then read further for a better benefit of this write-up. You may want to read: Best Beard Growth Supplements advantage and side effects,

However, no matter the trick you take growing your beards, it all boils down to genetic factors. Don’t worry; if you want to grow your beard to some reasonable extent, it is possible with some supplements.

Before we begin to answer this very question above, I will like us to answer some important questions first.

What makes beards Grow?

There have been a lot of guess talks that there are some hormones in the body that make hair grow, but to some extent, there is no strong scientific evidence that truly, the hormones are the factors that determine the growth of beards. Now, let’s observe by ourselves.

Is it Testosterone that makes our Beards Grow?

If testosterone is the hormone that is behind the growth of beard, then all men should grow similar beard volume, since they all have a similar level of testosterone. I have seen a lot of men who don’t have single hair strand on their jaw, so I wonder how testosterone could be the reason behind the growth of beard; again, it is a male sex hormone.

Some symptoms are associated with a person with low testosterone which includes erectile dysfunction, infertility, decreased muscle mass, and development of breast tissue. If you are free of these symptoms, don’t bother yourself doing testosterone therapy to get your beard growing. It is in fact waste of money, time and energy. Supplements may not even work for you – let the truth be said.

Does the Growth of our Beard has anything to do with our Skin Condition

Yeah, I will say slightly, a skin condition in an uncommon frame has something to do with the lack of hair growth in human. Skin conditions such as alopecia can cause what is popularly known as balding or hair loss. I will quickly advise that if you have a symptom of beard loss, you should consult your dermatologist it will be of help for you.

Hypothyroidism sometimes could be a setback to the growth of your hair—hypothyroidism is the condition in which you grow thin hair or experience slow growing hair. This has to do with a less active thyroid in your body system. However, the condition mostly attacks women over 50 where they lose their hair or grow thin hair. Sometimes, hair loss could be as a result of iron deficiency or anemia.

Then, what is behind the growth of hair, could it be Genetics? This is a question we are supposed to answer too. You know what, there are some things in life, we can’t achieve them in the normal way, one of such things is growing your beard. You will get to know that your genetics has a lot of roles to play determining the growth of your beard. If your genetics has been programmed to grow little hair, what will you do? Kill yourself or Hang your wife? No, that shouldn’t be your thought at all.

I laugh when I see a person with barren *beardland* jaw is expecting hair to grow without applying or using some supplements. How can you grow cassava on sandy soil? It is so funny. Imagine, your father, grandfather were unable to grow facial hair easily, and then you expect yours to be super magic with any trick attached? That may be quite difficult. However, I am not saying you should give up on growing your beard. There are solutions if they are not many but few.

There are lots of beard supplements flooding the market. You will be surprised how they play effective roles in growing your beard. Although, they are meant for minor problems of beard growth, let that reign in your mind.

Now, let us go into the topic properly: We want to know if beard supplements work. Are they a good alternative to the hormones that aid in the growth of beard?

In this era we find ourselves, men are beginning to understand the benefit of growing beards and how it suddenly bring out the complete beauty in them. This state of mind has subjected many men to search for a solution for their never growing beards or facial hair, for this reason, it opens the opportunity for many companies to capitalize on the need of modern day men.

These companies have quickly developed the culture of producing supplements and cream that promise thicker and fuller healthy beards. And Yes, they WORK!

Do beard Supplements work?

Beard Supplements are commonly packed with some vitamins that are proved to enhance the good function of hair follicles, this means, beard supplements work.

For instance, an evident resource that is trusted has made it understandable that vitamin D can fuel hair follicle that has become inactive. Vitamin B12, biotin, and niacin as we mentioned some of them in a similar point in our previous articles, also aid in conditioning our hair for better growth.

We have a number of beard supplements that are promising to boost the beard growth speed as it is known to provide nutrients such as vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin A. Lots of supplements that are said can produce thicker and healthier beards.

I have news for you!

You know, we are all mature I believe. If your body is naturally deficient to grow beards due to Genetics condition, believe it or not, these supplements may likely not work for you, period! The reason is that your body vitamins are more expensive compared to the ones packed in a supplement and yet couldn’t solve your problem. The good news is that, you can accept your fate, beard growth is not meant for everyone.

Should you Give up though you have not confirmed if your problem is genetics?

You see, I have strong advice for you not to ever give up that easily. Sometimes, your lack of not growing beards could be that you are not taking good care of yourself enough. You lack the right nutrients in the right proportion to grow the beard. If you know you are so, kindly begin to take good care of yourself.

One thing you should equally understand is that taking good care of yourself does not end in eating good food alone. What about the cleanliness of your entire body? Yes, I mean what I am saying. The skin underneath your supposed beard will not accommodate a single hair if it is exposed to germs and bacteria, this alone could be the reason for improper beard growth.

Other factors are related to the deficiency in growing Hair or Beard

Other shocking factors contribute to your inability to grow a beard, and they include the following: Stress, imbalanced diet, lack of enough rest, smoking and untidiness of the skin.

I have already mentioned some of these points in brief above, but let us emphasize further:

Reduce your Stress

It is said that the inability to grow hair has something to do with the level you expose yourself to stress. According to a clinic called Mayo Clinic, some hair loss is associated with stress. So, if you are already on the plan to grow a beard, you have to reduce your stress.

Eat A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is a diet that contains the entire six classes of food in the right proportion. The six classes of food include carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and oil, and water. If you ensure that your body gains the right nutrients in the right proportion, you will stand a better chance of growing your beards.

Rest Well

Even from the words Rest Well, you should derive a lesson, you need a lot of rest, say as a man you need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day for proper rest for the body. This is because; your health has to do with how you take a rest. Sleep well, and continue to strive to grow your beard.

Don’t Smoke

Whether you are cigarette smoker or marijuana, whatever the kind of smoker you are if you are serious about growing your beard, you need to quit smoking. This reason is that, when you smoke, you lose your hair.

Take good care of your skin

Your skin is also part of the reasons you grow or do not grow a beard. Try understanding the type of skin you possess, that should be better figure out by a dermatologist, who will give you professional advice on how to subject your skin to a daily skincare routine.

The Bitter Truth is here: You see, I will not deceive you because I want you to purchase a product because I will have a commission after the purchase. I don’t do that. To be sincere with you, it is so unfortunate that you can’t grow a beard if you lack the genetic ability to let it be.

However, if you maintain a healthier routine for hair growth, definitely the hair should grow, those patchy spots should vanish with time. This is one reason why I don’t want you to conclude that genetics has defined your beard limit. But if you tried everything that makes beard grows and yet nothing works, brother, I think it is time you accept your fate. You can’t grow bear. Don’t worry, the beard could be the reigning fashion, next time, it could be a smooth face.

Do Beard Supplements Have Side Effect?

The straight forward answer I can provide for this question is No. The reason is that beard supplements are not like drugs prescribed in medicals. There are numbers of beard supplements such as Strong Beard that have been ruling the beard product markets, in as far as you stick to the right dosage, I don’t think there should be any side effect. Wait a minute, what is the side effect of having vitamin in your body system, Death?

Do Beard Supplements have side effects?

Yes, we have come to the concluding part of this article; so far, you should understand the factors that support the growth of hair through the trick of using a supplement. You are now informed that genetics is a major decider of how your beard grows according to how nature wants it.

You also wanted to know if beard supplement work, I was able to provide an answer that points to the fact that they work, due to the presence of scientific vitamins that repair the hair follicles as sited in this very article. Unlike drugs, I don’t think beard supplements have side effects unless when you don’t follow the right dosage. You know, excess or less of anything will always be abnormal. So, if you follow the middle course, definitely, you will experience the right result.

Lastly, it is not everyone that can grow a beard with supplements, and the reason is highly connected to genetics conditions. If your family tree already detected that you have deficiency growing beard, you may not want to bother yourself too hard trying to grow a beard.

I mentioned other nutrients that can aid the growth of hair, such as biotin, you can buy a supplement that contains them, or eat foods such as egg, fruits such as a banana to increase the biotin level in tour body. What about engaging in some habits such as skincare, eating good food and then avoiding habits like smoking? This will go a long way to grow your beard.

Sleep is not equally left out of the game of avoiding hair loss or deficient hair growth. You have the option to sleep well since it is good for the body.

Now I have to ask you, do beard supplements work? Well, you can confirm this by trying ut a beard supplement today. Let us know how it worked out for you.

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