Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth: Eucalyptus oil is 100 percent natural and pure. It has been reviewed as oil that remains the favourite among aromatherapists and normal users like you and me. The review based this praise on its strong woody and medicinal aroma. It is known to be popular in many vapour rub, emits a core of cleanliness when diffused for aromatherapy.

Everything on Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Does Eucalyptus Oil Grows Beard?

Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Yes! Eucalyptus oil grows a beard by nourishing the follicles and then stimulates the growth of the facial hair. It is known for its potential to increase blood flow around the follicles which in turn, stimulate hair growth. Eucalyptus oil is very essential for your beard shapes and helps the growth of your hair.

Does eucalyptus stimulate hair growth?

Yes! It does stimulate the hair, just like I mentioned above. It was discovered that eucalyptus oil is a great approach to stimulating the hair follicles and therefore, possesses the ability to trap inflammation in the scalp, by creating a sensible ambience for the growth of hair.

How do I use Eucalyptus Beard Oil?

Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Eucalyptus is a tree, and the dried leaves and the extracted oil are used for various medicinal purposes. People have been active using eucalyptus for many conditions that include bronchitis, plaque, and gingivitis, asthma, head lice, toenail fungus, and many other conditions of similar behaviour.

If you look at the work of this oil so far, it behaves like a protein since it involves repairing damage cells or tissue in the body. This is another honour that involves making something grow. So far, there is no scientific evidence to prove these uses but they are for sure working perfectly.

How does Eucalyptus Oil Work?

We equally want to know how eucalyptus oil for beard works, at least, before we start applying something on our dear skin, we must first all understand the language it speaks. Does it irritate the body; does it kill the body cells?

Eucalyptus leaf is said to contain a chemical that could help in the regulation of blood sugar. It equally contains chemicals that are capable enough to fight bacteria and fungi, this is where it has to play a big role when it comes to growing beards.

Beard already, will not grow well or fast if it is attacked by fungi and bacteria, so, if the work of eucalyptus oil is to address these issues, then it worth being applied on the skin underneath our hair to promote the growth.

Eucalyptus is a natural product that contains chemicals that relieve pain and inflammation. It has the power to block asthmatic chemicals.

Side Effect of Eucalyptus Oil

I realized that the only time natural products both plants and animals have a side effect is when abused. If you manage the intake and application of natural products in the right proportion will leave you with no side effect.

Research made it clear that due to the rich chemicals contained in natural products subject them to the high chance of turning into poison when taken in excess. Therefore, eucalyptus leave and their oil are not ruled out of this condition.

Eucalyptus oil for a beard is safe when consumed in a small amount just as I mentioned above especially in foods. Some writers humbled themselves by writing that there is not enough information to know if supplements that contain a large amount of eucalyptus leaf are safe when consumed as food.

I debunk this claim because eucalyptus is a natural product and natural products contain organic chemicals such as benzene, furan, etc. that when taken in excess can deposit some poisonous substances in our body.

Eucalyptus oil for beard may be unsafe when applied on your skin without first being diluted; if caution is not taken can cause severe problem to the nervous system. However, there is no scientific evidence that claims that diluted eucalyptus oil safe when applied to the skin.

Eucalyptus Oil in Relation with Various Conditions

Let talk on the effect of eucalyptus on various conditions such as the growth of the hair, head lice, dandruff, and so on.

Eucalyptus Oil and Hair Growth

research was conducted in 2010 that suggests that eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory natural product, it has not been proven in clinical research, but it is believed that eucalyptus oil is active at reducing the inflammatory activities in the scalp which as a result creates an ideal ambience for the growth of hair or beard.

Eucalyptus and Hair Dandruff

Dandruff has for long being a threat to human hair; it is not a day old story. Dandruff has been estimated to affect a large number of adult populations, and this is very threatening even when dandruff is harmless, it is not good for hair growth at all. There has been some research that was published in the Asia Pacific Journal year 2012; about tropical disease pointed out that eucalyptus oil contains antifungal and antiseptic characteristics that can fight dandruff off the skin.

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Eucalyptus and Head Lice

Head lice are another threat to the growth of hair or beard. This means, if your hair is attacked by lice, it is recommended that you try eucalyptus oil as a potential treatment.

Some research has made it clear that eucalyptus is a very effective alternative in the treatment of head lice.

Eucalyptus Oil with Piedra

It has been confirmed that piedra is a fungal infectious disease that causes the formation of nodules on the shaft of the human hair. Nodules that are related to the white piedra are normally found in the beard and body hair.

While black piedra is found in the scalp, but what really matters is that both white and black piedra have economic importance but affecting the growth of the hair negatively.

Eucalyptus oil is effective when it comes to tackling fungus called Trichosporon ovoides according to research carried out in 2012 from a reliable source.

Details of Eucalyptus Oil on Amazon

Let us look into some details about eucalyptus oil, we need to know the detailed identification of what we are considering to use on our body either on our hair or skin. Eucalyptus is classified into three types based on the composition, namely; Medicinal, perfumery and industrial. The most popular is the standard cineole based eucalyptus oil. It is a colorless, and mobile liquid that turns yellow with time. It also contains the penetrating camphoraceous woody sweet scent.

According to research, China is said to produce about 75% of the worldwide trade, which is all derived from this same cineole fraction of camphor false eucalyptus oil. South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Australia, Chile, and Swaziland are the producers of true eucalyptus oil.

Talking of the global production, eucalyptus globulus dominated the market, but Eucalyptus kochii and Eucalyptus polybractea contain the highest cineole content, which ranges from 80 to 95%. If you are using the oil for pharmaceutical purposes, the cineole content should be a minimum of 70%. For instance, in 1991, the global annual production of eucalyptus oil was 3,000 tonnes preserved for medicinal usage, and another 1500 kept for the main perfumery oil that is derived from Eucalyptus citriodora. The eucalyptus genus produces oils that lack cineole, including piperine, phellandrene, citral, methyl cinnamate, and geranyl acetate.

How to Extract Eucalyptus Oil for Beard

Let us quickly talk on how to extract Eucalyptus oil for our own benefits. There are 600 species of Eucalyptus, so we are going to place our discourse on how to extract the oil for various benefits especially to treat fungal and bacteria that may affect the health of our hair growth negatively.

The Eucalyptus genus normally is used for their wood, but can also provide some useful products such as oil, that has proven itself to be of industrial and pharmaceutical benefit. Most species of eucalyptus trees are known for their effectiveness in producing essential oils, however, only close to 20 of them are recognized as commercial importance due to the oil on their leaves.

Eucalyptus oil for a beard is extracted through an industrial method that utilizes a specific type of distillation.

Here are the Tips to Extracting Eucalyptus Oil for Beard

1. Pack about 8 tons of fresh uncompressed eucalyptus leaves in a clean large vat that can contain them with a number of steam pipes that run along its bottom. Don’t forget to secure the lid tightly to the vat with locking clamps.

2. Start boiling by turning on the boiler and then continue to feed the steam through the pipes at the bottom of the vat. This action will allow steam to pass through the leaves and therefore causes the essential oils in the leaves to vaporize. Take note that the vaporization process can take 3 to 4 hours to complete by leaving black liquor which can be drained through a hole in the bottom of the vat.

3. It is time to collect eucalyptus vapour through outlets at the top of the vat. The vapor goes up to the central pipe that is surrounded by pipes with cold water contained in them. The water is to circulate through the condenser and then cools the oil vapour back to the liquid state.

4. You can now drain the condensed distillate of the oil into a vessel otherwise known as collection vessel. The distillation should now contain water and oil in combination. This is when separation will take place; you will need to remove the water from the oil by skimming the oil off the surface. You should then pour the extracted oil into a drum for further refining.

5. You can now rectify the unrefined oils of eucalyptus by treating them with some chemical reagents that can remove the impurities that may be contained in them.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Is It Safe to Inhale Eucalyptus Oil?

Yes! You can inhale eucalyptus for its soothing effect when inhaled. If you are not allergic to eucalyptus, though, we don’t know any theory that relates that a person could be allergic to eucalyptus. For example, during cold and cough, historically, people have been inhaling eucalyptus, you must not swallow it, otherwise, sign up for seizures. In fact, a small amount of camphor is very threatening when swallowed as a seizure can begin within a few seconds.

Can You Use Eucalyptus Oil on Your Face?

Well, the question does not specify if it is the diluted one or not. The diluted eucalyptus can be applied to the face of an adult but shouldn’t for any reason be applied to the face of a child.

Does Eucalyptus Clog Pores?

Eucalyptus is essential when it comes to cleansing the pores thoroughly, for this reason, the answer is No. Eucalyptus oil is very effective in the cleansing of the pores thoroughly and help to remove clogged pores such as blackheads and whiteheads, and removes dead skin, pollutants and makeups.

How Do I Apply Eucalyptus Oil to my Beard?

To apply eucalyptus oil to your beard follow the procedures below:

  1. Take a shower. It is said that the right time to use beard oil is when the hair and skin are still damp.
  2. Depending on your beard hair length, drop a few drops into the palm of your hand.
  3. Massage the oil into your beard and ensure it reaches all the part of the beard area.
  4. Comb the beard.

Can I use Eucalyptus Oil Directly On My Skin?

Applying eucalyptus oil directly to the skin without getting it diluted is unsafe. The diluted one can be used to fight inflammation and promote healing.

Eucalyptus is generally unsafe when you applied it directly to your skin. Therefore, you must dilute it appropriately. Without dilution, it can damage your nervous system.

What Mixes Well with Eucalyptus Oil?

There are lots of ingredients that mix well with eucalyptus which are beneficial for usage on beard or for medical purposes. Examples of those ingredients that mix well with eucalyptus include Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram, Lavender, and Cedarwood essential oils for diffusion. For instance, when eucalyptus is diffused, it comes with a lot of benefits as
mentioned below:

• When diffused, it acts as the reliever of mental exhaustion, enhances spiritual practices, clear your nasal passages, and helps to remove harmful airborne bacteria.

• In massage, eucalyptus essential oil is good at revitalizing skin and tired muscles, facilitates easy breathing, enhances feelings of relaxation and soothes your nervous system.

• If you bath with Eucalyptus essential oil, it soothes your irritated skin, relieves pain, protects against infectious diseases and also rejuvenates your sore muscles.

• Eucalyptus essential oil plays a vital role in cosmetics its aid in the relief of scalp itchiness, controls sebum production, boosts circulation, helps strengthen your beard or hair, and relieves pain and inflammation.
This implies that eucalyptus essential is not only good for the beard but also essential for other benefits such as the ones above.

What Can You Use Eucalyptus Oil With?

Eucalyptus Oil can be mix with the following:

  • Lemongrass oil
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Peppermint oil
  • Thyme
  • Tea tree
  • Pine
  • Rosemary
  • Marjoram
  • Orange
  • Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Juniper berry
  • Chamomile blue
  • Petitgrain

Can You Mix Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus Oil?


Can You Mix Castor Oil With Eucalyptus Oil?


The best way to apply eucalyptus oil and castor oil to your beard is by making use of a hair mask. Below is everything you need to get started:

  • 1 cup of castor oil and you can as well mix it in 1/2 cup of castor oil and a 1/2 cup of a carrier oil ratio.
  • 20-25 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.

The next thing to do is mix all the ingredients together and apply from the hair to the scalp. Take your time when doing this as it will determine how effective the remedy will be.

Conclusion on Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

We discussed what eucalyptus oil is and it was referred to as 100 percent natural and pure. It has been reviewed as oil that remains the favourite among aromatherapists and normal users like you and me. The review based this praise on its strong woody and medicinal aroma. It is known to be popular in many vapour rub, emits a core of cleanliness when diffused for aromatherapy. 

Also, you have read on the benefits of eucalyptus oil, a list of eucalyptus oil benefits and much other relevant information that you need to know.

If you have anything to ask on this topic or contributions you want to make. Share below in the comments.

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