Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria: Sincerely, without holding anything back, and thus saying the truth; Grooming One’s Beard Correctly Takes Patience, Time & Extra Efforts. That’s the truth — I hope it’s not too bitter for you to make it a pill and swallow.

However, there are a couple of beard products in the market right now, that can help you out in developing that thick, full, healthy and inviting facial hair that you crave…even right here in Nigeria, and as a Nigerian.

As a Nigerian? How does my nationality concern my beard?

Well, I guess it shouldn’t be news now that your origin influences your kind of beard — all thanks to the change in weather, and the likes – ain’t good in geography…lol. You should know, that as a man in this part of the world, you tend to grow thicker, shorter beard, and also ingrown hairs.

Thus, what and what are the available beard growth product in the Nigerian market for this your kind of beard?

Well, you really do not need to think excessively. In this article, you’ll get to know the various beard growth products available in Nigeria.


So, I guess we’re good to go!

Beard Growth Products In Nigeria

The various beard growth products available in Nigeria are;

  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Shampoo
  • Beard Soap

 So, without much ado, let’s get down extensively on these products listed above. However, while doing this, we’ll as well look at various types of these products which by reviews have been tested & seen to be trusted.

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria: Beard Balm

Unarguably, of all the beard growth product that’s needed to groom and keep a shining, healthy, and inviting beard, the beard balm has the highest positive impact on it. Basically, the beard balm as a beard growth product in Nigeria helps in providing the right amount of nourishment needed by the facial hair to grow healthy. However, this is done, while simultaneously reducing any form of discomfort that’s associated with the early stages of beard development. The Beard Balm is a very essential beard growth product, whose importance cannot be overemphasized.

In other words, the beard balm helps in keeping the beard soft, while also reducing any form of itching effects that might be incurred, which might lead to discomfort, which in turn affects the skin under the beard.

In addition, the beard balm serves as a moisturizer for the facial hair. Also, it helps as a result of its exceptional hydration properties, to keep the facial hair hydrated, which in the long run affects the overall appearance of the beard.

In addition, apart from the beard balm’s ability to keep moisture trapped between the hairs, it also acts as a protector. It helps in protecting the facial hairs from damage against the infrared rays of the sun, and also from the wind.

The effectiveness of the balm in taming flyaway hairs is very high. Especially for hairs in between trims — this as well eventually gives your beard a softer texture, and a healthy shine as well.

Finally, a beard balm sometimes acts as a styling gel. You see, beard balm when applied well, serves lots of purposes, even purposes that can’t be explained extensively on prints. However, one thing that should be noted for sure is that: even a small amount of balm applied on your beard would go a very long way in growing your beard.

Beard Balms Available In Nigeria

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria


Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Beard Oil

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Beard Oil is also an essential beard growth product in Nigeria. This product basically helps in supporting and growing different kinds of hair. Beard Oils are usually developed with essential oils, accompanied by varieties of fragrances.

It is very important to use beard oils, especially organic ones.


Well, it’s simple! It’s actually because the facial hairs possessed by any human in this part of the world is far more coarse than the hairs found on the head. Upon using beard oils, it would make you step out portraying a well-groomed and shaped beard, which is usually quite appealing to other eyes.

The beard oil is sometimes known as beard conditioners. This is partly because it doubles its duty as a moisturizer, and also a smoother, soothing the skin beneath. As the oil gets distributed evenly by the help of the beard comb, it finds its way to the bottom part of the follicles from the hair shaft and then moves towards the skin, where it acts to reduce itching. The beard oil as well fights against beardruff, which can be predicted to occur via seeing its symptoms — itchy flakes. Thus via using the beard oil regularly, one is directly reducing the possibilities of flakes existing in the beard.

Thus, it can also be simply said, that beard oil prevents irritation and itching. Especially for men who are trying to groom manly beards — extremely full and thick.

Also, apart from irritation, and the likes which have been discussed earlier, Beard Oil also helps in preventing breakage of hair, and also splits ends as the hairs keep growing.

The beard oil is really important in growing a healthy-looking beard because it works effectively to keep your facial hair growing uniformly.  Whilst also preventing stragglers that can possibly disrupt the appearance of the beard.

…and finally, the beard oils come with fragrance. Loads of them. However, it is advisable to select which one you enjoy the most. Because, this isn’t really about the beard exactly, but about the scent you perceive — remember the facial hair is directly under your nose, and also the scent people around you perceive. In this case, the best kind of beard oil to choose is organic ones.

Beard Oils Available In Nigeria

1) Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2oz

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

2) BEST DEAL Beard Oil Conditioner

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Beard Comb

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

I’d love you to at this point understand perfectly well, that using a beard comb is very different from combing the hair on your head — they’re very different. That being said, let’s now highlight the various importance and possible features of a beard comb.

Firstly, they’re various shapes of a beard comb. Some exist as round, some short, long, and even as pick beard combs. However, no matter the shape, the beard comb is used to help guys with each specific type of hair. Each shape for each beard type.

Now, after the shape, you’ll need to also consider the materials from which the beard comb is made from. It might be of wide teeth or of fine teeth. In other words, the first thing to consider when getting a beard comb is its kind of teeth. You know, different teeth types — for this part of the world that we are in, and the type of beard associated with us, it is advisable to use a comb with fine teeth.

In addition, most beard Combs are produced in either metal form, plastic, wood or even bones. However, the selection of these depends solely on the size of the pocket, because the price increases appreciably as we move from plastic to bone.

Although the better the quality as well, the longer the beard it can handle. That is,  combs made of bones are likely to work more efficiently for long beards than those made of plastic.

However, irrespective of the kind of comb you chose, it is quite important to note that this beard growth product does even more than just adding style to one’s beard. Apart from styling, the beard comb also reduces tangles and knots in the beard. It is also used to aid the distribution of beard oils and balms in the beard.

Also, the beard comb makes sure its user doesn’t miss any area of the beard that necessarily if one was using fingers to spread the oil, would miss.

Beard Combs Available In Nigeria

The Viking Revolution Pocket Beard Comb

Favorict (6 Pack) 5″ Comfortable Pocket Hair Comb Beard & Mustache Combs

I combed my hair, and now I’m fighting the beautiful women off!!! These things are amazing.

Solid strong pocket combs. The teeth were sharp and gouged into my scalp. So I ran a them over medium sandpaper to knock down the points and now they are perfect.


Beard Shampoo

Of the beard world, one of the most popular trends is the beard shampoo. The beard shampoo is specifically designed for the treatment of coarse beards.

It’s however important to note, that the beard shampoo is designed quite differently from the normal hair shampoo that we all see around.


Well,  the answer isn’t far fetched. The main reason is that the skin under the beard is very sensitive, even more than the scalp, thus, this shampoo is designed in such a way that the ingredients soothe and do not irritate the skin. It also provides relief from any form of beard discomfort, thus making the beard grow even more healthy.

In cases when the facial hair is too coarse, the growing process is really painful and uncomfortable for most men, and this is more of the reason why most guys shave within the first two months when the pain is getting unbearable.

However, they invent of shampoo has helped in cleaning the facial hair thoroughly, and also helps as much as possible in removing flakes, dirt and any other contaminants that are or can be trapped deep below the facial hairs.

This eventually results in a smoother and softer facial hair. Thus, reducing dandruff that can be accumulated in the beard. However, the beard can apparently appear to be costly, all you need is a very small quantity to properly work on your beard — most of these beard shampoo do not expire too early.

What’s then the difference between a regular shampoo and a beard shampoo?

It’s quite simple. A regular shampoo simply strips away all-natural oils present in the facial hair, while leaving the hair brittle and vulnerable to breakage.

A beard shampoo basically helps in moisturizing the facial hairs, which in turn reduce the lifespan of flakes in the beard.

Beard Shampoo Available In Nigeria

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard SHAMPOO

Don’t waste your money on all of those high dollar shampoo/conditioners. This item you are looking at right now, on your screen. Has the wash, shampoo, whatever you want to call it is hands down the best on the market. I have had my bar for almost 4 months now and here is what I have left. It goes a long way fellas.

Great beard shampoo, my face, and beard felt great after using it and you can feel it working right after you lather up with it. You will need to use beard oil after using this, as with all shampoos will dry out your beard the difference with this shampoo are the natural ingredients used to make it healthier.

Billy Jealousy Beard Wash

Beard Growth Products

Beard Soap

Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Basically, the main purpose of using a beard soap is to treat the hairs on one’s face, and also the skin on such face, and also to clean the hair follicles thereby making it free of debris.

However, apart from these treatments and cleansing, there are lots of other benefits that this beard growth product offers, to groom one’s beard effortlessly.

The capability of cleansing which the beard soap possesses is very important and should be the most paramount deciding factor when buying a beard soap in the market.

Also, the longer the beard, the more it becomes prone to harbouring debris, food particles, dirt, etc. However, the exfoliate ingredient present in the beard soap combines with water to form a lather, which makes it very easy to remove any form of dirt or debris trapped in the beard during the day.

Beard soap also helps in managing and keeping both the beard and the skin moisturized, thus allowing the facial hair to reflect healthiness.

In addition, it is no news that beard shampoo & frequent use of the shower aids the rapt removal of the natural oils present in the hair, however, quality and good beard soap would help in washing the beard without tampering with these oils. Please, this doesn’t give room to using beard soap in places where beard shampoo is required.

Voila! Beard soap also increases the volume of one’s beard. Yea! It does, Whilst also leaving your beard dried and free from any form of tangles.

The bead soap also gives you the assurance of combing your beard and without. Any repercussion of breakage. A quality beard soap will help you form a really nice lather, thus aiding deep penetration into the beard, and also too delicate skin areas below the beard.

Furthermore,  just like the other products discussed already, beard soaps also come with fragrance, which sometimes is overwhelming due to its close borders with the nose.

Thus, to be on the safer side, make sure to select a beard soap with either no fragrance or a fragrance that’s d enough that you’ll only get gentle hints of when applied.

Also, when choosing your choice of soap, it is important to note that the bigger the bar of the soap becomes, the larger the amount it will cost you. Yea, that’s the relationship involved. Remember also that the skin under the beard is very vulnerable to harsh ingredients, this it is advisable to purchase a beard soap with 100% natural ingredients, and also one that fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

Does Ustraa Beard Growth Oil Work?

Made with Redensyle, Ustraa Beard Growth oil does its job by working on the hair follicle stem cells and promotes hair growth. The fact it contains 8 different natural oils make it excellent not for vitamin E but also for renowned hair health.

Do Beard Growth Oil Work?

Using a beard growth oil won’t make the hair grow faster than it should be. Beard oils that contain unrefined oils such as Jojoba and undiluted argan oil will only create healthy conditions for proper beard growth.

Yes! beard growth oil work by creating a good condition for the growth of beard.

Should I Use Beard Oil Every day?

Beard oil can be used every day you can decide to apply it 1-3 times in a day. It will help promote hair growth and clean face.

What Oil To Use For Beard?

Beard oil helps hydrate skin, tame beard hair and soften hard ones; and it also double-duty as a styling agent. The beard oil you want to use should look shiny, groomed – not shaggy and flaky.

Conclusion on Beard Growth Products in Nigeria

So, it’s been a long, although not tiring journey so far. However, I’ll want you to know, that using one or more of the beard growth products stated in this article would effortlessly help you grow a thicker, healthier, inviting, and cleaner beard.

Its quite easier to scale past the dreaded first few months into grooming beards, when you make use of these beard growth products.

Keeping your beard well maintained and groomed is bliss! when you start to implement a few of these products into your daily grooming routine. Try it out, and come back sharing the testimony.

Keep bearding FAM!

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