10 Wahl Beard Trimmers to Buy on Amazon

Wahl Beard Trimmers

10 Wahl Beard Trimmers to Buy on Amazon: Are you looking for a way to trim or tame that blossoming, ever-growing beard of yours, then sincerely, you need to invest some money into getting a good beard trimmer — that’s the bitter truth many do not like to hear.

You see, beards have really gained an upstream of popularity over the past one decade, but it’s really saddening that their equivalent beard trimmers haven’t been able to keep up with its market — there are loads of low-quality trimmers out there in the market. However, all thanks to a couple of brand trimmers who still try to keep up with the ever growing market while simultaneously still giving out quality products; a perfect example of these brand is Wahl.

When you’re searching for a trimmer, there are lots of things to actually consider. Most importantly, the reason for getting the beard trimmer should be considered. Are you getting the trimmer to maintain your stubble daily? or just on occasions.

Any-which-way however, make sure you get a trimmer with high quality, affordable hybrids, trimmers with varying lengths, et al. A beard product brand that also fits into all these and more features/characteristics is the Wahl Beard Trimmers.

Thus, below, we’ll be looking into 10 of the Wahl beard trimmers available. However, please note that these trimmers listed here are all results of personal researches, experiences and lots of studies.

So without further stress, let’s delve into the list…

1) Lithium Ion Vacuum  Wahl Beard Trimmer

This trimmer can be regarded to as the most powerful beard vacuum trimmer ever produced by WAHL. This powerful walh beard trimmer is built to capture hairs in a Built-in chamber. This, in turn, ensures no mess occurring after the shave. It also ensures ease during the process of cleaning up.

This trimmer provides an adjustable vacuum intake, which aids in controlling the amount of suction. This device runs for a total period of 90 minute upon being fully charged. It however has a small smart led charger which serves as an indicator indicating the status of the charge.

Also, this motor comes with a 8 individual guide comb, alongside an adjustable 6-position guide comb for WAHL’s precision ground detachable blade head.

This beard trimmer comes with a 5 years warranty.


2) WAHL 7061-900 Smart Shave

Wahl Beard Trimmers

WAHL 7061-900 Smart Shave is a dual rechargeable lithium ion waterproof trimmer which comes with a very sleek and intelligent design, with a popup precision which is best for trimming and shaving — either wet or dry trim.

The trimmer is a long lasting one with a lithium ion technology which goes months between charging it and regular use. This trimmer is equipped with blade oil which is used to increase the lifespan of the blades, a charger, a styling guide, and a storage travel zipper pouch.

The trimmer lasts for a period of 90 minutes after a full charge, and can also be operated even during charging. Also, when not in use, the kind of technology employed in designing this trimmer helps in ensuring no loss of charge. It is environmentally smart, and also has a battery fuel meter which is used to show the exact amount of charge on the battery — it gives you a full shave with just a minute charge.

Smart Shave can be regarded as the most advanced shaver of WAHL. This trimmer gives you the best trimming experience as much as possible. Its actually waterproof, and gives a dial floating foil shaver head with patterns to lift and as well cut hairs irrespective of the direction in which they grow towards. In short, this trimmer offers you the best trim you want, and even with the fewest passes.


3) Wahl 9899-100 Lithium Ion Aqua 

Wahl Beard Trimmers

The Wahl Lithium Ion Aqua Blade Deluxe Wet/Dry Trimmer is a multipurpose all in one trimmer, shaver, detailer and groomer. It is an easily washable waterproof device, which is designed in such a way that maximum convenience and easy clean up is ensured.

This trimmer although its multi functionality, it works best for beard,  mustache and stubbles situated around the  nose, ears and mouth edges.

This product comes with 4 heads which are interchangeably, a precision T-Blade, a detailing blade, and a trimming blade, a charger, and 12 attachment guards.

With a single charge, this trimmer is capable of running for 3 hours non stop — it has a very long lasting power life, even when quick charged for 1 minute.


4) WAHL 7061-100 Lifeproof Shaver

Wahl Beard Trimmers

This is a trimmer of high impact, with a dual foil rechargeable lithium ion waterproof shaver with a popup precision ground trimmer which is best for trimming and shaving — either wet or dry. This trimmer is also shock resistant.

Its kit comes with a charger, styling guide, blade oil, and a storage travel zipper pouch.

This trimmer is made using a lithium ion plus rechargeable technology, which enables it to run for 90 minutes when fully charged. It has ensure no loss of charge when not in use, which makes it environmentally smart.

In addition, this trimmer has a shave dual floating foil shaver head with bidirectional hair intercept cutting bar for long hairs which provides an unbeatable shaving result all through. It is as well easy to clean up after use, because of the full stainless steel foils employed for its design.

This WAHL trimmer also features an accurate precision ground stainless steel trimmer which is used to provide perfect trimming results for ones beard and facial hair generally.

This trimmer is shockproof and waterproof. Comes with a 5-year warranty.


5) Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Grooming Kit

Wahl Beard Trimmers

This trimmer shows effortlessly the power of lithium, and a body of steel.

It is a sleek multipurpose trimmer which delivers an advanced lithium ion performance via an high technology design. This has however defied many laws of grooming and trimming, which in turn helps in fulfilling the unsatisfied need of a tool to perform loads of function, such as cutting, trimming, shaving, etc.

This product’s kind of design technology helps in delivering an unprecedented run time and power. This is as well complemented by a patented blade design and also a series of guide Combs which allows guys for all round grooming.

However, the interesting crust of this trimmer is its ability to provide up to four hours of use time. Twice the torque and also a one minute charge even for a 3 minutes use, is also one of the interesting thing about this device.

In simple words, this trimmer is a multipurpose one with a sophisticated slate finish stainless steel package, which gives a perfectly accurate result.


6) Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper

Wahl Beard Trimmers

Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is a premium hair trimmer designed with an advanced technology of lithium-ion. This is exclusively used to give it a long lasting performance.

This trimmer provides its users with a 2 hours run time without being plugged in power. Isn’t that really great!…in addition, this trimmer also undergoes a 10 minutes quick charge, and as well holds a charge up to a year — it stores charge when not in use.

This trimmer is also cordless, which aids convenience while using it, irrespective of the place you’re, and the time you want to use it.

Furthermore, the heavy duty motor in this trimmer, helps in providing at least 50% of more power, against the normal standard Wahl motors — this thus, doesn’t leave any room for snag cutting.

Are you seeking the best blades? Then this trimmer is the best solution! Its self sharpening precision ground blades help in cutting through all kinds of hair, irrespective of its kind, and yet still stays sharp and durable.

This trimmer’s kit includes multiple sizes of guide combs. This is used to ensure an easy at-home cuts. Also included are; storage case, and an easy to follow instruction booklet.

This product comes with a 2 Yeats warranty.


7) Wahl 79602 Elite Pro Haircutting Kit

Wahl Beard Trimmers

No long talks — this trimmer is Wahl’s best corded motor! It’s unarguable. Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Kit is their most powerful motor with even very high durability.

This is a trimmer with the finest precision self sharpening blades, which also possesses a variety of guide Combs with stainless steel attachment clips, which helps in helping its user with detailing, and also an effortless use of the motor.

These blades stay sharper over a longer period of time, which helps in cutting facial hairs relatively faster. Its sleek motor also ensures no-snag cutting…sleek!

The complete set of guide Combs that it comes with is another eye catcher. This gives you a smooth and easy haircutting. However, its grade material which is about 70% serves as an added plus for the trimmer which gives it even more strength.

This trimmer is made in the USA, and comes with a 2 year warranty.


8) Wahl 5560-2101 Ear Nose and Brow Wet/Dry Head Trimmer

Wahl Beard Trimmers

The Wahl 5560-2101 ear nose and brow wet/dry 2 head trimmer is just another Wahl product that will definitely leave you wowing. Quite small and simple, but I tell you, its delivery is not of this world….lol. Just wonderful!

It is a trimmer basically used for areas of a small surface area on the face. This areas includes the nose, ear, etc.

This trimmer possesses a dual interchangeable head which allows you to choose a reciprocating or better still, a rotary head. This helps a lot in aiding the removal of unwanted hair in the areas applied to.

This trimmer as well comes with blades which rinses clean under running water. That is, it is very easy to clean its blades. Also, the reciprocating heads is quite ideal for detailing. Such as detailing of eyebrows, sideburns, mustaches, et all.

All in all, this small but actually mighty trimmer comes with a Spanish/English manual. This is made so in order to ensure a good user friendliness.


9. Wahl 7061-500 Speed Shave

Wahl Beard Trimmers

Wahl 7061-500 Speed Shave is a fast, comfortable and convenient trimmer, which comes with a dual foil rechargeable lithium ion water proof shaver, including a popup precision ground trimmer which is best for shaving and trimming — either dry or wet shave.

Its long lasting lithium ion technology, improves it durability, which makes it able go months between charging and regular use. In its kit is a shaver, a charger, styling guide, and blade oil.

This trimmer posses a feature of running for a period of about 90 minutes after charging. This is however made possible by the inclusion of the Wahl lithium ion technology. This technology also ensures that this device has no memory problems, which makes the battery always have a full charge. This technology also indicates and informs when the device needs to be charged, and when charging is complete.

The Dual floating foil shaver included, also provides excellent results of shaving in all area applied upon. This trimmer is as well easy to clean up. All thanks to the fully washable steel foils employed.

Get a super fast and comfortable shave with Wahl’s SpeedFlex precision shaving foils!


10) Wahl Groomsman T-Pro Trimmer #9860-1101

Wahl Beard Trimmers

Wahl Groomsman T-Pro Trimmer #9860-1101 is just another sleek trimmer from Wahl, & would be the last on our list in this article.

This is a trimmer with an high impact casing, accompanied with a silicon rubber casing. Comes with a 3 guide comb set. These Combs are either used for fading, blending or trimming. These combs are included in order to ensure a very neat and inviting finish.

In addition, this trimmer also has a precision t-blade. This is to ensure a bump-free shaving, as well as beard trimming.

This trimmer is basically used to get short cuts.


Conclusion on Wahl Beard Trimmers

You see, facial hairs — beard precisely, is closely intertwined with the image you portray, and the personality you bear and reflect, thus the need to maintain its shape, and also its length is very important.

I’m pretty sure the 10 beard trimmers by Wahl, which has being listed above would help you out in this aspect. And perhaps you want to share your personal experience or thoughts about the above listed trimmers, or maybe we didn’t mention your favourite trimmer by Wahl, I’ll love to listen to you via the comment section.

Keep Bearding.


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