Best Beard Oil Review: All You Need To Know In 2021

Best Beard Oil Review: In recent years, the beard oil industry has experienced a massive boom in sales a turn of event that has brought to life the decades-long saying about beard business being a good business.

Even more pleasing to the beard oil firms is the fact that millennials are starting to do away with shaving sticks as the majority of men in the 21st century prefers to sport a beard as a complement to their style or for religious reasons.

Before now, women are the ones in the best position to tell it all about how hard it is to leave without products, now, men are beginning to see things from that perspective as fashion-conscious men who are in the know of the miraculous effect of beard oils have endeared most of these products from different firms to themselves.

Statistically speaking, startup beard oil firms have been known to go from a garage firm to a big one in no time at all as sales keep coming in from interested men and ladies who want their men to also look trendy and classy.

The secret to outclassing the competition as a beard oil firm is what you have to offer, some beard oil companies sell off their products in no time at all as they offer a product that gives a total makeover to men with just strands of facial hair and turns them into men with fully blown facial hair.

The growth statistics of the beard oil business shot through the roof at the same time a change in men’s shaving habit took a drastic turn from an all-time high to an all-time low and according to a U.S based research facility’s findings, it has been noted that 39% of men living in the United States have facial hair, doesn’t matter if it’s only a strand or a fully blown facial hair, a beard is a beard.

That coupled with the fact that the percentage of men who don’t shave at all across all ages stands at 20%. There is a wild guess about an expected rate of growth in the beard oil business by the year 2020 and it is one that is expected to take up the estimated market value of the beard growth oil industry to around $4 billion as at the aforementioned year.

One would expect that the shaving trend will hurt the razor market and favour the beard growth oil market but the amazing part of all these is the fact that both markets have remained balanced as the downward shaving trend has not in any way impacted the market negatively as men with beards still make a purchase of shaving tools to trim and keep their beards in shape.

One market that is however at the receiving end of these tremendous changes is products like aftershave and moisturizers and as predicted by a researcher the newly cultivated habit of keeping beards is a trend that is here to stay for decades as that is now considered as the new cool.

The logic behind the longevity of the beard gang trend is one that is easy to decode as both young and old men alike key into the fact that well-groomed beards can augment and enhance a man’s look with no extra efforts.

Beard Growth Oil

Beard growth oil otherwise known as beard oil products is an oil extract of one or more types of oil such as seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, argan oil grapeseed oil etc.

These oils are not the everyday type of oil that you see in the grocery store, the beard growth oil is one that can be divided into two broad categories, the essential oil, and carrier oils, they can be used individually or blended together to tackle facial hair problems like sensitive skin, itching, patchy beards, dryness, beard-ruffs, and the likes.

Beard growth oil products work similarly to hair conditioners as the hair goes deep down to the hair follicle to perform its own magic.

Beard oils usually have a unique cologne to them and being that it is impossible to please everyone with a singular act, bearded men who felt the scent in the beard oil is a little off-putting and unnecessary clamour for a change in that aspect and as of now, scented as well as unscented and effective beard oils can be gotten off the shelf in your local cosmetic store or off the internet.

For the scented versions of beard growth oil products, choices available to users range from a strong masculine scent to a natural one, an artificial scent and something in between too soft and too strong.

Scented beard growth oil products for some men have eliminated the need for a separate cologne or an aftershave product and it is never a wrong move for those looking to save some extra bucks.

Benefits of beard growth oil

Beard growth oil is practically a moisturizer that goes deep down to the roots of the facial hair, not just for a glistering effect but also to prevent the facial hair from the harmful effects of harsh weather conditions like the extreme heat and cold.

Regular application of beard oil products acts as an agent of prevention for facial hair antagonists like dandruff, skin dryness and flaking. Some brands of beard growth oil even go the extra mile to include a few other vitamins or nutrients such as the vitamin E and the rest.

Asides growing some more facial hair, the skin beneath the beards gets shielded away from the irritation of any sort and itchiness. Even better, beard oil makes facial hair more manageable, neat and kind of smooth. Asides having a beard that is healthy and free of any ills, you get an additional bonus of a glistering look.

Effective application of beard oil products is really an easy one as all you have to do is wait until after a shower or after cleansing your face with water or some other cleaning agents.

This is because, when you apply beard oil after the day’s work, you might only get the glistering look and not a full-blown beard as the skin pores as at that time are closed, the pores only open for maximal absorption of the beard oil and it’s ingredients when it comes in contact with lukewarm, cold or warm water.

The chemical components otherwise referred to like the makeup of beard oil products is one that was carefully selected by a team of intellectuals who sampled lots and lots of ingredients before arriving at one that can emulate the natural oil secretion of the skin, this oil secretion is generally regarded as sebum.

Carrier oils present in most beard oil products contain vital vitamins A, and E alongside linoleic acids and low-level oleic acids. Other components for added spice as in scent and cologne are infused to the beard oil to further enhance its properties and aroma.

Scented beard oil products either make use of synthetic or natural flavour to lure the interest of bearded men who are looking to grow more facial hair.

Naturally scented beard oil products derive their cologne from essential oils, extracts, and absolutes while synthetic products, on the other hand, compose of different chemical compounds with even more benefits to the user.

Synthetically scented beard oil products do well to enhance functionalities such as antibacterial, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory agents. These beard oil products are therapeutic in nature but they need to go through an approval process by the FDA.

Until now, beard oils are made of a perfect blend of carrier and essential oils or their byproducts like the extracts of the aforementioned oils and these beard growth oils are formulated in a way that they help condition both the skin beneath the facial hair and the facial hair itself.

The most popular of the wide variety of carrier oils are saffron, coconut, argan, grape seed, and jojoba. These oils add a natural fragrance to the beard oil blend, however, there are some other added benefits attached to the usage of these oils in beard oil products and some experts have argued that the aromatherapy benefits of these oils top the list of all its goodness.

A blend of essential oils and carrier oils are a necessary evil as the former when used alone in a product can harbour side ills like skin irritation and chemical burns and to solve this problem is the reason why the essential oils are usually paired up with carrier oils in beard growth hair products.

Long before beards became the new cool, bearded men have been known to get all the attention in a room to themselves and this has been ongoing for a while before millennials became woke about the masculinity of facial hair.

The thing about being bearded is that you keep turning heads everywhere you go regardless of the occasion, add an element of surprise by sporting a well-groomed and healthy-looking beard, you’ll literally feel people’s eyes on you throughout the day.

When the direct opposite is the case and your beard is rough, patchy or dry, you’ll feel that against your face and the urge to get the razor to do the needful will constantly pop in your mind.

As mother luck will have it, there are products which can help with not so great looking beards and they are generally known as beard oils. Beard oils are mostly packed with conditioning ingredients such as the argan oil, jojoba oil, and the grapeseed oil, experts have argued that these oils are essential for maintaining a great looking facial hair.

Thing is, most men do not believe there is a need for them to get any facial hair enhancing products and as such take their chances with mother nature and the human DNA but men who have been in the dark about this needs to know that men’s facial hair needs the same amount of attention as the hair on the head.

The old saying that “action is louder than voice” is the reason why most men who haven’t used a beard oil product before will not even believe any of this works and to that effect, here are three tips that might change your mindset about the usage of beard oil products.

Beard oils moisturize the skin and facial hair

Just as water keeps the human body hydrated, so does beard oils acts as an agent that brings about hydrated skin and tamed beard.

Best time to apply beard oil is immediately after a face wash

As aforementioned and as several studies have revealed, the best time to apply a beard oil product is when your skin pores are open and ready to absorb whatever you throw at them.

Application of beard oil is recommended immediately after a bath on the morning or almost immediately after facial cleansing. When looking to care for your facial hair and the beard beneath it, there’s a need to keep in mind that if you live in a dry or cold climate, moisturization is needed for effectiveness.

Beard oil application is never about how much oil you apply, it is mostly about judiciously making use of a few drops. The beard oil product can be rubbed on your palm then massaged unto your hair for maximal effect, this way, the product gets to every hair strand and the skin beneath the beards.

Beard oil gives a unique smell to your beard

Asides a cologne that is unique, you also get to live with a beard that is beardruff free. This cologne is mostly natural as they are gotten from the inclusion of certain essential oils like the sandalwood and the cedarwood.

Where to buy Beard Oil Near You

Where to buy beard oil in all three counties, United Kingdom, United States, and Nigeria, is a bit similar and that is the reason why there is no separate section for them.

Beard oil products, either natural or chemical, can be gotten off the shelf of a cosmetic shop, skincare stores, online malls as well as used items listing sites.

What are the major recipes of beard oil

Beard oil products majorly comprise two types of oil; carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier oils

can be likened to a building’s foundation as they are the very base the beard oil in its entirety is all about as they dilute essential oils, making them more potent and the beard oil in itself harmless to the skin.

As a matter of fact, when undiluted essential oil comes in contact with your skin, it can lead to some sort of skin irritation and burning.

Out there on the market, there are varieties of carrier oils, each to its own benefits and most, if not all, can be characterized with a faint scent, one that is not as strong as the cologne found in essential oils.

The most common, most used in beard products and widely available essential oils for those looking to go the DIY path includes jojoba, sweet almonds, and coconut oils.

Carrier Oils and their benefits

Argan oil is a non-greasy oil that softens up and protects the skin against physical signs of ageing like wrinkles and the likes. The oil got from a tree native to Morocco, the argan tree.

The non-greasy nature of the argan oil is the reason why it is included in almost every hair and skincare products. The presence of fatty acids in the oil help bring balance to the secretion of natural oils in the skin.

Even better, the oil is rich in Vitamin E, an agent that helps with hair growth alongside prevention and repair of split ends.

Jojoba oil is almost similar to the Argan oil and it is the closest to the human’s body natural sebum which is why most manufacturers of skincare products include the jojoba oil in their creation as it has a record of being skin-friendly regardless of colour, race or skin type.

Jojoba oil helps at preventing acne as it creates a balance in the skin’s oil production. The other amazing benefit of opting for a beard oil product with jojoba oil in it is the oil’s ability to help with new growth, strengthening of hair and prevention of hair breakage.

Sweet Almond oil does a good job at preventing in-grown hairs and keeping inflammation at bay. The texture of the sweet almond oil is one that is light thereby making it gentle on the skin.

The hair gets conditioned and softened by the sweet almond oil, even better, the oil protects the hair against breakage of any form and it’s richness in minerals like zinc, calcium and magnesium guards against loss of hair.

Castor oil is one that helps with increased hair growth as it is high in Vitamin E and a few fatty acids which is great hair support for better growth ratio and increased hair strength. Castor oil contains antibacterial and anti-fungal agents that help fight against beardruff.

Coconut oil acts as a natural moisturizer with a side quest of also hydrating the skin which makes it great for people in dry environments.

Hazelnut oil helps with the prevention of acne and eczema.

Hemp seed is another of the many moisturizing oils that keep the facial hair away from going brittle.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be mostly extracted from seeds, stems, flowers and basically every other part of a plant. Essential oils are almost everywhere, take for instance when you peel an orange and squeeze out the juice, the residue does contain some essential oil.

The potency of essential oils is one that can be picked up by the nostrils because of the scent that accompanies them, cologne aside, essential oils have some other benefits for a beard oil product as a whole.

Essential oils have been around for a very long time as they have some medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Here are a few essential oils and their benefits

Lavender is an essential oil that helps relieve dry scalp and prevention of dandruff as lavender itself contains some antimicrobial properties.

Cedar-wood basically helps with even circulation on the scalp, an act which helps stimulate new growth. This amazing essential oil helps with keeping beard itching and dandruff at bay.

Rosemary is also an essential oil that helps with circulation in the scalp alongside the promotion of hair growth and healing process which helps with swelling, itching, and puffiness.

Lemongrass oil helps to strengthen hair follicles and guard against hair loss and breakage.

Ylang Ylang for one helps with hair growth and keeping the oil level in the skin balanced, the oil does all these so well because it stimulates the scalp.

Some other essential oils that are mostly used for the sweet cologne they possess are the vanilla oil, tea tree, sage oil, rosewood oil, sage oil, clove oil, sandalwood oil, bay rum etc. Asides the essential oils featured in this section, there is a host of others that can be easily gotten with the right price for the commodity.

Beard Oil for Black men

 When it all boils down to shaving and grooming of facial hair for black men of all backgrounds, they are often faced with some sort of complexities unique to their colour and this is because of the nature of their hair a one that is coarse, thick and curly.

These characteristics of a black man’s hair make it prone to ingrown hairs that over time evolve into painful and beauty declining bumps.

Facial hair for black men goes deep beyond trying to prove they can grow some beards too. For the ego, it’s entirely a different ball game for them as growing a beard for black men means trying to cut corners by choosing the razor bumps preventive options rather than have bumps and struggle with low self-esteem and the bills to have bumps surgically removed.

Beard oils can be effectively used to hydrate beards and the skin under it after thorough cleansing. These select beard oils for black men can also be used by black men looking to guard against ingrown hair and inflammation.

To attain and maintain a shiny beard, natural oils like grapeseed, apricot and jojoba oils should be utilized to achieve this effect.

These oils are safe to use on black skins as they have been known to be friendly to the skin, even better, the scented versions help you to stay on budget as you no longer have to spend fortunes on cologne and other products available to give a manly scent.

Still on beard oil scents and cologne, for black men looking to smell nice just by having drops of a beard oil product in their facial hair should look into having a product that is blended from natural active ingredients so as to save your skin from getting irritated, reddish or inflamed.

Essential oils especially are way better than fragrances and if you’re looking to enhance your beard growth for the first time ever, or you’ve taken a break from the beard gang cult and you’ve recently found your way back, it is important that you stick to a beard oil that works for the first six weeks of your journey.

Building a solid beard foundation goes a long way in telling how much facial hair you’re to expect in the coming months.

The internet of things has made growing and grooming of beards easy peasy as there are tons of articles on the internet on how to grow and manage your beards with beard oil and other needed products.

As someone with enough information and knowledge about how all these works, you need to be particular about the quality of ingredients used in these products as the makeup of a beard product do make a difference.

Ingredients wise, there are two main types that can be used in a beard oil product, synthetic ingredients, and natural ingredients.

Synthetic beard oil

Majority of the beard oils on the market today are made of synthetic. This loosely means they comprise of a slimy texture that mimics oil, one which can be referred to as silicon and as it stands in today’s world, an imitation will always be an imitation regardless of how well the inferior product imitates the original.

Beard oils with synthetic makeup are produced en-mass as the materials are dirt cheap and it’s been bought off the market by ignorant beard lovers who are lured by the fact that it gives the beard a slick feel, an effect which has blinded them to the more dangerous side effect, a dehydrated beard.

Silicone is also a material reputed to be thick and heavy on beards with a tendency to leave a stubborn residue that is capable of blocking the pores in the skin, making them unable to absorb the necessary nutrients.

This singular act will leave any bearded man, not just blacks, with a dry looking and interwoven facial hair.

Natural beard oil

Natural beard oil, on the other hand, is the direct opposite of the synthetic beard oil that clogs your pores and negatively affect the growth of your hair and there is no right-thinking black man that will choose the synthetic over this.

The texture of the beard oil is one that is in every way similar to the sebum secreted by the body to support the facial hair. This is the more reason why the natural beard oil is suitable for black men looking to sport a beard as it helps the skin pores breathe and keep the moisture in the beard.

Bearded celebrities all over the world who are always ready to stand in front of the camera with their well-groomed beards have a secret of making use of natural beard oils to keep them going in their beard journey.

Here is a list of some beard oils you can make use of like a bearded black man:

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