Beard Success Story: I Groomed My Beards In 4 Months

My name is Iroegbulam Ikechukwu and I studied at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. I am Currently serving in Oyo State. This is my beard success story.

My Beard Gang Story

I have not always been a hairy person so I never thought I could not grow beards. I have always admired my coursemates with beards. My beard journey began in 400 level while in school, then I only had strands of hair as my goatee. I decided to start keeping it, carving it instead of barbing it and I pampered it a lot then. I remember my close friend told me to stop wasting my time that my beards will never grow. He referred to it as armpit hair and Funnily enough, he was beardless like me then and is still beardless till now.

My breakthrough came during IT time. I stayed in Abuja for six months, and during that time I made a resolve not to barb my hair in other to help grow my beards. I searched the internet for beards growth tips. I followed some instructions, for example, eating well etc. I bought a cream too to help. So after my IT year, I had a different look altogether. My friends and coursemates couldn’t believe I was the same person.

During that six months, I looked like the devil because my hair was very bushy but I didn’t care cos I was determined to get those beards and I have no regrets today. Funnily enough, I have helped people to groom and grow their beards.

beard success story
See the Massive Transformation

How did family and friends accept my new look?

My friends admired my new look and everybody wanted to know what I did, the secret and all that. It gave me a more masculine look. My family were cool with it, just occasional jokes and all that. For instance, my mum always threatened to cut my beards off with a razor blade while sleeping but deep down she liked it and just wanted me to always keep it neat and carved.

Currently now, whenever I do a video call with her, the first thing she always says is “your beards are growing every day” My dad was indifferent about it because he kept beards too while in his younger days. We have never even talked about my beards.

Is there a beard discrimination against bearded people?

Well, I never taught people to discriminate or have something against bearded people until I went to serve my fatherland. The first day I went to my PPA, the Principal of the school I was posted asked me to shave my beards according to him it made me look like a Muslim and a terrorist.

I made it clear to him from the start that I would never shave my hard earned beards for anybody, told him I won’t even trim it for anything. He couldn’t do anything but occasionally made remarks about it but I cared less.

Back then in school, in my final year. We had a lecturer who had a thing against beards. According to him, bearded people are children of Osama Bin Laden. You dare not enter his class with full beards but as guys, we couldn’t shave our beards ooh so we always found a way to do it but most times we were sent out of the class.

Now looking at this two scenarios you will find out its a thing of mentality and dangers of a single story because a certain group of people who maim people for a living keep beards does not mean every young man out there who decides to groom his beards is a terrorist. Sometimes too it could be Jealousy who knows?

Do I think ladies love bearded guys?

Lol actually I have never seen a girl who hates bearded guys, rather I have seen girls who cannot date a guy without beards. A female friend of mine refers to guys without beards as lesson teachers, Lol. Sometimes too, they just want a neat beard, not those bushy ones. So, it all boils down to taking good care of your beards. Beards are playthings for ladies.

How do I take care of my beards?

I shape my beards every two weeks. Some will say keeping beards is money consuming but it’s worth it. Then, I also use a beard cream to make it soft. Most important thing is to eat well, when you eat well you won’t have any problem maintaining, grooming and growing your beards.

What is the future for my beards

I will keep my beards till they turn grey. I will rock it in old age. It’s like an identity to me. I don’t really think anything will make me shave my beards off entirely. Come to think of it, grooming beards prevent one from having razor and clipper bumps. That’s something I would never want to have.

Advice for people with beards?

Its no longer a hidden fact that people will discriminate against us, in schools, workplaces etc. The thing is we shouldn’t let it get to us, always know your rights, read rules and regulations (a company might have it in their rules not to employ bearded people) and finally keep your beards neat and well trimmed. When you have a neat beard nobody will ask you to shave it.
Everything balls down to taking care of your beards, if you know you can’t take care if it then no need growing it.

Beards are beauty, that’s the only make up we have.

Is Keeping Beards Fashion or Style?

Aren’t they the same thing?

To me, keeping beards is more like fashion to me. It’s the only make up we are allowed as guys to have. So it completes a Man, separates the men from the kids. Men who keep beards are legends and beards have nothing to do with the personality of an individual. A criminal Will always be a criminal irrespective of beards

Beard Cream?

In Abuja, I used a herbal cream called hair booster. It was recommended to me by someone in the office where I worked. I am sure it worked because my pictures are here to prove it.

Meanwhile you can get the hair booster on Jumia by clicking this link.

I have stopped using the cream since last year after I achieved the desired results. But now occasionally I just rub “hair wonder ” to help groom my beards.

Would I like to be a part of mybeardgang community?

Yes, but would like to know what it entails.

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