Beard Discrimination | Whose Side Are You On?

Beard Discrimination – It’s really hard to keep facial hair in this country because we are stereotypical people, we also find fault in the little things and we are constantly trying to stand on one side of something, argument or theory. No matter how silly you consider a topic to be, or how sure you are about something be a type of way, there is always someone willing to argue with you for the sake of it. We play this game of right or wrong where every topic/subject is entitled to its own… councillor (say lawyer) a very good example is the case for beards. Do you have beards?

Muslims brother and sisters like you because you look like an Alfa [(Alfa = Islamic teacher) also I get freebies from my Muslim people]

Oh! You’ve got beards?

Then some Christians don’t like you because you look like an Alfa. A lot of suggestion from people for you to cut your goatee or lower it when they are not the one who grew it, I’ll quote Indie Arie ” I am not my hair”. Beards itself is a religion. But it’s always being associated with a religion rather than region. It should be noted that some regions keep facial hair than others may be due to weather or climatic change because you’ll find out that animals in some region tend to grow more fur than some other region.

(Ok I’ll like to add this paragraph from Wikipedia “From an evolutionary viewpoint the beard is a part of the broader category of androgenic hair. It is a vestigial trait from a time when humans had hair on their face and entire body like the hair on gorillas. The evolutionary loss of hair is pronounced in some populations such as indigenous Americans and some East Asian populations, who have less facial hair, whereas people of European or South Asian ancestry and the Ainu have more facial hair.”)

I remember an incident where some sister was saying that I am a Christian that I should cut my goatee, aarh (it didn’t end like that I also asked her if she had seen Jesus or Samson or David.)

I am also of the opinion that the man who associated clean shave with being looking smart couldn’t grow beards. [It is my argument if you disagree you are either one of them or you work for one, inserts the meh face (emoji)].

Then again I am reminded of the movie “a thousand ways to die in the west” where facial hair (“moustache”) was considered as a sign of social significance and only the rich and elite could afford the luxury beard care products. The lead actor was in the store because he lost his girlfriend to the moustache cream store owner, (I think my favourite part was when he brought out a dollar and the people had not seen a dollar before).

Also along the time beards came back to fashion, because people grow beards for different reasons, people started growing beards because it was the go-to fashion of the moment, but I feel it has lasted more due to the fact that the before and after of men with beards is hilarious, (you can Google the pictures of James Hayden, and Arda Turan). Then the movies, Mordecai with the moustache and also the 300 soldiers of Sparta, I feel the beards also helped convey the confidence and character of the king “Leonidas”. A very strong army you would say. But as of now, most military offices maintain the rule for a clean shave.

According to Wikipedia, Depending on the country and period, facial hair was either prohibited in the army or an integral part of the uniform. For example, the French Foreign Legion’s combat engineers are all required to be bearded.

An issue that is more complicating is the issue of Nigerians impersonating the military with their dry chin (military because no one wants to be associated with the police), impersonation is a punishable crime by law, people go to the extent of adorning the military colours because they have a clean shave for the claim. You are in traffic and you see commotion like regularly, with the usual slogan of “Do you know who I am?!” Everyone wants to be considered Oga, bringing out Kobokos (whip) chasing the Danfo/Okada rider that scratched your car. The other Okada riders come together to pick their guys’ side because they are never caught on the side of wrongdoing, they are all right-handed, my friend said they are preferable to the Napep drivers these days. He said Okada rider are like ants while the Napep drivers are like mice trying to displace you on a queue.

But whose side would you rather be on this beard discrimination issue? You can pick one, but I’ll rather be myself through any situation, I want a beard and I’ll have it, and not shave to make an impression, and should you desire a clean shave before you offer me job or acquire my services, then you just don’t value my ability enough or know how gifted and dedicated I am.

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