Why We Need To Build My Beard Gang Community

My Beard Gang Community – Do you admire the Beard gang community? Would you like to join? What are you waiting for? Give your beard trimmer a break and join the reigning crew of bearded men.

It took a while for the Beard gang community to finally came on board and when it finally did, is taking the world by storm. Gone are those days when men with beards are perceived to be on the negative end of life. In the 80’s and 90’s a man with a beard may be seen as unclean, lazy and irresponsible. The clean- chin baby-faced guys ruled and grabbed all the attention.

Fast forward to 2018 the table has turned, A beard is a signal of masculinity, respect, affluence and wisdom( though this doesn’t always hold true). It is also the latest fashion trend for guys, Apart from the authority a beard has, it is even more appealing to the females. Female perceive the Beard as sexy. Afterall who doesn’t want to roll with a man of Authority?.

The clean faced guys are on the run, more natural hair products are highly in demand, especially that of the Beard men. Surveshowows that male hair products are sold faster than those of the females.

Finally, the men are beginning to take their look seriously.

With the Beard gang community becoming a “thing” in the society and also with everyone looking to join, it will surely be a thing for the present and future. Things may change though, but till that happen the Beard gang rocks for now!

Our celebrities have identified this, they’ve joined the campaign as well. Social media platform like Instagram is flooded with beard gang. More numbers are joining the crew, more baby-faced men are on the run. No one wants to be left out.

No wonder the entertainment industry is flooded with beard men – Phyno, Davido, Blossom Chukwujekwu, OC Ukeje, RMD and lots more. With the rate this is going, Our razor blade and shaving sticks may soon go on strike. Or what do you think?

With all the heavy beard men making a stamp of authority on social media, we take a look at how they influence the society. Does it truly make sense to be a part of my beard gang community? Do we have to swap the ‘Babyface Gang ‘ For the Beard? Hold on a sec, let’s find out.

Reasons why we need to build my beard gang community

Health Benefits

Many people want to grow a beard because it is the thing now. They follow the trend without knowing the essence or benefit that comes with it. The benefit most people focus on is the attention the beards get especially from the ladies. You may be surprised to know that your beard is doing more than that.

For those prone to allergies like Asthma, the Beard, especially your moustache works in your favourite, it acts as a protection from dust and acts as a filter which prevents the allergens from coming in contact with your body.

A beard doesn’t just beautify your face it also protects your skin from the harmful UV from the sun which can cause skin cancer and dryness. It acts as a moisturizer which keeps your skin well oiled preventing dryness. The Beard act as a protection against skin infection like rashes, eczema, pimples.

If you pause for a minute and think, you will realise that guy’s without beard are prone to more skin infection that those with Beard. It is hard to find pimples growing under a Beard. The more care and attention you give, the more infections Run away from you.

Apart from the protection it gives to the skin, Beards prevent Acne. If you shave Regularly, you have a chance of getting acne but with a Beard, chances are that you have a clean skin under your chin. Constant Shave also results in the area where the hair grows becoming darker. Men who shave regularly are observed to have the colour of the skin under their chin to become darker than the rest of their body.

If you like to keep a baby face, before you shave that beard off you may want to have a rethink. While you may not be comfortable having hair around your face, it doesn’t have to be bulky like Rick Ross’s, a clean beard like John Legend’s will do. You can trim every day to keep every stand in place.

Now you know the Beard-gang aren’t messing around with their Health. Health is Wealth!

Men of wisdom

I totally agree with this, a bearded man is now perceived as responsible and worthy of leadership. This isn’t always true, but this is what the society thinks. Fair enough you can’t blame them for this. Men of wisdom in the holy books- Moses, Muhammed and Aaron were heavily beard.

In Islamic countries, a man with a beard is seen as a keen believer and follower of Islam.

This made me flash back at an event that happened in the past – I was walking down the road one sunny afternoon with my friend who happens to have a Drake-like beard. On our way we met a group of young boys fighting, out of concern we decided to settle the dispute between them. I was the first to step forward, I tried to bring them apart but to no avail but when my friend shouted ‘stop’ they all stood still like they were under a spell. They took him more serious than I, which got me thinking. I then figured that it was because of the thick beards that he was wearing (while mine was struggling with patchy facial hairs here and there) that made him command such respect and acknowledgement from the fighting gang.

Apart from the above, ladies also perceive a man with Beard as more responsible and ready to show commitment in a relationship. A clean faced guy is seen as a playboy or the unserious type. If you’re searching for your missing rib, better grow a beard before you lose her to someone with beards. Don’t say I didn’t warn you Bro! **Funny right**? It is just the way it is now!

The Beard comes with a lot of responsibility, in a community of men, the one with Beards is seen as the natural head. As more men grow beards, it means they’ve come in term with the responsibility that follows. They will be forced to become more responsible in the society.

The good news is that the Beard gang aren’t a group of just Bearded men, a lot of them are responsible, influential, educated and knowledgeable. Before you think of joining the Crew, you may want to work on yourself a bit so you won’t get rejected. With the Beard gang community, our hope of having more responsible men would be fulfilled.

Public Acceptance of Facial hair

The days when men with Beard were frowned upon is long gone, the facial hair is gaining more attention, the emergence of the Beard gang community will only strengthen that.

They’ve shown that contrary to people’s belief, a Beard man is a responsible member of the society and not a nuisance. Prior to now, Beard men were often ignored during job interviews and office positions. The Beard was a bone of contention for them, this resulted in a clean face than the Beard. Apart from the problem faced by a Beard man in place of work, the society sees them as ‘criminals’ or not well groomed.

The Beard gang have proven that a man can look sexy with Beards, women fall heads over heels for such men. They are irresistible. To keep the public off their trail, the Beard is given more attention than ever before. Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance than the female. Females were known to be fashion forward in the past, not anymore. Both parties invest in their looks these days.

With the trend making waves, the public will have no choice than to accept them. With time it won’t matter if you have a Beard or not, All men will be judged by character and not by the hair sitting on their face.

While the “Movember” movement supports the moustache rather than the Beard, it still shows that the public are finally in support of the facial hair and oppositions are slowly retiring.

For people who do not know what the Movember means don’t worry I’ve got YOU.

Movember is a movement initiated to show support and create awareness for men health issues such as postrate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. To show your support for this movement, you’re expected to shave off all facial hair including the Beard on the 1st of November and grow a mustache instead. Your razor blades and clippers are to go on a 30 day strike during this period. It is nicknamed – ‘No Shave November’. The Beard gang community may soon come up with their own to show their support also. ‘Bovember’ won’t be a bad idea. This isn’t a thing yet but you can’t write this off.

I can see you are shaking your head in agreement already! Not to worry, the beard gang community will get there.

More Sexiness and Attraction

While the sexiness of a beard kept popping up at various phase on this page, there is no better time than Now! to finally address it.

The Question goes – Does a Beard make a man more sexy? Do men look hotter with a Beard?.

The Answer is a thunderous Yes!  I’m not making this up, this fact is also backed by science. Your Bearded friends must have told you at some point to grow a beard and see the difference. Still doubting? Maybe is high time you got yourself up and accept the fact that women adore men with beard. They love the ‘Beard’ thing and can’t seem to get hold of themselves when a man with it comes asking them out. The Beard act as a magic wand that they just can’t help but say “yes” to their proposal.

If this doesn’t sound convincing enough, Science is always the best provider of answers. This fact is 100% backed by science. Scientist explained that a man with Beard is more attractive than those without.

You don’t agree? Well, put your argument on the table and let’s sort this out once and for all.

Surveys conducted indicates that a higher percentage of women find medium Beard length as attractive. Heavy beard, light stuble and clean shaves were less attractive. A beard with at least 10 days growth falls in the attractive zone.

Apart from it sexiness, women perceive a man with a beard as more masculine and provide security in a relationship. They are seen as better candidates and seen as natural Father to their children. Clean shaved guys are deemed ‘Unserious’ by a larger percentage.

Don’t argue with me for writing this, argue with the women who confirmed this.

While the authority that comes with Facial hair isn’t confirmed, it can be linked to past great men who rocked it – William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Spartacus, Karl Marx, and Blackbeard had something in common: Power, Authority and Beards.

No suprise the females think the same way. If you were in their shoes you will likely do the same. Men are seen as the protector of women, so, if you go around looking like a chicken-hearted Fellow, you are more likely going to get turned down alot of times.

Spice your face up with a Beard, If you’re still contemplating, No problem though, continue with your thoughts as your fellow Beard buddies get all the Good chicks.

The Beard gang aren’t just well grommed and sophisticated, they are also Sexy and Every woman’s “Dream man”.

Promote personal hygiene

Though joining the Beard gang sound appealing to people, you stand to reap lots of benefit. It actually comes with some implication. Grooming a beard needs constant attention. If you want a superb beard you need to invest both time and energy. The worst part is that it takes alot of patient to get your beard to the desire length.

Having a beard makes you more conscious of your body, you don’t want a beard that harbours dirt and bacteria. Some guys go around with a dirty looking beard, this isn’t the aim of a Beard-gang. Neatness comes first. Invest in comb and brush as well as natural hair products. Fortunately, you can find a host of them in the market.

With a beard, you know you have to take your bath and trim the hairs regularly. Before going out or heading to work, run your comb through your Beard to give it that dazzling look. If your beard looks awful, ladies will run away from you instead of getting attracted. A beard is serious Business.

The Beard gang community is here to stay and proving to be a force to reckon with. It is important that you are a part of the beard gang community. The World Beard Day 2018 is on the first Saturday in 2018 and it is important that we come together as a community to meet, network and chill. Do you want to be a part of my beard gang community? Drop a comment below, and follow mybeardgang on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We will find you and keep in touch!

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