How To Choose A Beard Trimmer in 2018

How to choose a beard trimmer in 2018 – There are a lot of buddies out there, who are confused on how to choose a beard trimmer but don’t worry you just open the perfect content that will guide you on how to choose a perfect beard trimmer. If you are a fan of the beard gang or you have a beard, then you likely know how valuable it can be to have the right arsenal of trimmers for a beard, which must always be available at hand in your bathroom.

When surfing the net or moving around that store to pick a beard trimmer, you must have this in your mind, “will this beard trimmer give me the good performance to produce an optimal look” if a beard trimmer can’t give you this optimal look you seek, then that a big NO for the beard trimmer. The main importance of any beard trimmer you come across is to tame the beast that is growing unpredictably on your face.

Without a beard trimmer for your beard, I bet you won’t like your look within few months, when you have the right beard trimmer you can accomplish any look you wish for, ranging from being a sophisticated gentleman to burly lumberjack or anything in between. Any man who loves his beard, one of his necessity is a quick clean up routine of his beards in the mornings, or to endeavour a new and ambitious beard style.

According to most research books and platforms, beards have historically been a symbol of masculinity, a study by the Australian researcher Barnaby Dixson published in Behavioural Ecology says that both men and women associate a higher social status to bearded men.

We have gone into stores and surfed over 200 pages on a different search engine to come up with this terrific result on how to choose a beard trimmer in 2018.

Below are all the questions you need to ask yourself about the models you are considering.  You need to abide by each criterion here and make sure to narrow down your selection of the best trimmer for men with ease, in other to know how to choose a beard trimmer.

How to choose a beard trimmer – What is the Beard trimmer made from?

 Any trimmer out there should be made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, and have a good construction. This will help you to know if it is a reliable model and if it will last for the long haul.

How to choose a beard trimmer – What type of trimmer do you want?

There are majorly two types of the trimmer, Cordless or Corded trimmer, you should consider how long it takes to charge and also does it have a quick charge function in case you travel a lot, or just want an electric beard trimmer model with high maneuverability, then a cordless model might be the way to go for you. In some situations where your bigger priorities are infinite battery and higher horsepower, you need to go for a corded trimmer.

How to choose a beard trimmer – When do you tend to trim your beard?

Some buddies love to trim their beard before shower, so you can be they can do the clean up at once if you are part of this gang then one designed for dry trimming will serve you much better but if you tend to trim your beard after a shower, then you’d want one intended for wet trimming.

If you aren’t in the two options, then you must fall into the categories of the men who do their grooming whenever they look in the mirror and realize they need to trim their beard. The suitable type of trimmer for this men are trimmers that can switch between modes.

How to choose a beard trimmer – How long do I like my facial hair?

All the beard trimmers have been set with different length settings for you to choose between, the ball is now in your court to choose how you like to style or give a perfect shape to your beard, no matter the style and shape you want,  your top priority is to make sure your beard trimmers is conducive to those need.

There 3 types of beards which are the short, medium and long.

Short beards: These are beards that range from 0.5mm -4mm, they are very short stubble.

Medium beards: Anywhere from 5mm to 12mm usually constitutes a medium beard.

Long beards: When your beard ranges from   13mm to 25mm then you fall under long beards. Only a couple of trimmers go above 20 mm, but you do have choices!

How to choose a beard trimmer – Are you after the extra features?

We all want that trimmer with many extra features, most of the trimmers come with extra attachments and features, also you need to know if it comes with a vacuum function or ear hair detailer and pop-up nose?

For all newbies, a professional trimmer comes with different features which makes it look like an intimidating or daunting task, but rest assured, it’s not as difficult as one might think.

Make sure you review the manual that came when your model to learn how to turn it on and off, operate the settings, and any other useful information when it comes to using one. Don’t just buy the trimmer and drop it till when you need it, make sure you familiarize yourself with the different parts of the trimmer, before the day of your grooming.

If you are not after the features of the trimmers but think it might help in the feature or might be important to you later, then you can go for a model that either comes with such attachments and features or is compatible with them.

Simple men beard trimmer

If you are not after anything fancy, you just need to trim your beard then move out, then don’t let beard trimmer accessories/attachments be a deciding factor!

Battery Power

Make sure you make a research on the battery power before purchasing the trimmer, how long do you need to charge the battery and how long does it last after charging? Also, does the battery run into problems in the future?

Quality of the blades

 You don’t need to argue on this before, you know this the most important part on how to choose a beard trimmer. All the aspect you need to look out in the quality of the blade include, Do the blades need oil to work well? When it passes on the jaw and cheek line how clean is it? When the blades cut the strays hair how well is it?

Ergonomic Shape

If you asked what design of beard trimmer do you want? Your answer will relate to this “ I design to be comfortable and easy to hold, without slipping while we are in the shower for the waterproof ones”. Anytime you were comparing the best trimmer to the worse you should consider the usability of the product. You should make sure you get a shape you will be conformable with either corded or cordless.


Another important factor you need to consider is usability, this factor has many impacts in having perfect trimming. For example, you can use this;

  • How well does it work on hard to reach places like under the nose and around the jaw?
  • All the features stated in the manual, are they working well?
  • When you want to change the attachment, how easy it is and do any issues arise?
  • Is it washable?

When you get a good satisfactory answer to the questions then you can go for it.


You should have a budget in mind for the trimmer you plan to buy, the price it an obvious one. We all want a good quality trimmer with less price, also you can’t afford to pay too much for something that isn’t potent and worth the price. That why you need to make a budget and do the research on the trimmer you can get with your budget and will serve you right before you go into that store or purchase online

Your beard length

What type of look do you maintain? A short to medium beard or a stubble look? Or do you have a full beard that ranges from 10mm and beyond? Check the length settings that the products come with before you buy any trimmer.  When your plan to have that classic look with a fuller beard with fade going down your face,  then you need to buy the powerful trimmer with 3 guard settings, you see in the magazine, internet or any other places.

The purpose of buying the beard trimmer

Why are you buying the trimmer? You should keep this in your mind, are you buying it for your beard only? Or do you need it for head shaving and whole body use? Check below image for the type of beard trimmer that will fit in for any of your choices.

The purpose of the trimmer: Is it for your beard only? Or do you need it for head shaving and whole body use?
The features it comes with: Does it come with a vacuum function?

Still can’t decide the beard trimmer you want? Look here↓↓

how to choose a beard trimmer

After reading this content about how to choose a beard trimmer, are you still confused about the beard trimmer you want?  We have come up with top 5 beard trimmers for you to choose from.


After an in-depth research on over 100 hundred beard trimmer, five trimmers that made this list, strictly adhere to all the question stated in this post.

The trimmers that made this list are chosen based on their level of trimming and giving a perfect result. There are lots of duds that could not make this list for a cornucopia of reasons.

★ Wahl lithium ion beard trimmer

If you need a beard trimmer with  the best touch-ups, then you need to get Wahl Lithium Ion. This trimmer is made of stainless-steel, and comes with four attachments and 12 clip-on guides, which is great when you need a quick cleanup, no matter the length of your facial hair, within an hour of charging, the trimmer will be fully charged and it will last for a month, if it is only used for touch-ups.

Have you seen the Wahl lithium ion beard trimmer yet? You can get it on Amazon by checking out this link here.

★ Remington Beardsman

For men with Letterman-esque beard, you need a serious clipper. A real Beardsman comes with an extra large grooming comb to keep your bristles long, just better-behaved. It has 120-minute runtime work especially well tackling thick, coarse hair and reinforced blades.

You can get it up on Amazon here.

Philips Norelco 7200 beard trimmer

This trimmer is the best for clean freaks, it has a knack for getting everywhere. Due to a vacuum built right into the head that catches most of the short hair as you go.

With the battery indicator, you’ll never risk losing power mid-shave. You can get it on Amazon here.

Braun multi-grooming kit beard trimmer

If you need a trimmer that will give you the best result in all aspect, then go for Braun Multi-Grooming Kit. It has 13 precision-length settings for true customization. The work of this trimmer is same with a one-stop grooming shop, with all the different attachments for clipping your mane, trimming body hair, tackling ear and nose hair, and detailing your scruff.

Thinking of buying? Check it out on Amazon.

Panasonic precision beard trimmer

The Panasonic precision is the best trimmer out there for multitasking,  it is a waterproof device that lets you shower and shave in tandem.  You can use this trimmer for moustaches and sideburns (do those in front of a mirror), and its wide-set teeth and high-speed motor make quick work of dense body hair.

You can buy Panasonic on Amazon by clicking this link.

Conclusion on how to choose a beard trimmer in 2018

Having gone through this list, you can now set out to any of the stores or online market, to purchase any of the trimers you wish, make sure you abide by all the questions listed in this post in other to get the perfect trimmer for your beard.

Finally, we’ll wrap up this post on how to choose a beard trimmer, we always welcome your feedback whether it’s about the products listed here, any of the questions listed above or anything related to men’s grooming and beards. We’d love to hear from you.

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