Where To Buy Essential Oils For Beard in Abuja

Where to buy essential oils for beard in Abuja – You just found the right content on where to buy essential oils for beard in Abuja. For the those who don’t know about Abuja. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria ( a country in the western region of Africa) and situated in the middle of the country. The capital of Nigeria was moved from Lagos to Abuja around 1976.

The federal capital territory Abuja has a lot of values and benefits. Some of them are competently planned over many capital cities. All arriving residents and incoming visitors will be welcomed by extensive, well designed and properly maintained roads, neat streets and gain an excellence entrance to the wider road network to the rest of the country.

There are over 200 stores in Abuja where you can buy essential beards oil, but we’ve made our research to revolve around five prominent cities in Abuja where more stores that sell beards oil are situated. An in-depth look at each of the cities will be made possible in this content.

All the stores and cities that made this list have gone through a lot of research before they could make this list, you can grab a seat and let’s give you a tour around the cities where you can buy your essential oils for beard in Abuja.

1. The Central Business District (CBD)

If you are a resident of Abuja, this city won’t be new to you but the others who are planning on travelling to Abuja or just got to Abuja. The major business area in Abuja is the CBD also known and called the Central Area by Abuja Residents. CBD is the phase one development plan of FCT, Abuja.

Locating CBD can be somehow stressful and irritating but this explanation will make it easier for you to locate CBD. At the centre of Abuja, you will find the CBD, by the south you will find Graki district, Wuse by the west and Asokoro on the East

There 6 major roads in the CBD, these roads are Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Ahmadu Bello Way, Herbert Macaulay Way, Muhammadu Buhari Way, Independence Avenue, Constitution Avenue and Tafawa Balewa.

Notable places in Central Area, Abuja

Three arms zone
Federal Secretariat
Eagle Square
National Christian Centre
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Mosque
Grand Square
Silver Bird Cinema
Ceddi Plaza
Diamond Bank Regional Office
Unity Bank Head office
Churchgate Building
Ascaris Plaza
Honda Place
Shehu Musa Yaradua Centre
Arts and Craft Village
Ship House (Min of defence)
FBN Abuja Main branch

With all the places and roads stated above, you should be able to locate  Central Business district or you can check the map below↓↓

Where to buy essential oils for beard in Central Business district

Ceddi Plaza Abuja (Shopping mall)

The Ceddi Plaza Abuja is situated at 264 Tafawa Balewa Way, CBD. This shopping mall opens at 8 AM and closes at 11 PM

O’Neal Centre

The O’Neal shopping Mall is the perfect place to get beards to oil in CBD, it is located at Obafemi Awolowo Way. It opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm

Old Maitama Shopping Complex

This shopping complex is located at Off Limpopo Street, Chalawa Cres. It opens at 8 AM and closes at 10 PM. It is an ideal place for shopping.

Obum Plaza

This shopping Mall is located at  16 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, it opens by 8 AM closes by 7 pm

2. Gwarinpa District

Gwarinpa district is located at the phase 3 development plan of Abuja. The presence of  Gwarinpa Housing Estate(the biggest housing estate in West Africa) in the district made Gwarinpa more popular in Abuja.

There are different residential areas in Gwarinpa, one of the residential areas is Life-Camp, most Most Construction companies in Abuja have to staff quarters in Life-Camp. The roads in Gwarinpa are divided into the 1st avenue, 2nd avenue, and 3rd Avenue.

Once you get to the Central Business District, then you are closer to Gwarinpa because it is about 15 minutes drive and it is about 20Km from the Abuja Airport. There are two major ways you can pass through to get Gwarinpa, this is Murtala Mohammed Expressway (to Kubwa, Suleja & Kaduna) or from Ahmadu Bello way (Through Wuse 2).

When looking for a location where businesses like banks and eateries are springing up very rapidly, then go for Gwarinpa. The roads are divided into 3, they are a 1st avenue, 2nd avenue, and 3rd Avenue.

There are some small estates within Gwarinpa Estate, this is the Abuja Model City, Federal ministry of works and housing Estate, FHA Estate, Citec villas etc.

Places Near Gwarinpa


Where you can buy beards oil in Gwarinpa

Next Cash And Carry

Located at: Wuse 2 – Gwarinpa bypass (Ahmadu Bello Way), Kado – Kuchi, Kado, Abuja

Soar Plaza

This plaza is located at, 1st Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Pathfield Mall, Gwarimpa, Abuja

The path field shopping mall is located at Plot B4, 4th Avenue. It opens at 8 AM and closes at 7 PM

3.Wuse 2

The Wuse district is divided into seven zones. Wuse 2  different from Wuse Zone 2, Garki district has 1&2 this is the way Wuse district has 1&2, that is what distinct from Wuse Zone 2.

Wuse 2 is a district on its own, Wuse District is located at the northwestern part of Abuja, on the northern part of Wuse District, there is Maitama District and the Central District is by the south. What makes Wuse District is the Wuse market, Wuse market is Abuja’s most popular market (Zone 5) and the most important Post Office in the city is located here.

To get the location check the map below↓

The major roads in Wuse

Nnamdi Azikiwe way (it separates Wuse on the west side from Mabuchi, Utako, and Wuyi).

Herbert Macaulay way,

Sani Abacha way,

Olusegun Obasanjo way,

Aminu Kano Crescent,

Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Ahmadu Bello way,

Michael Okpara Street,

Kashim Ibrahim street

Where to buy essential oils for beard in Wuse 2

Park N’ Shop

The park N’ shop is located at 740, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja

Omega Plaza

This shopping plaza is located in, Plot 527, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse, Abuja. Omega plaza deals with electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, beards oils, etc

Banex Plaza

Banex plaza deals in electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, men and female grooming…. It is located in plot 750, Aminu Kanu Crescent, Wuse 11 Abuja

Sheriff Plaza

In this plaza, you can get electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, body and facial creams etc.  It is located at Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Emab Plaza

In Emab plaza, you can get electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, beards oil etc. It is located at Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse, Abuja

4 Garki district

Garki district is the most popular district in Abuja, it is located in this southwest corner of the city, having the Central District to the north and the Asokoro District to the east. Garki is subdivided into eleven units called “Area”, Garki II is used to differentiate the area from Garki Area 2.

There are many buildings that will be of interest to you in Garki district, Nicon_lux_2 Garki is presently the principal business district of Abuja. Here are some examples of the edifices that will attract you in Garki; The General Post Office, Abuja International Conference Centre Located At Hebert Macaulay Way, Hawthorn Suites Abuja, Nicon Luxury Hotel(Formerly Known As Abuja Sofitel Hotel And Le Meridian), Agura Hotel and the Old Federal Secretariat Complex Buildings (Area 1). Garki Area 2 is chiefly used for only residential aims, however, the Garki Shopping Centre and also a Zoological Garden are located in Area 2. Commercial offices are mostly located on Moshood Abiola Way in Area.

Are you still not sure of how you can get to Garki district? Check the map below↓

Major roads in Garki

Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway.

Murtala Mohammed Express Way, Ahmadu Bello Way,

Moshood Abiola road,

Tafawa Balewa Way,

Samuel Ladoke Akintola Boulevard.

Where to buy essential oils for beard in Garki

Area 11 Mall

This shopping mall is located at Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki, Abuja. You can find  things ranging from electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, body care soaps and cream, beards oil etc

Garki Mall

The Garki mall is located at 47 Damaturu Crescent, Garki, Abuja. They also deal with electronics, clothing, food, jewellery, beards oil etc.

Efab Shopping Centre

The fab shopping centre is located at Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

City Plaza

City Plaza is located at Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Garki Open-Air Market

The Garki open-air market is located at Area 8. You can visit the market for sightseeing of the beard oil or to buy.

Asokoro district

This is the last district on where to buy essential oils for beard in Abuja. This district is the major district in Abuja, anyone living in this area is referred to a millionaire, Asokoro is a high-class area and very secured. Most top government officials and ministers either past and serving life in Asokoro.

Everything in Asokoro is expensive, a plot of land in Asokoro is at least one hundred million naira and could go high as two billion nairas depending on the size, location, and purpose (i.e whether the plot can be used for residential or commercial purposes.

The presidential villa ASO Rock) and ECOWAS secretariat is located at Asokoro. Asokoro is located to the east of Garki district and south of the Central district.

Check below to see how you can get to Asokoro ↓

Major roads in Asokoro

Murtala Mohammed Way

Yakubu Gowon Crescent

Maitama Sule Street

Julius Nyerere Crescent

Kwame Nkrumah Crescent

Nelson Mandela Street.

Where to buy essential oils for beard in Asokoro

Nars Supermarket

Nextime Supermarket And Departmental Store

Mega Plaza 21st Century Mall

Jabi Lake Mall

Asokoro Shopping Mall

Beards oil in Abuja we recommend for you

We know you can’t just set out to those stores listed and go get any type of beard oil, that is the reason we recommend this beard oil for you. The beard oil below have not been fully tested by us but we recommend this beard oil based on other Abuja residents reviews.

The Castor Oil For Beard Growth

This is one of the most popular beard oil in Abuja, you can get this beard oil in any shopping area in Abuja, the company is located at Central Business District.

Weight – 70ml


It prevents hair loss and helps regenerate hair by protecting the scalp.
It leaves hair/beard soft and shiny
Faster Beard growth,

Fast moustache growth.
Faster Hair growth
Makes your hair soft
Makes your beard soft
Beard softens while growing fast
Men grooming
Hair fullness
Hair thickness
Facial hair growth
Scalp treatment
Dandruff treatment


Castor oil is dangerous for pregnant women.

To get more information click here

Aichun beard oil

To get more information click here

Aichen beard oil is the company is located at Gwarinpa in Abuja, it is a beard repair growth solution to all beard gang fan or member. The Aichen beard oil is made from angelica extract, palm oil, tea tree oil, etc. All these ingredients are put together to forcefully activates and revitalizes dormant Hair

Beautifuennada Super Hair Growth Oil

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Finally, you can now set out to any stores out there in Abuja to purchase your beard oil, All the district listed in this context are not chosen base on our views alone, an in-depth research was carried out on each of the districts with the highest stores where you can buy essential oils for beard in Abuja.

The stores listed above are not chosen based on mere assumption but on research on each of the stores and the stores that has top reviews from the resident of Abuja.  We are not promoting any of the stores, we are trying to give our readers the best guide on where to get essential oils for beard in Abuja.

We love to hear your opinion about each of the stores and district on this list. Remember to use the comment section below.

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