5 Places To Get Beard Oil in Abuja

5 Places To Get Beard Oil in Abuja – Oils are an important aspect of beard grooming that men with beards cannot ignore. Applying a beard oil to your beard is not only to make your beard look good, but also to be done every day. It should be part of your beard care routine.

Beard oils have been praised by people all over for its effectiveness in moisturizing, conditioning, and maintaining the beards. Beard oils serve the beard different functions. We will be looking at the many benefits of beard oils below. There are carrier oils and essential oils that beard oils are usually made of. The carrier oils as the name implies is where the essential oils are usually mixed.

The carrier oil in a beard oil carries the essential oils that will be mixed with it. Did you know you can make your own beard oil? There are several recipes online that can help you. All you need is a quick Google search and your money to buy the beard oil ingredients. The different oils that most branded beard oils usually contain are Eucalyptus oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Sunflower oil and so on. The Olive oil and Coconut oil are usually carrier oils while the other oils listed, could be combined together and mixed in the carrier oil.

So, we said we will talk about some of the benefits of beard oils to the beard. Before we get to the main issue, let’s enlighten you on the benefits of beard oils so you can know what you are going for. So, firstly, beard oils Moisturize. They lock in moisture in your beard. Keeping it soft and good looking. Beard oils also condition your beard. Most times, you don’t really need a separate beard conditioner because beard oils do the work for you. How nice!

So, to the places you can get beard oil in Abuja? Scroll down!

1. Innerbeautee.com

You can visit the Inner Beautee store at Abuja through this address: Glory Mojec Plaza, Suite 6a, Wuse 2 at Abuja. This is their Abuja address if you would like to visit their store. This address is according to their website.  If you want to shop online for your beard oil from them, then simply head over to their website and order your beard oil. You can also call their Abuja office at (+234)8077229224. Innerbeautee deals with all beauty range of products for both men and women in Nigeria. And it turns out that they are also concerned about your beard beauty too! Be sure to visit their store if you are in Abuja by following the address given above. Or call the Abuja phone line to speak with then for more details. According to their website, they have three different types of beard oils that they sell. There are the Premium Beard Oil for Moisture which costs N5,500 on their website.

The Premium Beard oil for Irritable skin, the price is not stated on their site for this oil. And lastly, the Premium Beard oil for Growth. Which according to their website costs N6500. You can shop these products from their website or visit their store at Abuja.

2. Jumia

Jumia is one of the leading online stores in Nigeria. They deliver all over the country and yes, Abuja is included too! There are a number of beard oils you can get from Jumia.

They have the Leven Rose Beard oil and leave-in conditioner. This product is known in the U.S.A and has a lot of positive reviews on U.S.A’s largest online marketplace, Amazon. This just further confirms that this is a product you can trust. It is made in the U.S and is fragrance-free! You can shop this beard oil from the online store and have it delivered to you in Abuja.

Another beard oil available on Jumia that you can trust also is The Shaving Co beard oil. This 2 oz beard oil costs N7,200 as the original price. But the price is currently slashed as N5,200 as at the time of writing this article. So, if you want this promo, you might want to rush over to their site and grab the offer while it lasts.

Another product worth looking at and buying on Jumia is The Castor Oil Hair and Beard Growth. This 70 ml cold pressed oil is very affordable and costs just N1,600. This beard oil boasts of boosting beard growth.

So, if you stay at Abuja and you are looking for ways and places to get beard oil, Jumia is there for you! Just log on to Jumia and you are good to go!

3. Jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is one site that ranks really high as a top and quality marketplace in Nigeria. They are well trusted and known by millions of Nigerians and also deliver all over Nigeria including Abuja. They have a number of beard oils available like the Castor oil for Beard Growth which costs N4,000. You can also call the seller by dialing the telephone number attached to this product on their site.

Another product they have is Beard oil for Hair growth which is also available on their site. This product costs N5,000. And you can call the number attached to the product when you log on to Jiji.ng and search for this product. All these products will be delivered to wherever you want them in Nigeria. Just order and follow procedures.

4. Beard Nigeria

Go to their shop for your beard oil. They also deliver all over Nigeria. As at now, they only have the Shaving Co. Beard oil. And it is a fantastic beard oil that does its work well.

5. Allure.com

Log on to Allure to shop for your beard oil. They have the Leven Rose Beard oil, Honest Amish beard balm, Okay Beard miracle oil, Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor oil, Uncle Jimmy beard oil and others. Go to their website or online store for more amazing beard products. They also deliver all over Nigeria including Abuja. And they ship too! Shopping with them is very secure and safe.

Apart from these five online stores listed above, you can also shop for your beard oil from www.konga.com, and also visit any big and major shopping mall near you at Abuja. The big shopping malls usually have different types of beard oils that you can choose from. These online stores are also a perfect choice!

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