8 Easy Steps On How To Improve Your Beard Growth

How To Improve Your Beard Growth – As a man, you are wired to grow beards. Some men shave their beards while others leave it to grow. Maybe your beard is in the stubble phase and you are just growing it out. And you can’t wait for your beard to leave that stubble phase and get into the full-grown phase. Perhaps you want to grow a goatee or a very long beard and you are trying to find out how.

You are then asking Google, how can I grow my beards faster? How do I improve beard growth? Well, there is no drug or pill or injection that instantly shoots your facial hair out. If there was, it would be cool!  There are methods you can use to do that, which is 100% sure to work! You won’t see your beard grow an inch overnight, but over the course of weeks, your beard growth rate would have significantly improved. Awesome heh? So let’s get to the quick steps on how to improve your beard growth!

1. Eat very rich and healthy diet

This is the number one method to get your beard pumping out. Eating good food rich in fibre, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins is a really easy method of getting your body and especially your beard in good shape and length. If you aren’t eating well, it will tell in your beard. It will have slow growth and be patchy. You need to especially eat food rich in vitamins A, E and C. These three vitamins work wonders in promoting hair growth both on the face and hair. You can take vitamin C supplements after your meals and also eat fruits. Fruits are a rich source of healthy vitamins that will help your beard. Also, Proteins go a long way with encouraging beard growth. Eat protein rich foods like poultry meat, eggs, and milk. You need to make sure that you are taking in enough protein and vitamin in your meals every day. Eat enough and eat well. And you are on your way to having a long and healthy looking beard.

2. Sleep is very important for your beard

Sleep is needed for your body to relax. Sleep relieves stress which has been proven to be an indicator of beard growth. That is, if you are stressing yourself too much, it will tell in your hair. To prevent this, rest well. Exercise is also very important. Exercise also helps in relieving stress and ensuring that you are super healthy. Sleeping enough means your body will be able to make healthy use of the food and in turn promote beard growth. Also, an adequate sleep of over 8 hours every day has been proven to increase testosterone levels in a man compared to 4 hours of sleep every day which doesn’t help in testosterone boost. So, now be sure to go to sleep!

3. Use Eucalyptus oil for your beard

Eucalyptus oil is one oil known for its amazing benefits on the beard. It has amazing moisturizing, nourishing and hair boosting benefits for your beard. Eucalyptus oil also stimulates the follicles thereby increasing the rate of blood flow to your beard. And as a result, increased hair growth. You can buy packaged Eucalyptus ready oil on Amazon. A quick Google search will help you with that. Get a Eucalyptus oil and use every day for your beard. After you shower, and while your beard is still damp, apply the oil to your beard and massage well into the skin and deep into the beard. Massaging helps to increase blood flow to the area and opens up your skin pores. And these will allow your skin to readily absorb the oil and thereby improve beard growth.

4. Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating your facial skin at least once a week has amazing benefits for your beard. This action opens up your skin pores and increases blood flow to your face. It also helps to get rid of dead cells in the skin thereby stimulating beard growth. Make this part of your routine every week and watch your beard length increase. Exfoliation of the skin is a really good practice that is good both for your skin health and beard health.

5. Avoid Stress totally

The hormone produced when you stress yourself too much called Cortisol is linked to reduced levels of Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone in the body. Having your Testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone levels reduced is not good for a man trying to have a fuller, thicker or longer beard.

This means that you need to eradicate all possible sources of stress that could induce the hormone. In order to reduce stress, you need to rest well. Get enough sleep at all times. Make sure to have up to eight hours of healthy sleep every day. We have stated clearly earlier in this article, the importance of sleep on your beard. Well, it turns out that it not only helps in repairing damaged skin cells but also reduces your body’s Cortisone levels.

6. Ensure that your face and skin is always clean

You can achieve a clean skin by washing your face with warm water alongside a mild facial cleanser every day. This will also aid in removing dead skin cells and will open up your skin pores. A clean skin is essential for boosting facial hair growth. As unimportant as it seems, it is very important. Remember to use a mild facial cleanser, not a harsh one.

7. Do more exercise

Exercise is very important when trying to increase your testosterone levels. Exercises like push-ups, carrying weights, jogging, and Yoga all help to increase your body’s testosterone levels. And once your testosterone levels boost, your beard will also grow as well.

8. Avoid Alcohol

It turns out that taking too much alcohol has an unhealthy impact on your testosterone and DHT levels. You should cut down on too much alcohol to make room for your beard to grow. You can read more about the impact of Alcohol on your beard here.

9. Regularly massage your beard and face with warm water using a clean towel. This is in order to increase blood supply to your beard area thereby promoting growth.

10. Don’t believe in false myths such as regularly shaving your beard will encourage rapid growth of it. It’s not true and not scientifically proven. What works is the steps listed above my friend. Have healthy meals, eat enough proteins and vitamins. And also rest well.

Follow the steps above thoroughly. Though you won’t see results overnight, over a couple of weeks, you will start to notice significant improvement! Happy fun with your beards.

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