How To Shape A Long Beard And Be A Beard Gang Member

How To Shape A Long Beard – There is a lot of fun that comes with keeping a beard. One such fun is that you can decide to keep it long or short. A long beard is fun to keep. It really does stand out from all other beard styles. Most beard styles out there are predominantly short. So, this means that if you keep long beards, you will be getting a huge number of complimenting looks. So in this article, we will be enlightening you on how to shape and style a long beard to suit your face. This is why you are here reading this right? Very certainly.

It is necessary to know how to shape a long beard so that you can avoid looking wild and unkempt. You certainly don’t want to look like a homeless man who hasn’t had a chance at shaping and combing his long beard in years and hence looks gross. You need to show people that class in your beard. That elegance and boldness that your long beard is capable of bringing to your face. But the question is, ‘How do you trim that long beard effectively?’ We have a full written guide for you below!

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 1

Before we can start giving you descriptions on what to do or how to progress with the shaping process, you need to get some materials ready. You will need these materials during the course of this guide. The materials you need are a beard trimmer, a pair of scissors, a moderate-sized mirror, a fine-toothed comb for if you have straight hair and a large toothed comb for if you have a curly haired beard. Once you have these ready, then you are set.

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 2

First, comb out your beard. This is the second step you should take in this beard shaping process. If you are an African American man, you will find that you can’t use a tiny toothed comb for your beard. This is because a tiny toothed comb will hurt a lot while combing because your hair type is tightly curled. A large toothed comb is what can get through such type of hair. If you have straight hair, then you can go ahead with a tiny toothed comb. So, pick the comb most suitable for your hair type and comb out your beard. Comb out in one direction away from your face. Comb from your cheek to your chin. Comb in the direction in which your beard grows not in the opposite direction.

Combing your beard out is very important so that you can know the actual length of your beard. You will still trim your beard in the steps that will be explained later. In order to trim with accuracy, you need to comb your beard out to its fullest length so that you can prune your beard accurately without errors. Combing your beard also helps to keep your beard looking full.

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 3

Start trimming. You can trim your beard effectively using a beard trimmer which we had already outlined earlier in this article for you to get. You can get a beard trimmer from your local store or shop for it on Amazon at $18.50 by following this link here.

The link above is for the Remington beard grooming kit that includes a trimmer. It is a best seller on Amazon that is tested and trusted. Click the link to know the price and shop. So, after getting your electric beard trimmer, prune off the facial hair gently while applying low pressure. Set the trimmer to a low setting if you don’t wish to cut out a lot of hair. The advantage of using a beard trimmer over trimming scissors is that you can control the amount of hair that you cut off. Unlike scissors which can cut out the chunk of your hair in an instant, the trimmer is designed to cut precise lengths of hair evenly throughout your beard.  So that there are no unequal parts.

Trimming your beard well, is a big part of the process of effectively shaping your long beard. Since you wish to keep your beard long, then use the lowest setting on the trimmer and lightly glide the trimmer over your facial hair. It will keep your facial hair long but uniform and equal in length throughout.

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 4

When trimming, start with the cheeks first before getting to the chin. This is because hair at the chin tends to be a lot thicker than hair at the cheeks. So, once you have trimmed the beard at the cheek area well, you can then work your way into your chin area. Remember not to chop too much away to preserve the length of the beard.

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 5

Move to the neckline. In shaping a long beard neatly, you need to also take note of the neckline. Any hair below your Adam’s apple should be shaved off. Your Adam’s apple is that hard sort of lump on the top of your neck. Anything below that line should be shaved. Your beard should go from that line upwards. Having a well trimmed and shaped neckline will go a long way in having a fantastic looking long beard.

How To Shape A Long Beard – Step 6

Trim any stray hairs to even lengths. If while looking at your mirror for a glance at how your beard now looks, you find any stray hair, be sure to trim it off with scissors or manual razor.

Having followed all of the instructions above carefully, we believe that your beard should now look almost perfect. One thing to note while following this guide is that you should do this after a shower. Maybe you are about to go out and you want to shave your beard for the occasion, you can do this after your shower.  You should also make sure that your beard is dry before you start anything on it. If your beard is not dry, it can cause inaccurate trimming by the electric beard trimmer because the water in your beard will cause problems.

Important things to note on how to shape your beard

1. Always work with a dry beard. A wet beard is strongly not advised to work with.

2. Make sure you set the beard trimmer to a low setting or pressure. This is so that it doesn’t chop off more hair than you want.

3. Make sure you comb out your beard thoroughly before you start trimming. Combing out your beard allows you to know the exact length of your beard for accurate shaping.

4. It is advised to set your trimmer to “3” for precise trimming.

5. After shaving, you should apply beard balm or wax to help your beard stay in the shape and look more elegant.

6. Your beard style should compliment your face shape. Choose a beard style that goes with your face shape.

7. After trimming your beard for that day, be sure to follow up with the trimming every two weeks in order to maintain the style.

8. If you are unsure of how to go about this beard shaping process well and don’t want to waste your precious facial hair, try visiting a professional stylist or barber. They will definitely get the job done for you.

9. You might want to wash your beard with beard shampoo and conditioner. Though not crucially important, they help to soften your beard and protect it as well.  But make sure your beard is dry totally, before trimming.

10. After shaving, be sure to clean up your beard lines. Remove any stray hairs and just make sure your beard looks clean and well shaped.

11. You should avoid pointed beard styles that are pointed at the chin if you have a long and angular face. Choose a beard style that is Fuller at the cheeks and sideburns.

12. After shaving, comb out your beard again one last time and trim off any hair of unequal lengths.

Keeping a long beard is a good thing. If you have a long beard, consider yourself lucky. A lot of men are out there who are struggling to grow even a stubble. Their beard just doesn’t want to grow out.

So, you should know that how to shape a long beard, nature has truly blessed you. It really is a gift! A lot of guys spend money and time on trying to find the perfect beard growth cream or drug. And no, they did not do anything to upset nature or God. What happened is they may not have it in their genes to grow a long beard or are not naturally hairy. Even an unhealthy diet could be a cause. So, if you as a man have got those long facial hair on your face for free without paying a dime, you are on the lucky side. We believe in this online guide that you have just read that we have given you the perfect and much-needed information that you will require to be able to shape that gift you have got on your face.

There indeed are lots of tremendous benefits to growing a beard. Growing a beard is also what is seriously trending now so that means you are a part of cool stuff. If you don’t have a long beard yet but will like to have one, it is very possible. You also want to have a long beard that you can shape. You want to join the beard gang and be a highly respected member because of the length of your beard.  It is not impossible really. General advice on how to speed up the process of growing your beard is to increase your body’s testosterone levels. How can you do this?  By eating healthy diets and not junks, regular exercises, taking in vitamin supplements and fruits. Also, there is a popular drug out there that a lot of bearded men online have been recommending that you take for long beards or fuller beards.

The drug is Minoxidil. This drug is available on Amazon and has been known to have amazing effects for those that wish for more hair growth whether on the scalp or on the face. So, look into these beard growing tips and apply as many of them as you can. So that you also can come on to this article later, to read on how to shape your own long beard when you have it! Exciting idea, isn’t it?

So, we think we should round up now.  But always have it at the back of your mind that for every beard style you choose for your beard, it should compliment your face. Always!  You really don’t want to look weird in that beard style. Right? And also, don’t forget your mustache in the whole process. Your mustache is also really
important when it comes to bringing out that look in your beard style.

If your mustache looks awful, your beard style might look like what you had envisioned that it will be like. When you have properly trimmed and shaped your mustache, it should not cover your upper lip. This is essential for a neat look. But if your aim is for your beard to look bushy, then a mustache covering your upper lip is a great idea. And also a simple tip to get your beard looking classic and neat all day is to use a beard wax or balm. You don’t need to dab too much on your beard though. A peanut size of your beard balm is just good.  Rub the balm between your two palms and spread across your freshly trimmed and shaped beard for a handsome, neat and brilliant look.

Conclusively, we hope we have done the perfect job on enlightening you on how to shape a long beard. You really should not go wrong if you follow the instructions given carefully and don’t make any costly mistakes. Remember, you can always visit a professional stylist for a professional look if you feel you will mess things up or even mistakenly cut off your whole beard.

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