General Thoughts And Perspectives On Men’s Beards

Perspective on men’s beards or facial hairs – Facial hair is a part of human beings although it is more prominent in men than in women. Beauty is personal and different people define it from different perspectives after all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. People, men, and women alike have different preferences and ideas on men’s facial hair; some men would rather keep their beards sporting them in different styles from short stubble to full beards while others prefer to crop them off even before they had the chance to shoot out. Most women see bearded men as physically appealing while some can’t stand beards and would rather have a clean-shaven man for a spouse. However, there are some men and women who are okay with or without beards.


Popular opinion has it that women like men with beards because it makes them more attractive than their clean shaved brothers but then I wanted to be sure for myself so I had talks with some ladies to know what their take is on the topic. I got different responses, some being in favour of beards, some preferring clean shaved men, for different reasons, and others in between.

Some ladies like men with beards because they feel it makes them look more mature and they act the part. To them, men with beards have a better grip on themselves, their actions and words. They are more responsible and have good counsel. They are perceived as better in handling situations both at home and at the workplace. Ladies also say that men with beards are mature in steering the wheels of conversations. They know the right words to say and the right time to say them. We know that whether or not a man keeps beards does not add or subtract from his senses and sense of judgment, it’s just a matter of perception.

Most ladies find men with beards more attractive and physically appealing than men who are clean shaved. They say that the beards have a way of accentuating their masculine and rugged look and they find it physically appealing.

Some ladies think that men with beards are more responsible and suitable for parentage and protection. No Lady wants to go into a relationship with someone they are not certain of so they look out for certain attributes in men when making the choice of a life partner and for some ladies, responsibility and good parenting is at the top of the list. For such ladies, bearded men are their types because they think that they possess those attributes. However, for quite a number of Ladies, men with beards do not possess these attributes more than men who are clean shaved, rather it has to do with the person in question. For them, whoever wants to be responsible and be a good father will be whether or not he has beards.

Some ladies say that men with beards are committed and dedicated to relationships and things they do generally. They argue that bearded men value their spouses and the relationship they have with them more than clean shaved men do and therefore are more dedicated to the relationship and to make it work out. For them, clean shaved men are more likely to cheat on their spouses and undermine their relationship more than bearded men. In fact, some ladies said that they are more likely to have a one-night-stand with a clean shaved man and a long-term relationship with a bearded man.

In spite of all these, clean-shaved men are not at a disadvantage because some ladies prefer them to men with beards for a number of reasons.

For some ladies, the beard is a huge turn-off because bearded men look untidy and unkempt to them. Some ladies are like “why on earth will someone keep beards instead of shaving them off? It makes their faces look rough and unappealing!” Some of these ladies even attribute the beards to lack of personal hygiene and carelessness. For them, men who do not take out the time to clean up their faces may not even have the time to maintain general body hygiene.

Some ladies are of the opinion that clean shaved men are better presentable than bearded men. In the workplace, they look more formal and appropriate, although some ladies are of counter opinion.

Clean shaved men appear younger, to some women, when they stand with their bearded brothers. A lady pointed out that a forty-year-old bearded man will look thirty-five if he is cleanly shaven. While a lot of ladies consider this a plus for the bearded folks and even find it appealing, some ladies like clean shaved men and see them as physically appealing.

For some, a beard is a turn off because it gets in the way. I was speaking with a lady the other day about men’s facial hair and she said she would rather have a clean shaved man for a spouse than a bearded one because it is not so pleasant to touch and it feels rough on the skin especially those whose hairs are not so soft. She also said that the possibility of her lips touching some beards when she kisses her man is gross.

There are some ladies who are in-between and are indifferent. They do not judge a man’s attractiveness based on whether or not he has beards and they do not ascribe any attribute to bearded or clean shaved men. To them, a man’s quality is determined by his own personality. A man who is responsible, dominant, committed and good-humored is that way because of his values, convictions, personality, and environment. These ladies won’t consider a man’s facial hair when choosing their spouses.


The men also have their choices when it comes to keeping beards. Some prefer to keep their beards for several reasons, some of which the ladies have also cited.

I found out that some men find men with beards more are more masculine, alpha and sophisticated. There is something about the beards that highlights their masculinity and project them as bold and domineering compared to their clean shaved brothers and this has influenced their decision to keep beards. Knowing full well that men are naturally prone to wanting to appear masculine, bold and dominant, this does not come as a surprise. Extensively, beards improve these men’s confidence which in turn positively affects everything they do and increases their outputs and success rates. They appear good looking, in charge and masculine, so they live their lives in strides.

There are men who find men with beards very reasonable and worthy of respect. They are considered sensible when they talk or when they give counsel. People repose much trust in their opinions. In the academic field, lecturers and professors with beards are seen as more knowledgeable and do better at their jobs. However, some men are of the opinion that beards do not change the way they regard their fellow men. To them, a beard is inconsequential to a man’s qualities and it doesn’t influence their level of respect and regard for them.

Some guys prefer to keep beards because it makes them look more mature in appearance and age. Some months ago, a man came to our house to visit my father. They got talking and my father commented on his new look (he used to be clean shaved but was then having beards). In response, the man said that he was keeping beards because his colleagues at work saw and regarded him as a young man, and addressed him as such. So, to let them know that he was older than some of them in age, he had to keep beards.

For some men, keeping a beard is fashionable, what with celebrities like Pete Edochie, Desmond Elliot, David Beckham and Brad Pitt sporting them. Besides, it saves them the stress of shaving their beards every morning not to talk about the cost of getting razors and shaving creams. For these men, time is the issue; devoting their time shaving beards daily doesn’t sound like what they can bring themselves to do. No, not when they have better things to do.

Some men keep beards simply because men are supposed to have hairs on their faces. From the biological perspective, humans are considered as animals, although of the higher class, basically for reasons being that they share some characteristics with other animals of the class mammalian. For instance, man is warm-blooded, they feed their young ones with milk, they have a backbone and they are covered with hair.  Be that as it may, there is a clear difference between humans and their supposed younger siblings and one of such is that humans have a far more developed brain. So they retain their facial hairs but groom it well.

Some guys do not have issues with being clean shaved; they are comfortable in their own skins and consider themselves smart and good looking and even look younger.

It saves them stress and time. Not every man can maintain a beard because it takes time, commitment and effort to groom, whether heavy or just stubble, especially when it comes to getting and maintaining a perfect shape that fits the face.

Some men would rather be cleanly shaven than bearded because it saves them a whole lot of money they would have used for grooming tools and items for maintenance like beards shampoo, conditioner, and oils. And then, maintaining a grooming routine is just too much for some.

Some men hold that clean-shaven men look more appropriate for the workplace than bearded men because they appear more formal.

There are men who decide to go without beards because being clean shaved makes them look smarter and even increases their charms.

Popular opinion has it that bearded men look older than their actual age. On the other hand, clean shaved men look younger than their real age. This has motivated some people to go without beards.

In spite of the foregoing, there are men who are in between and do not ascribe any preference to bearded men or men who are clean shaved. To them, whatever fits and works for you is just fine for you.


So far we have seen that men keep beards for different reasons and women like bearded men for different reasons too, most especially because it makes them more attractive and physically appealing. Whatever the case, if a man chooses to keep beards, then he must be able to take good care of it. Maintaining facial hair is paramount to looking attractive and healthy. This is achievable with the right tools and grooming routine.

One way to keep your beards clean, shiny and soft is to have a good washing routine. You should clean your beards daily making sure to remove dirt particles. Just like your hair, you should wash your beards with shampoo and conditioner. However, instead of using the regular, use a beard shampoo because they are made specifically to be used on beards. After this, you should use a conditioner because it keeps it soft.

To keep your facial hair healthy and itch-free, good moisturizing is highly needed and this can be achieved by applying high-quality beard oil daily. Olive oil and coconut oil also helps in moisturizing.

Groom your facial hair properly. It is normal that some men prefer to keep their beards heavy. This is not out of place if they can groom it well so they don’t look like cavemen.


On this topic, men and women have diverse opinions and every man is free to look the way he wants; the important thing is being comfortable in your own skin. For men generally, proper hygiene is very important but for the bearded men, taking extra care of the beard is of utmost importance in order to keep it soft and smart and also to keep the skin healthy.

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