The Beard Gang History – What You Need To Know

Beard Gang History

Background Check on Beards

The history of the beard is a full and fluffy one. It’s a feature that has floated in and out of fashion over thousands of years depending on the whims of various kings, dictators, and military chaps. It is generally believed the idea of shaving a beard first occurred to the Egyptians around 3000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, another bearded man but the idea of the facial trim really took off with Alexander the Great who while uniting Greece and taking on the rest of the word decreed none of his fearsome warriors would be allowed to sport a beard.

This was a shame as the beard had held a special place in Ancient Greek culture, being seen as a sign of manliness and wisdom. Alexander, however, decided if a soldier had a beard then it was too easy for their enemies to grab them by the face and kill them. It seems an unusual decision but Alexander the Great was the greatest general who ever lived so we won’t quibble and it wasn’t to be the last of the curious beard-related decisions by those in charge.

Today, growing a beard is common among the average Nigerian youth, middle-aged and even aged men. It has become a trend among young men, not minding its origin or when it started; many people are now seen sporting different styles of beards.

So, what then is a beard?

A beard is a collection of facial hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and some animals. In humans, only adolescent or adult males are able to grow beards. However, it is not unusual to see females spiting facial hairs. Today, growing a beard is common among average men as it is considered classy and a requirement if you’re to pose that shot of manliness and appear crème la crème

– Like the chin strap, full beard, extreme beard, goatee, and hipster.

As a dominant fashion, it‘s like a hurricane when it’s on, no one does stop it. Religious trend too makes people grow beards. A stint of this is found in the bible- Leviticus 21:5 which reads ‘they shall not make any holdness on their heads, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beards, nor make any cuts in their flesh.

Also in Islam, although there’s no specific Quranic verse that states this, but growing a beard is encouraged in some Hadiths. Beards are natural to humanity, let no one cut them off when they grow.

New research made from a random sample of ladies favour a bearded guy. At least 85 percent of ladies love a bearded guy with also neatness attached to it. About 10 percent are of the notion that it must be moderate, not the fully overgrown beard and that they must be neatly kept. The remaining 5 percent does not like it, due to the understanding that it itches them whenever they want to kiss their partner. Overall, it shows that women find bearded men more attractive.

Growing a Beard

Sadly, genetics and testosterone levels play a major role in determining the rate at which one’s beards grow; however, having thick and full beards is not an easy feat for many men. The good news is, the process can be fast-tracked even though it requires patience and commitment.

As the weather and nutrition play a role in our body generation rate and growth, where we find younger siblings growing hairs while older ones still run what is called a ‘desert’. Although many creams profess a faster and easier way to grow facial hair, not all appear genuine after series of purchase, application, and disappointment.

Here are some tips on how to naturally grow a beard and become a part of the Beard Gang

Keep A Clean Face: Using mild soap and warm water, rinse your face at least twice daily. This will encourage the growth of tiny facial hairs. Removing dead skin cells by scrubbing your face regularly will also stimulate hair growth.

Be Conscious Of Your Diet: Foods that are rich in protein such as fish and eggs, red meat, cheese, milk, cashew and almond nuts, can also help to a large extent. Fruits like grapes, oranges and apples and vegetables like cabbage should also be an important part of your diet. Drinking a lot of water and exercising regularly can also improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. While this might be quite challenging if you stay in Lagos, you will need to sleep well and stay away from stress, as it may lead to hair loss.

Make Castor or Beard Oil Your Friend: Apply castor oil on your beards every day before you go to bed. This promotes the growth of facial hair and keeps it in good condition. Make Use Of

Natural Supplements: Natural supplements like Biotin which is rich in vitamins B6, C and E can help your beards grow faster, as they improve both the quality and growth of facial hair. Biotin also patches up any beard gaps left.

Suspend Smoking: Attention Science Students! Nicotine, a natural product of tobacco, slows the body from absorbing nutrients. Besides, a common side effect of nicotine is hair loss. Smoking also interferes with the circulation of blood due to vessel constriction, so it is advisable to stop smoking during the period you want your beards to grow.

Though beards could be itchy and very hard to maintain, the merits outweigh the demerits. Having a beard is not only stylish, it has health benefits.

Although caring for a beard can be relatively adding to your monthly budget it is no different than a man with a car, it sprouts its own share of confidence as well as bragging rights among peers and business class. Having a full beard is a big deal, especially in recent years when beard gang has become a thing. It is regarded by a certain “cabal” as a rite of passage into masculinity or even a turn-on for the ladies. But still arguably it’s still posed that the beard gang especially the extreme beard comes with so much difficulty to maintain as with its risk and possible quick exposure to skin irritating bacteria and rashes.

Here are some reasons why as a guy you should keep beards

Beards protect your face from the sun: The more your face is exposed to the sun, the more likely you become susceptible to sunburn, wrinkle, and skin cancer, especially in hot weather.

Beards help fight cold: Beard can actually raise the temperature of the skin providing warmth and helping the body fight viruses.

Beards keep guys warm: Surprisingly, facial hair can act as a natural form of protection against cold. Beards keep the face warm and stance uncomfortable dryness.

Facial hair slows the aging process: Beards can make a young man look older. Ironically, it gives the skin a younger look. This is because facial hair prevents water from running off the skin, keeping it moisturized and maintaining a protective barrier on the surface.

Beards prevent Asthma attacks: Those with serious asthma problem know that pollen and dust can be silent killers. But beards that go north of the mouth and into the nasal area can actually prevent allergens from entering the nose and lungs according to Dr Felix Chua, a respiratory physician at Harley Street, a London based health clinic.

The Essence of Beard Shampoo

Shampoo is a word you must have heard or come across as a stylish black man who cares about looks, this term often come into the picture when it boils down to hair care regardless of whether you are making reference to the hair on your head or the ones below your chin.

Before we go down and talk in-depth about beard shampoo for black men and things to consider, let me take a line or two to enlighten you about the origin of shampoo. According to Wikipedia, the word “shampoo” just like some other English words is a term that was coined from India in the colonial era that dates as far back as 1762. The word which means to soothe, press or knead originated initially from the Sanskrit dialect before it was picked up by the Hindi speaking Indians who tweaked it as chāmpo ([tʃãːpoː]) and if you are observant enough, you will, at the point be convinced the world Shampoo was indeed coined from India.

The shampoo is basically a hair care product that is usually in the form of a tacky liquid and it is mostly used for cleaning hair and in some rare occasions as against the liquid form that is widely known, they also come in bar form just like the bar soaps we have all around today.

Its usage is simple as all you have to do to get it properly applied is to empty some of that liquid content unto your palm, massage it into your wet hair and rinse off, the advanced form of its application involves the use of a hair conditioner. The main reason behind most bearded people’s use of shampoo is mostly due to the need to get rid of the unwanted build-up without hurting the oil secretion around the beard area in any way that will have an adverse effect on the growth of the beards. Just as a woman is conscious over relaxers and hair treatments so is a man who’s running the beard gang charade, it doesn’t go without saying the quest for the life… no! Beard saving shampoo is like a gladiator’s mission. If you’re looking at holding the beard forte and keeping the clique for long then, here’s what to look out for when buying a shampoo.

1. Money’s worth

We are in the 21stcentury where lots of people, myself included, follow the bandwagon at one time or the other, we only buy brand names now disregarding the qualitative aspect of the product we are meant to look out for in the first place because, after all, it is our hard earned money and it needs to be spent judiciously to better add value to us. If you are still lost in my world and wondering where I am going with this, you need not to bother yourself as what I am saying in essence is, buying a product with a hefty price tag doesn’t translate to getting the best quality there is out there.

My ideology does not in any way mean expensive products are always a rip off, but, there are equally good products out there in the market that costs a lot less and you should always take out your time to compare prices form the ingredients’ view, what reviewers have recommended and the kind of container they come on, once all of these has been put in place, value for money is what you will get all the way through your beard shampoo journey.

2. Effectiveness

As generally believed by the community of black men who use beard shampoos from time to time, the thicker the beard shampoo, the better and this has been proven over time by a vast majority of beard lovers.

3. Fragrance

No two beard shampoo has the same smell trust me and here is where I will discredit buying based on recommendation as the scent I find nauseating might be soothing to you and vice versa, so, there is need for you to take your time and carefully select a beard shampoo that fits your style and you find pleasing as the cologne will stick with you throughout the day and you sure don’t want to have an awful smell.

Making a choice on which beard shampoo and hair cream to consider and the vast and competitive products of shampoo and oils to choose from it will only be fair that I tip you off on the fact that whatever the type of beard shampoos you may receive a recommendation or choose to buy, the aim is central and it is to get you that result that should get to keep your beard soft, admirable and attractive.


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