Is Keeping Beards Fashion Or A Style Statement?

Is Keeping Beards Fashion Or A Style Statement? – Looking at men, especially the young and eligible bachelors pay great attention to their physical appearance nowadays, it is gainful to come to the assumption that they’re just being extra careful as regards partners.

However, what most people do not know is this, beards and voices, beards particularly now, probably evolved at least as part of helping men boost their confidence among their counterparts.

It would be interesting to know, some percentages of women don’t seem that interested in or even fascinated by beards. While some findings have proved that women like a little, or a lot at times, of facial hair on men, other researches have reported that the clean-shaven look can be very preferable also.

The lack of concrete and considerable evidence of this does not mean we can conclude that beards evolved because women were attracted to them.

Is Keeping Beards Fashion?

In recent times, beards have become more of a fashion statement, which is more or less unfortunate in some ways. Truthfully, beards are much like a fine suit. They never go out of style.

As people are imitative creatures and we follow what is popular. ‘What we see, we do’ and that’s how trends are started. It comes from a subconscious need to feel accepted, maybe by the society at large or even a clique, this we learned in basic Psychology courses.

When you see some things being done by a large group of people, subconsciously, you will also want to do the same thing so as not to feel left out. It is in man’s nature. Be it his hair, clothes, cars, electronics, or whatever; diverse trends have been coming and going since the dawn of man.

Well, this is the case with beards now. They’re “in” because as more people grow them, the more others will want to imitate.

Is Keeping Beards Style?

Beards are like a birthright, a part of you is what it is. No man or woman can ever take that away from you. They are signs of one’s maturity as the transition from childhood through puberty until attaining manhood is manifested in a male human.

As a man, the gifts of a deeper, more commanding voice, the ability to reproduce and of course, the ability to grow a beard among other things, evolves.

Long strands of hair, which is, of course, natural can fall in or out of style, is what some people argue about. Even mere body weight can follow this same sense of ‘trendiness’. Oddly enough, at some point in man’s civilization, being overweight was seen as a sign of a person’s level of wealth.

Well, it is safe to know that there is some uniqueness about a beard, which gives it a level of being special in a way. Check these out:

A beard has a waiting period attached to it. This is it: a child can never grow one, nor can a woman, of course, we know this. Yet, a head of hair can be grown by both children and women alike, I have always pondered on this though. Even body weight can be gained or lost by both genders, at any age.

We see that, a beard is reserved for the grown man, the adult male human. It is, of course, a prized treasure, a fascinating mystery and a reminder of the most valuable thing in life: Time.

In reality, a good beard is hard to miss. You notice it. Women do too.

Even younger males most times, glance in admiration with hopes of reaching the level of masculinity that a beard-bearer has achieved, later on in life.

We all know that it is very difficult for Santa Claus to hold such wonder and wisdom without his signature long and full white beard. In one way or the other, it is seen as a sign and symbol of great importance in human history, as there is this general notion of ‘gray hair on a gentleman, presents him as respectable and having great maturity.

Is Keeping Beards Fashion or Style?

Many generations ago, the beard was a symbol attributed to warriors and great men of valor. It was seen as a sign of both respect and honor, and it followed a man on and off the battlefield.

I could tell you some history behind these stories, but let’s save that for another day. Instead, let us check out one thing in particular that has remained constant over the course of time: sexual virility.

The moment a woman lays her eyes upon a beard, it draws them in, just like flies to the honeyjar. I must tell that you have to discard all these theories of ‘women are not attracted to bearded men’ which you might have been hearing about, to understand this.

Ok, let me help you see this in a new light, and it will open your eyes.

Imagine, on a cool evening, a woman strolls past you, a tall fair beauty, with long, angelic-like hair that looks like it blows with the wind. Looking at her intently with a sparkle in your eyes is something you can’t help, I bet. You see the flowing hair most importantly than any other bodily features. In the briefest of moments, your brain goes into overdrive sending out a hooting signal of: This is what the word “beautiful” has been attempting to describe, yet, it has never been clearer until now.

You are hooked, but of course, it is hard to ignore. In a way, it’s a clear and vivid symbol of a fountain of youth; fascinating all men like.

Now imagine, rewind this picture to the beginning, that is where this ‘vision’ starts. But instead of the woman with the long hair, replace the picture with that of a woman with a completely shaven head walking by.

Of course, you might stare at her, but this time it is for obvious reasons. That clear picture of a radiant woman has suddenly vanished right before your eyes, and for almost everyone, so has your level of attraction.

To be in the opposite sex’s shoes now, what do women visualize when they see a man in terms of virility?

Is it his overweight or muscular body, the bald or full head of hair, or maybe the radiant or gloomy skin tone, or is it his eye color?

Beneath the eyes, a place where most women focus in on, you’ll find something rather unique:

His beard: A symbol of virility, good health, and great genetics, all of which is placed up, front and center.

To be grown or cut out due to one’s response to trends should not be an issue with beards. It also should not be specifically grown to attract women, as this interesting species will second-guess your decisions every step of the way.

In the true sense of it, beards boils down to its authenticity. It is after all, a part of YOU.

To grow one is to show the world the most real version of you. Just like the billboard, it should mostly announce what you stand for and what beliefs you follow. Unlike general belief, a beard does not inherently make you a rebel or even homeless.

Rather it merely states, who you are: A man who has his personal values and principles and follows them with the whole of his heart. A man who is not bothered by the quick opinions or even biased judgments of others.

For some men though, the decision of growing or shaving away a beard is not a choice to them as it might have been decided for them. This might come in the form of submission. And there’s nothing completely wrong with that.

Everyone has to make sacrifices in order to get one’s life course on the right path. This is not always true for all men. Some may simply have a personal distaste or negative view of beards. But again, that is no problem.

However, for the vast majority of clean-shaven men, the beard must go due to conformity. This can be defined by the environment in which a man works in or where he is placed in society.

Boss, customers and even peers can be responsible for this. There is a bit of comparison of the beard with the hair, working in a modern-day professional setting can atimes have something to do with whether the hair is cropped short or left long as short hair will get you far in the working world, while long hair, not so much. It has its own challenges in a professional setting.

My point is, it balls down to pleasing those around if you want to be accepted. If you want to be a part of society, people expect you to well, fit into it, without having to interrupt it the flow of things.

In a world where shaving is a requirement for certain professions, you can bet most are playing the ‘follow the leader and not follow the heart’ game.

Shaving today has become a symbol for some kind of submission. It can be compared to that of a college degree, but not as powerful or influential though. Notwithstanding,  it does open the door and set the tone as to what kind of man you are.

Remember, the issue of ‘first impressions’ before they can proceed to get to know you on a more personal level. Long beards undoubtedly, add a whole new dimension to a man’s appearance. And there are numerous styles of it.

Well, the fact that saying beards are in or out of style is misleading.

Beards can and should not be compared with fashion accessories or clothes. And if you hold the opinion of comparing them to car models, I can assure you a new model doesn’t roll around every year and when it does, it eventually get outdated. Beards are forever ingrained in your DNA.

Society sure dictates what is expected and set the standard for people to follow, but ultimately it cannot change the fact that a beard is well, a unique part of YOU.

Now you can know how to grow a beard faster

Like most of the physical and bodily endowments, some men are blessed with fast-growing facial hair, while others may struggle with slow-growing or even patchy whiskers. The rate at which your facial hair grows is largely dependent on genetics, but if you are worried about having your beard to come out massively, try these few tricks, to maximize growth rate and fullness.

  • Try exfoliating the skin once in a week. You can make use of a scrub or a skin exfoliant. Some of these products are specifically marketed for men. The removal of dead skin cells is a sure way to stimulate new hair growth.
  • Keeping the skin clean, that is, washing with warm water and mild cleanser every morning and evening. Clean skin is a stimulator for small hair to grow.
  • Use a cream or moisturizer with eucalyptus. Eucalyptus products are useful in helping hair grow more quickly on your face.
  • Keep the skin moisturized always as it creates a better environment for the rapid growth of facial hair. Remove any flaky or dry skin.
  • Always grab plenty of rest. Sleep helps damaged skin cells repair themselves and promote beard growth.
  • Manage stress well. Beards do not grow well under stress but does when you are relaxed. Many beauty and health experts believe hair reveals stress.
  • Engage in plenty of exercises as this improves blood circulation to the face, which will promote hair growth.
  • You might want to try Biotin. This dietary supplement is widely known to accelerate the increase in the growth of hair and nails.
  • We know that vitamins are an essential part of diets. Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are indeed useful in making hair grow quickly. Introduce them to your diet and beauty products.
  • Protein found in meat, fish, eggs, and nuts will grow facial hair faster. Always add this to your diets too.
  • Fruits and vegetables should not be discarded too. They are mostly vitamins in the natural form and so should be added to the daily diet for fast growth of the beards.
  • That urges to trim your ‘up and coming’ beards, ignore it completely. Leave it alone for about four to six weeks, that is if you want it to grow quickly. After this, you can have the chance to groom as it is now full.
  • The popular notion of ‘shaving regularly makes hair grow thicker and quicker’ should also be disregarded. There is no scientific evidence backing this. Shaving it will only reduce the amount of hair on your face, not bring it in more rapidly.
  • As your hair will not all grow at the same pace, it is very fine to expect a little stiffness. The face might get itchy and irritated.

While I would talk all about growing a beard faster in latter posts, it is important for us to ascertain whether growing beards is all for the fashion or it is a style – a movement that can surpass time in itself!

What do you say? To you, is growing beards fashion or style? Let me know what you think in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Is Keeping Beards Fashion Or A Style Statement?”

  1. Well, I will say both.
    Depends on the person’s mindset
    1: It seems to be
    currently trendy.
    2: Some keep it to get respect.
    3: Some guys are too lazy to even shave thei6 beards.
    I asked two of my male colleague who keep beards; why do you like/love keeping your beard? The first guy answered “I got much compliment from ladies & women”
    The second guy answered “without my beards I look younger than my age,people thereby disrespect me”
    However I read also that science has shown that
    bearded men are found more
    attractive than a clean-shaven guy.Personally I love my guy with his beards,it is cool and curly to play.
    :.Growing beards can be fashion or style


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