How To Make Facial Hair Look Thicker

How To Make Facial Hair Look Thicker

The dream of men growing beards is to have beard hairs that are thick, black and full in size but they never seem to come once the reality of life starts to dent the dreams. At this stage, many think of nothing than “how to get rid of their beard hairs”. But is that really the way forward? Do you think that is the way forward?

And that is where the question ” How to make facial hair look thicker comes in”. That your hairs do not grow thick as you have expected does not mean you should cut it off,  you might have seen your friends growing thick beards without putting the effort than you are doing, don’t forget genetics is on their side. Some people are just truly blessed and your friend is one of them.

In other to change your mindset, I have tips on growing thick facial hairs:

How To Make Facial Hair Look Thicker

  • Leveraging on help from Friends
  • Diet
  • Exercise Rest
  • Make use of supplements
  • Applying Beard Oil Regularly
  • Getting your best sleep
  • Trim your beard regularly
  • Reducing Stress

Tips on Making Sure Facial Hair Grows Thicker

#1. Take Care Of Your Skin

During the period of growing beard hairs, your hair is not the only thing you should take care, the health of your skin is important. Cleaning and washing your face regularly is the least of things you can do to keep your facial skin in good condition, this will stimulate, remove dead cells from the skin and also ensure the skin gets exfoliated. By washing your facial skin you will be able to remove dead skin cells that may likely cause ingrown hairs, and open your pores.

Making use of good skin moisturizers will keep the skin beneath your facial hair healthy. In return, you will notice changes that will lead to the growth of thick hairs.

#3. Start Exercising

Regular exercising is the first thing you can do to ensure proper circulation of blood to the hair follicles. It is the foundation on which you need to grow thicker hair, so if you really want to start growing thick beards carry your gym kit and hit the gym centre close to you.

It is not all exercise that will help in the growth of thick beard hairs, some are helpful than the other. The right exercises to do are the ones that fall into categories of cardio workouts, running, cycling and dancing are the ones you should opt for.

Going on a cardio workout, running, cycling and dancing will ensure an increase in testosterone, which in turn promotes healthy follicles and hair growth. These exercises will, in turn, increase blood circulation which carries the nutrients to the hair needs to grow thicker and stronger.

Before you start going hard on yourself you should be careful especially if you are not used to exercising before. If you find it hard exercising yourself. A personal trainer can help you do it right and reduce the chances of injuring yourself.

#3. Reducing Stress

To grow thicker beard hair you need to reduce your stress level, the more you stress the more you increase the cortisol in your body. One way or the other you will feel the negative impact on testosterone development.

If you are trying to grow thick beard hairs, one of those things you should do away from is stress. Long-term stress lasts an extended period of time and can be more harmful in growing thick beard hair. To get out of this, start with meditation and give way for the stress to find its way out. By doing this you will be amazed at the results.

#4. Get Your Rest

You need to rest well to increase testosterone in the body. While you sleep you give the body system time to regenerate instead of working all year round.

Once you rest at the right time and at the recommended period of time, your stress level will decrease, and one way or the other your facial hair will benefits.

#5. Improve Your Diet

Maybe genetics is not the one against you after all! Maybe the foods you consume lack the nutrients needed for proper beard growth. Vitamin-Rich consists of vegetables, milk, and others. Foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals ensure that your body stays healthy.

The human hair is a protein-based filament, so the more protein your foods contain the healthier your hairs become. Proteins are not expensive to be consumed on a daily basis, you can find them in food such as eggs, kale, nuts, and milk.

#6. Take Supplements

Another approach to stimulating beard growth is to take supplements that contain nutrients needed for the growth of thick and dark beard hairs. You can easily find supplements that contain nutrients such as copper, iron, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Supplements play an important role in growing thicker hair. Examples of supplements that can increase your beard thickness are vitamins B6, carotene, Flaxseed oil, and nettle.

Supplements are good for filling in patchy spots and make your hair grow fuller than usual. With the aid of supplements, men that lack the important nutrients can easily get them.

#7. Apply Beard Oil Regularly

As a bearded man who is serious about growing a beard, you should start applying beard oil to ensure your beard hairs grow thicker. Good beard oil will ensure your beard hairs are moisturized and the skin beneath the skin while eliminating beard itch. Applying beard oil also prevents dandruff in the long run.

#8. Make Sure To Trim Your Beard Properly

Trimming your beard hairs is one of the fastest ways to ensure your beard grows thicker. This approach is somehow tricky, people will be seeing a beard that is thick but in your mind, you will know it is not enough. If you want to do this make sure you get the right beard trimmer from Amazon.

Before you start trimming your beard make sure you do it the right way and make sure it grows to certain points.

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