How Long Does It Take A Beard To Grow?

How Long Does It Take A Beard To Grow?

Knowing how long it takes a beard to grow is a major concern for those who want to grow a beard. So you must have been thinking about the time and attention given to another person’s beard before it is what you look at with envy today. It is not a day Job. And that is why growing a full beard is not what just anybody can think of. It is only for the disciplined mind.

The answers to this vary based on the individual, to some, it takes more a year while some lesser than that. Factors like environment and genetics are part of it. Before we dive into this topic I want you to know that growing of beard and having a full beard are two different terms that many misused. Talking of growth of beard, it happens at a late stage of beard growth while men only get to have full beards in their late thirties.

How Long Does It Take A Beard To Grow

If all things being the same it takes 2-6 months to grow beards up to a substantial level. While the complicated answer is – How long it takes to grow a beard is determined by the level of testosterone, genetics and lifestyle choices.

  • How long do you think will take before you can grow beard base on genetics?
  • Looking at your father/mother how fast do you think their hair grows?
  • Do you struggle to grow a strand of beard?
  • Have you seen man and woman’s hair grow at the same rate?


Right from birth, the thickness and thickness of our hairs follow a structured growth rate, which makes the rates of man and woman’s to be different. The average growth of hair is around 1/2 inch per month and it will more years to achieve.

Let’s look into:

The Stages Of Beard Growth

Here we are on stages of beard growth. How long does it take to grow a full hair beard? Let’s dive into how a beard grows physiologically. When we talk of beard growth there are three stages to it.

We have the first phase which is the anagen phase, is where cells after growing to a certain point start to divide rapidly in the hair follicle and create the hair shaft. Anagen beard hair growth phase can last for 6 months to six years, depending on age and genetics.

Once the beards reach a level where it stops growing, the hair enters the catagen phase and at this stage, they lie dormant.

After some time, the hairs enter the telogen phase which is the stage where new hairs start to push put older hairs, trying to get rid of dead hair cells in the body system. It is known that 10% of the hair follicles are in this stage at any time.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Full Beard

As said earlier, there is a huge difference between growing beards and growing full beards. It can take 2-3 months before a man can grow his beard up to a substantial level, how long will it take to grow a full beard? When we talk of full beard, it can be referred to as beard hairs that are close to that of Rick Ross and James Harden.

Anagen phase being the first level of hair growth, it is that stage where no man beard will continue to grow longer than it is when a man was at six years, it will have reached the longest it can ever reach. That means if you can leave your beard hair for six years without shaving off, it will reach the longest level it can ever reach.

To know that your beard hairs have reached the final stage of maturity, the hairs would start to fall out.

Growing Your Beard Till It Reach Grows To Full Length

Growing beard hairs for some is easier for some than others. We have this set of people that needs to do nothing before they can grow their beards till it reaches the fullest potential while for some it takes more than just looking, applying of beard oil, beard cream, and others are needed.

Most people make use of a moisturizer to keep their skin from drying out.  During the period of beard hairs growth always know that your skin can suffer the same damage as your beard hairs. So it is important that you give proper care to both. By taking care of your beard in the right way – you can shorten the time it takes to grow by making sure it grows at its fastest rate instead of growing below potential.

#1. Excercise

Do you know that regular weightlifting and aerobic exercises would not only help increase the level of blood circulation to the appropriate area but also increase testosterone levels? When you exercise blood will circulate to the hair follicles.

#2. Diet and Nutrition

If your foods you consume of daily basis lack proteins, please start including it. Protein aid in muscle growth and since the hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Consuming food that contains Vitamins A, C, F, B, and F, as well as those with minerals such as Zinc, magnesium, silica, and selenium.

#3. Sleep Well

Do you know that hair growth increases during the sleep cycle, so you should always sleep for 7-8 hours instead of trying to cheat nature? When you sleep the body temperature drops, and that helps increases blood circulation to the skin which house the hair follicles.

How Long Does It Really Take To Grow My Beards?

As said earlier, certain condition needs to consider before one can judge how long it will take before a man starts growing beard hairs and how long it will take before it can reach full length.

Below are facts you should know:

  • It takes 2-3 months to start growing beards but it will take several months before it reaches its full-lengths.
  • Your beards will only reach its full potential if you can leave it for six years
  • Your lifestyle choices, environment, and genetics have a lot to say on how long your beard hairs can grow and how long it will take.

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