A Step By Step Analysis of Different Stages of Beard Growth

The Four Different Stages of Beard Growth: You saw that right, there are different stages of beard growth, maybe you may have experienced them, but haven’t really gotten to know them in the name.

So let us dig deep into these different stages of growing your beard over time.

Different Stages of Beard Growth

There are 4 of them, and I will list them below:

  • Stubble and More Stubble (0-2) Weeks
  • Growing Grains (2-5) Weeks
  • The Sharpening (5-8) weeks]
  • Maintenance Man (8-12) weeks

Lets now look in detail into each of these different benchmarks of Beard Growth.

1. Stubble and More Stubble

 Almost everyone loves this stage because it makes them feel like they are finally free from shaving off their beards.

Yes, you will definitely pass this stage, but it all depends on how fast your Facial hair grows naturally. You may wait for 2 weeks or more, but one thing you should always remember is that the growth of your beard depends on your genes.

Not everyone grows a beard at the same rate, so learn to wait. Be patient.

Oops if I don’t tell you this I’ll be guilty. This stage you will have an itchy face. You will have to use beard oil, I wrote an article about expensive Rick Ross beard products on Amazon, you may want to check that out. It will help reduce the itch. Use along with a Bristle Brush

Use the brush before you take a bath, so you can remove dead skin exfoliate and stimulate blood flow to your beard.

While bathing, wash your beard with a beard wash, and to keep your skin hydrated, make sure the beard wash has a form of sodium called sulfates.

Apply the Beard Oil after having your bath, this helps in:

  • Adding Moisture to your skin
  • Soften your beard
  • It gives it a great smell.

2. Growing Grains

This usually happens within 2-5 weeks.  As it takes a long time most guys give up at this stage, sometimes because the beard looks awful. It itches a lot and its also Patchy.

At this stage, the beard touches your face and scratches you really bad. The remedy for this is a Beard Oil and The brush I recommended in the first stage.

And hey, don’t be tempted to shave that beard all off many are tempted to do this. You will definitely grow a beard. Just give it time remember it depends on your gene the 2-5 weeks may not be it, it could be more, it could be less.  Just be patient.

If you notice that your beard has patches, don’t panic, wait the beard will grow around those patches, just use the beard oil and brush I recommended.

3. The Sharpening

This takes from (5-8 weeks) Yes you survived, you didn’t shave for some time, the itch reduced, because you used great products, and you overcome the patches. But this time you have to use a razor.

You may ask why the razor? Well let me ask you, don’t you like that soft guy on Tv, the fine shape of their beard, well you can get the same effect with a razor, to give yourself that nice look.

While trimming the neckline you have to be careful so your hair is as natural as possible, the best length of the side hair is 1 inch above Adam’s apple.

Once you know your limit shave the hair below your neckline and that’s all.

Surely your hair may not be obedient, as it sticks around the place, so its best you trim it perpendicularly to your beard so that you can avoid those hairs.

4. Maintenance Man

If you skip this stage, some areas of your beard will look wild and unkempt

Ah, again the Beard Oil and the Brush van be really helpful to keep your beard in good looks.

Brush in the direction in which you notice beard growth, and apply your beard balm. If you don’t do this you will have stubborn hair around your face.

If you have such strong genes and you grow a beard that takes others 1 year to grow in 7 weeks, then you should visit the Barber’s shop quite often.

I strongly advise that you seek the services of a barber specialized in a beard, in your area. Let him know you are in the process when you want to let it grow, not the time you want to fall down the walls of Babylon you have built for the past 12 weeks now.

So that’s it, those are the 4 stages of beard growth.

Questions you may have about the Different Stages of Beard Growth:

I’ve gathered questions from our forum and I feel, I can answer the question frequently asked about growing beards.

How Much Beard can I grow in a week?

There is no exact answer to this, it’s a common question that people ask and I totally get why they ask this, but to be serious, it depends.

Your hair growth depends on the following:

  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Exercise

But on average men grow about ½ inch per month that should be like 3.5 mm per week. Some grow more and some grow less.

To maximize your beard growth, make sure you take care of your beard, your body as well and your health.

Try to avoid some products that can harm your beard growth like those that have sulfate and also shampoo too. Avoid beard oils that contain Silicone.

One more thing that can help is if you have great healthy skins (facial skin) to be precise. This is because your beard follicles can bring more nutrients to your beard and also a high-quality beard shampoo.

When should I trim my beard when I am still growing my beard

There are usually urge to cut down your beard especially when it itches you, and there are also signs that can convince you to take this step.

When you start having stray hairs all over your beard, no matter how you try to brush it or comb it, it will still look messy and unkempt.

Some hairs also grow faster than others as we have learned so far from this post, and this makes your beard messy.

It’s best to use an equalizer on your beard to your own desired length or even meet a barber that specializes mainly on beard to get it done for you.

Do this if the situation is really out of hand.

Does acne scars stop beard growth?

No, it doesn’t stop beard growth or reduces the growth in any way. Your acne scars may not actually damage your beard follicles. You can still have a lot of beards even though you have acne scars.

If there are regions that you patch up if you let your beard grow it will surely cover up those regions where those patches are visible.

Hair growth is majorly based on the man’s genetics and yes not every man can grow a beard.

Should I try out Beard Growth Products? Do they work?

Well, once again it depends, on the exact type of product use, there are some really useful and efficient products out there that really work, but if you find yourself using products that are fake, definitely it won’t work at all.

Beware of some companies that try to sell Magic beard-growing pills don’t waste your money as those things don’t work, they can’t change your gene, can they?

Although some of those pills have vitamins, if you eat food that’s properly nourished by Vitamins, then you don’t need those pills at all.

As a final say what determines your beard growth is GENETICS and you can’t outsmart Mother Nature.

Beard Oil can also help make your beard grow, faster there are some of them that contain natural oils that are great for the skin and hair.

Promote your hair growth by taking good care of your body, your health your diet, having frequent exercise and also sleeping can also help.

Your highly smooth Facial skin, along with your high-quality beard oils, also can help you grow your beard faster.

A beard brush can be useful as it helps to stimulate the flow of blood to your beard follicles, which brings in more nutrients.

Does Shaving Help the Beard grow faster?

No!!!!! That’s not true, yeah I know when you do shave your hair it does seem like you got it back to your face really faster, but that is not how it actually is.

It’s just simply an illusion or should I call it a myth?

When you are shaving your hair you do shave the thicker part right? And when you are done with this it like you have dropped a lift, but while it does grows back that place feels heavier and thicker.

Does Steroid help to improve the Growth of Beard?

Yes, steroids potentially help to grow your beard and this is due to the androgenic effect, but we do not really offer suggestions in this regard, as to whether you should use steroids for beard growth.

If you are using them solely because you want to grow beards, well that nice but you should look at the side effect of using steroids especially anabolic ones; you could be a victim of:

  • Severe acne
  • Liver & Heart disease
  • Altered Moods (Depression or trying to commit suicide)
  • You could even lose your hair (Beard)

Does Multi-Vitamins help in Beard Growth?

Your body definitely needs more vitamins in variety to feed itself and generate new cells and these aids in hair growth.

This can help if your body doesn’t normally receive the normal ration of vitamins as it sees it as an improvement, but if you have been taking Multi-Vitamins, it won’t help that much as the effect is already active.

It all depends on your Nutrition.

Meanwhile, you can check out this Vitamin in our BEARD SHOP, just in case you are interested in buying one.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers on the different stages of beard growth

How Can I Make My Beard Grow Thicker?

  • Take care of your skin
  • Start exercising
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your diet
  • Take a supplement if needed
  • Trim your beard regularly
  • Sleep well

How Long Should Let Your Beard Grow Before Giving Up?

Giving up on the growing of a beard is what many opt for when they are seeing a little result or no result at all. But before you give up on your beard wait for at least four weeks after you have given in your all.

When Should You Start Shaping Your Beard?

Before you start shaping your beard hairs, it is recommended that you wait for at least four weeks before shaping. Trimming it too soon could make your beard become lopsided.

Will Trimming My Beard Makes It Grow Faster?

Don’t give in to that unrealistic myth that shaving or trimming of beard will make it grow faster, it is just an illusion. Shaving your beard does not make it grow faster in any way, it makes your beard hairs look fuller and somehow darker.

What Foods Promote Beard Growth?

At the early stage of your beard growth ensure that your diet is rich in lean meats, poultry eggs, legumes, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Bition. Vitamins help in reducing stress which prevents hair loss.

Does Drinking Water Help Beard Growth?

Drinking water at any stage of beard development can help in beard growth promotion by encouraging the proper circulation of nutrients needed. Taking water regularly will help keep the growth healthy and thicker.

Can Onion Grow Beard?

Onion is known to contain a huge amount of sulfur that increases the rate of blood circulation, which leads to an increase in hair growth. Onion Juice produce does not only help in the promotion of beard growth but also strengthens hairs and prevents thinning and hair breakage. Check out the importance of Onion Juice for Beard growth.

Do Bananas Help Beard Growth?

Bananas are rich in Biotin which is an essential ingredient needed for proper beard growth. And also strengthen the roots of the hair, this makes the hair grow thicker and stays in longer. Eating bananas will not only help you feel in that hair but also keep you from going bald for life.

At What Age Can Most Guys Grow A Full Beard?

Men normally start growing facial at the later stage of puberty, between the age of seventeen and twenty, and most do not finish growing beards till they reach their thirties.

Can Every Man Grow Beard? 

There are different reasons why some men don’t grow beards hair, for some, it is genetics while for others it due to ignorance or no access to the right information. Check out Can every man grow a beard to learn more.

Conclusion on the different stages of beard growth

We have so far covered the different stages in Beard growth, you may have seen yourself experiencing something like this, and don’t panic when you start feeling itchy

If I don’t tell you this I’ll be guilty. This stage you will have an itchy face. You will have to use beard oil, I wrote an article about expensive Rick Ross beard products on Amazon, you may want to check that out. It will help reduce the itch. Use along with a Bristle Brush”

Remember that line above in the article, it gives you a secret behind Rick Ross amazing beard he uses his own product to keep his beard fresh if you want that you can purchase it.

The different stages have their own challenges and you definitely see this benchmark as you build that city of Babylon around your cute face.

Do you also remember the budget tool you can use through the 1st 3 stages the Beard Oil and the Brush, they help a lot, in fact, they are efficient and can serve you a long time?

Have you experienced any of these stages? Do you think the beard oil really helps with solving the itch, or what stage are you at among these 4 different stages on Beard growth?

Tell us in the comment section below, I will also be willing to answer any question regarding your beard growth. Have a nice Beard.

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