Does shaving the beard make the hair grow faster?

does shaving the beard make the facial hair grow faster

Hey buddy, I’m damn sure this topic “ Does shaving the beard make the facial hair grow faster” would have caused about 1-2 hours argument between you and your homies.

A few months ago, I got into an argument with my homies about this same topic, if I’m going to make an understatement, I will say the argument lasted for  3 hours without getting  the right answer,some of my homies went with the idea that it really helps in making the hair grow, while some rejected this point to be true. We all found ourselves on Google trying to get the right answer, some site said yes while some said no, so we had no choice than to end this argument in confusion.

After this the argument, then I got myself hooked up in the research  topic, “Does shaving the beard make the hair grow faster?”  this topic took me a couple of months to get the right answer, if I were to go by the research on google alone I would have  jumped to a conclusion by reading some reliable blogs, but I don’t like the idea of enlightening my readers by what I read on other blogs. Who knows if they are right or wrong?

So let get down to the what brought you here. In short, I will say NO, shaving of beard will never make your beard grow faster. Now grab a seat and let me show you why I said No. All the point stated in this context are guided by my research work, if you feel at any point that, this not true, then drop your reasons guided by proof in the comment box and wait for me to prove you wrong.

Many beard men will be kept in the dark about the right answer to this,  here is the good news apart from my research, it is it’s clinically proven that shaving does not influence the surface of your hair or the speed of its development. No one can trace where this rumor originated from but we have got the full details of why people thought shaving makes hair grow faster.

Most people seem to understand the way the facial hair grow, this way they got the wrong idea and jump into a conclusion that shaving of beard can affect the growth rate of your beard. I won’t say you are wrong but after reading this reasons why you guys are making the wrong decision, you will understand better about the growth of the beard and realize you’ve been having the wrong idea.

Below are the reasons why shaving does not make the hair grow faster

1. Some People Come From Hairy Backgrounds

2. When you do grow body hair, it will naturally shed a few hairs while in the growth phase.

3. Hair follicles can be in any of the four phases that would be outlined below.

4. The Razor you use while shaving can also have an impact on the rate your beard grow

Some People Come From Hairy Backgrounds

The texture of your hair and the regrowth can only be determined by your gene pool.

When you have a friend who shaves more often, is not that the shaving make is hair grow faster but if you take a check on his background you will know that he comes from a hairier family.

During my research work, I had to beg my buddies to reason along with me, so I had to shave off their beards, ( just two of my close guys). After a few weeks one of the guys, grew his beard while the other is still struggling with it just few strain of beard.

I almost concluded that shaving makes the beard grow faster. I had to get another guy to replace the guy with much beard, then I shaved his beard, then he also started struggling with the growing of a beard.

I had to rub minds with my other buddy, that grows the beard, I asked him why his beard grow faster than others, he said due to “shaving off his facial hair regularly” At that point I did some uncovering about his family, I called is sisters, at that point asked them how quick their hair develop, I was astounded by the quick rate at which their hair does grow, then I did some digging up about the how fast their Mum and Dad’s hair grows, it almost same range with the rate of the ladies. I had to beg the guy to keep his beard for 3 months, the result was WOW, he got a lot of beards, on the other hand, the two guys other guy’s beards could not meet the average rate of the fast beard guys beard.

After this research, I was able to understand, that your background really matters in the growth of your beard. Those from hairy backgrounds will surely have a fast growth of beard and those from the non-hairy background will experience a slow growth rate of beard.

When you do grow body hair, it will naturally shed a few hairs while in the growth phase

Your hair goes through four very distinct phases:

★Anagen (growing phase)
★Catagen (regression phase)
★Telogen (resting phase)
★Exogen (shedding phase)

We’ll never have bald men if shaving regularly makes the beard hair grow faster. As a teenager, who just entered puberty stage your beard is heavily in the anagen phase when it starts to come in. If you shave regularly, you will notice  more and more hairs are sprouting up

Once your body enter prime growth phase due uptick of testosterone in your body and with your androgenic hair (i.e. body hair) starting finally grow

When your body enters shedding phase, your beard will seem like it grows in rather rapidly, but in actuality, it’s just that body hair is starting to take form.

Hair follicles can be in any of the four phases outlined

During my research, I concluded that shaving of beard, will effectively normalize all the hair follicles to just one length and when looking at your beard that is only a couple of days old it may appear thicker or you may think your beard is growing fast but that is a wrong idea.

At the exogen phase, there will be natural shedding and thinning of your beard, at this point when you look at the freshly shaved beard, it will look more concentrated together which will give you the wrong idea if you ain’t careful. 

The Razor you use while shaving can also have an impact on the rate your beard grow

There are a plethora of options out there in the world of razors, so the type of razor you use to shave your beard can have an impact on your beard growth.

What most people don’t know is that the technique that you employ to shave your facial hair on a regular basis and the tool you use can alter the rate at which it grows.

The technique and the tool you use to shave your beard, do not have an overall impact on the growth of your facial hair but it depends on how low you cut beneath your skin, this will determine if you need to shave daily or perhaps even every other day.

There are some incredible cartridge razors, which you can use to cut your facial hair effectively and will also pull it up slightly and then cuts it with their multi-blade design. Users of this razors will likely feel that it takes longer for their facial hair to grow in.

For those who use an electric razor, the blades of this razor can never match the level of closeness that a razor can provide, but if you want a really close shave then the only way out is to do a ‘wet’ (i.e. use shaving cream) with a foil based electric razor head. Foil head and a rotary head are different because rotary heads employ a circular cutting motion that can never get to the same level as an oscillating design of a foil head.

Types of Shaving

We all know this popular old saying, there is more than one way to skin a cat likewise the way we have more than a way to shave your beard. There three major and well-known methods of shaving your facial hair, these are electric, straight edge, and cartridge shaving.

For those who don’t know much about this, we’ll break it down you then the ball is in your court to choose the very best method for you and your skin.

Electric Shaving


★No blades to buy,



★Done dry

★Razor catches cuttings


 ★Not a close shave at all

★Can easily cause irritation and ★ingrown hairs (razor burn)

★Needs batteries/time to charge

★Often hard to use in tight spots.

Not everyone will prefer electric shaving, likewise the way I also prefer another shaving method to electric shaving. Due to the irritation and some disadvantages outweighs the ease and usability for me.

For those guys who prefer electric shaving, I say – more power to you.


For those with very sensitive, electric shaving is not for you

Straight Edge Shaving



★Gives the closest shave possible ★Makes you feel like a badass.


★Difficult to learn

★Even harder to master

★Most dangerous.

This type of shaving is very difficult to learn and it is also dangerous. You can say it is complete opposite end of the spectrum from electric razor shaving also it is a bit tricky to learn but once you learn it, I’m sure you will love this type of shaving.

For those people who like having to be quick, easy and painless this type of shaving is not for you.

Cartridge Shaving



★Multiple blades provide a decent shave


★Cartridges are expensive

★Don’t last very long

★Multiple blades can irritate skin.

Cartridge shaving is the “happy medium” between electric shaving and straight-edge. Cartridge shaving makes use of multi-blades razor instead of using a bare razor.

This is very expensive compared to others shaving methods, it can also cause irritation if you need to go over one area more than once. One thing you will love about this cartridge shaving method is that it is pretty hard to yourself.

Why you should not shave your beard

 1. A beard can shield your face from the sun’s harming beams.

2. A beard can keep you warm in winter.

3. A beard can avert throat ailment.

4. A beard can help those with asthma.

5. A beard can diminish the odds of bacterial disease. (Bye, skin inflammation!)

6     Not being warm AF all the time because you have a face sweater on

7    It can make you more noticeable to someone who maybe previously overlooked you – a quick way to reinvent yourself. A new you!!

Why you should shave your beard

1    No more zipping up your beard in your jacket or pushing it out of the way to button your shirt

2    That first haircut looks so crisp you know you look like straight fire walking out of the barbershop

3    No more having to explain what those coarse curly hairs covering your entire existence are

The pros outweigh the cons, I don’t want to be sentimental here, so I will give you guys a vote, too.  All you just have to do is to follow your conscience  Should you cut of this beard or not?. To me, the pros are telling me to keep it, what your view?

Finally, guys, we come to the end of this content, and I’m 100% sure now that you have the best answer to the question or are you still puzzled about this? Hit me up in the comment box, I’m always ready to help. Don’t let any whack person fool you out there, shaving your beard will never make your beard grow faster or thicker. If you want your beard to grow faster then get the right beard oil.



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